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frustrated 143 April 11, 2011
PMI Education SCAM
In 2009 my daughter and I were contacted by PMI asking us about starting up an online business. They asked about our credit history and how much money we would be able to invest to start up our business. They asked us what we knew about home based business and how much time could we put in to it. I told them that I knew nothing about running an online business and they said that their coaches were they to help us. Before we knew it we were signed up for a business loan and told that if we worked hard enough at our business we would have this loan paid back within six months. We were also told that they would like to have a success story about us within six weeks. THAT IS WHEN I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! Needless to say, I guess I wanted it so bad and to make a difference in my life for my children that I allowed myself to believe. My daughter and I put in hundreds of hours trying to build our business. At first the Advisory Team were ready and willing to help. When six months rolled around and we were still not making any money, the harder they became to reach. When we called their number we would get a message saying that the Advisory line was not available due to training and please leave a message. We never did get a call back. We tried the online chat, that to was closed. By now, we really knew what we had done. We had made the biggest mistake of our life! My daughter and I decided that we would keep pushing on and try to do the best that we could. We purchased books and read up on online marketing. Everything you do costs money. PMI knew that, yet they had us believing if we put in at least 10hours a day we could make this a success. Well in January 2011 I shut down the website. It was costing more to keep open than the money we were making from it. I recently made a complaint with the BBB and I emailed PMI one final time and told them my frustrations and what I thought of their company. I received an email back from Adam Holdaway, telling me that he tried to contact me on a certain day but there was no answer and i had no voice mail, so he could not leave a message. I was home all day and I have had voice mail on my phone for many years, I also have a second line so if someone was on the phone it would go straight to my voice mail. I emailed him back with that information and today he returned my call. He seemed like a nice person at first. As the conversation got more heated and my frustration grew, he became very aggressive, defensive and rude. After listening to him yell at me and behave like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum, I hung up on him. I could not believe how unprofessional he was. Here is the last email I sent PMI. I know I will never get back what I lost, but I am a whole lot wiser today and be reassured I will never be scammed again. Adam, After our conversation today you have proven to me how unprofessional you really are. You started by sending me an email saying that you tried to reach me and I had no voice mail. this is so untrue! I have always had voice mail and I got tired of trying to contact PMI and being put on hold for lengthy periods at a time. I tried to avail of your live chat, but again there were no agents online. The way you represented PMI today says it all. You were rude and did not try to fix anything. You knew I was upset, and why wouldn't I be? I was coersed in to believing that PMI would help me start my own online business; knowing full well that my daughter and I had absolutely no experience in running a business. We were led to believe that PMI would help us through this and we could start a successful online store. Instead, we are more in debt than we were when we started. I regret the day I ever heard the name PMI because whenever I do all I can relate to it is the money I lost from people - I trusted. An email previously sent to me from Adam: I was given a note to get in touch with you regarding your program here at PMI. I tried calling your phone number, but was unable to leave a message since there’s no voicemail. Please get back in touch with me so we can discuss your account.Thanks, Adam Holdaway Quality Assurance Professional Marketing International 800-860-8068 x3407 aholdaway@pmidirect.com http://www.pmieducation.com
Scammedgurl January 27, 2011
I was drilled for an hour and half to join their success team over the phone. They asked me for my credit cards and their limit and how much I have in my bank account. Two interviewers drilled me that PMI promises to make my dream come true by helping me pay off my credit card debt and student loan debt. After a few days, I found out it's a program that helps you set up your own online business website. I complained to the guy that works in the Quality Assurance that I wanted to quit and want my refund back. He said that 3 day opt out is expired and he then manipulated me that I needed an income and PMI can do just that in 60 days. I reluctantly continued because I wanted to recoup my initial investment of $5, 770.oo. I recently told my dad about the investment on his credit card and he freaked out. He told to call them and quit and ask for a refund. I called the Quality Assurance guy again thinking he would be sympathetic to my story but he told me he didn't gave a crap and I shouldn't always listen to my dad says. He then called me the next day to complain how my uncle called the program to speak on my behalf. He said no one should speak on my behalf because I"m an adult and I should have kept all this a secret from my close knit family. He won't gave me a refund unless the finished the program in 6 months. The whole time I've been with PMI I loss sleep and woke up with panic attacks or cold sweat. Please don't be guillble that this company will make you an instant millionaire. This is a scam! I'm going to file another compaint and a lawsuit.
abused_by_PMI January 7, 2011
Another person scammed by PMI!
Dave Hodgkinson, a sales manager for Professional Marketing International (PMI) Education contacted me at the end of October and spent about an hour and a half convincing and pushing me to sign up for their success team program so I can make great money. Based on the credit limit and the balance on all of my credit cards, he told me it would cost $9, 540.00 to start up. Interestingly enough, they are selling the same services for half or even a quarter of the price they charged me, see this post: http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/pmi-education-c271177.html.
I asked to see the contract first before charging my card, but Dave said he needed to charge the card first. Many times Dave stated to that only smart and intelligent people qualify for this service, and if I did not sign up he insinuated that I was a fool and of low intelligence. Dave did not let it go, and several times when I hang up stating that I don’t think this is for me, he called me back over and over. He did not give up until I finally said yes after 1.5 hours – he practically manipulated me into signing. I gave in only after he promised me that they will help me 100% with everything there is to do to get a real estate deal. He said that a coach will call me to start letting me know about the program, and that I will have 3 days after an extensive interview with another representative from PMI to cancel the program. The interview was supposed to be within 1-2 weeks from the day of signing. He also promised me that if I decide that the program is not for me and I’m not making money, I can get a refund even after the end of the refund policy. Only with this assurance and after being manipulated for 1.5 hours I finally gave up.
A couple days later I got a call from my coach Eric who told me about the educational website where I should complete real estate lessons. During second call the week after that, he told me that I need to compile the buyer/seller lists myself, even though Dave told me that PMI have the buyer lists available which I could use for selling real estate I find. Eric said that I needed to compile the lists myself. Dave told me otherwise and this was one of the lies he told me. When Eric, my coach called me the third time I told him that I did not have time to allocate for this to do all the work myself and I wanted to cancel the service. I called up the customer service to cancel it, and the lady told me there is not much she can do, that quality assurance department would give me a call. I asked her when they will give me a call she mentioned that the call will be in 2 days. 2 days went on and past and I still did not get a call. Third day Jason called and he told me that I cannot get my refund because I past 3 days. I expressed how unhappy I was with the service because I only got a total of 3 calls for my coach and that I never received a call from another person who was suppose to interview me (which would trigger the start of the 3 days to cancel). I did all the leg work with no follow up and asked him that I want my refund because I did not appreciate how I was scammed and lied to by Dave. Jason told me that the conversation with the coach Eric WAS that interview, however Dave said that the interviewer will be somebody different than my coach and that the conversation would be extensive. He went on arguing that there will be no refund. I am very upset with PMI education, the whole experience is a nerve wreck, and I’m left with almost $10, 000 in debt for something that is completely useless. The service was supposed to be for a year with possible extension of the term. And I only received 2 training sessions with the coach for $10K.
Beware and please post on all websites about their scamming policies. I'm filing a BBB complaint and if that will not produce any results, I am filing a lawsuit and posting about them all over internet. I even created a blog to stop people from signing up with them. Please visit and feer free to share your story: http://scammedbypmi.blogspot.com/
Badaspin August 19, 2010
Commercial Real Estate
Hi guys just wanted to submit my opinion of this group PMI Education. It's not a complaint I just want to clarify on what you guys get into when you sign up for the Commercial Real Estate Mentor Program.

First off I signed up paying $6805 for 20 sessions and from my perspective right now that is EXACTLY what you get. Overall the coaches seem to be helpful so far but DON'T expect to be able to contact your coach with 1-on1 sessions whenever you like as they will not return calls or email you back questions you may have. Unless you reschedule your lessons and charge another session they will not help you. BUT, I have called the advisory line a few times for questions and they have been responsive and helpful but I would rather speak to my real coach who has had more experience.

For the Commercial Mentor program there is no syllabus or workbooks or study guides whatsoever so if your just starting out with no knowledge of commercial real estate, your money would be better spent elsewhere like I did learning the basics.

Anyway I'm about 3 months into the program with no solid deals to work off so far so I'm postponing my sessions in order to preserve them for when I do have a solid deal.

So far I believe that this has NOT been a good investment and if you are considering signing up I would look how much your willing to pay for 20 sessions as this is NOT a mentor coaching, it is just advice over 20 sessions.
scambuster108 August 10, 2010
Did not honor refund
I was told that PMI would send me a contract that would list the services they would provide and that I would 3 days to opt out. They wouldn't send the contract until I gave them my credit card number. Then, they didn't send me the contract but charged the card. The bank told me that I should not have given them the credit card number until AFTER they sent me the contract. The only thing professional about Professional Marketing International is that they are professional scam artists. For the full story, see my blog at http://scambuster108.blogspot.com/2010/08/pmi-education-scam.html .

I sincerely hope that my stupidity will at least help other people see that this company is not to be trusted and to NEVER give your credit card to anyone without first receiving a signed statement with their refund policy in plain English.
jigga10 October 26, 2009
I was contacted by PMI and convinced me to sign up for the program. First they ask you about your income and if you have credit cards, how many, what’s the limit on all of them and how much balance you have. Then they use that information against you to sell their services. They sold their services and made you believe they will help 100% if you join them. After the first call a second person contacted me in regards to the first call and made it sound I was one of the few who would qualify for their services. Based on my financial information I provided with my first call they told me it would cost me $5795 to start up. I went ahead and signed up and I was promised that a coach would contact me the following day. Sure the next day a coach followed up and just gave me a brief tour about their web training site. I had already done my personal tour and then we scheduled for a next session. He told me that part of starting my business I would have to do lots of paperwork with filling my taxes and suggest part of their business partners to contact me. A week later someone from tax club contacted me and convinced me that they will do all the paperwork for my business and help me with tax cut and filling for year taxes etc. Fortunate before I agreed I decided to do research and I found a lot of consumer reports many of them where really bad news. 3 days later tax club called me and tried to sign me up by giving them $2600 plus $49.95 membership monthly fees. I declined their offer. That was the end of it and I did not get any follow up call from my assigned coach. Three weeks later I get a call from somebody else asked me if I wanted to open an online business, I was under the impression that its part of the continuing service. I told them yes and I was passed on to another representative. I was asked the same questions like the first time about my finances and me being honest enough I did tell them my actual finances and the and 2 out of my 3 credit cards where maxed out, and my 3ed card was $300 shy from maxing out as well. The guy told me that I could join their services if I give them $300 and they would finance me a total of $2000. The whole deal would cost me total of $2300. The guy who interviewed me was about to transfer me to the finance dept and I cut him short because I was tied up, and told him to call me 2 hrs later to continue the process. Before I dropped the call I asked him a question what company where you calling from and he told me PMI. I was shocked after talking to him and only to find out I was offered the same service the second time for half the price. 2hrs passed and I did not receive any call then I called the guy who I original spoke with earlier and played stupid and told me " he had no idea that I was already enrolled with their services" I then proceeded and asked him how come I was charged double before and you are offering the same service for half the price? He was quick enough to tell me that I have to talk with customer service, he purposely avoided my questions and kept on saying "I cannot help you talk with customer service.” further on I was directed to customer service and I expressed my frustration. The lady from customer service said there is not much she can do, that quality assurance department would give me a call. I asked her directly when they will give me a call she mentioned that turn around call will be 2 days. 2days went on and past and I still did not get a call. I then went on and followed up with customer service and the second rep forwarded me to some guy and I left multiple messages. My call was returned 5 hours later. the next day I called the same guy who left a message on my phone and I proceeded and asked why was I charged $5795 and I was offered the same the same services if I give them $300 and finance $2000 based on my financial situation. He tried to cover it by saying there was some sort of misunderstanding and that the programs where not the same, he kept on continuing trying to convince me that I am getting more for my money. I told him I did not believe what he was telling me and I wanted my difference back or total refund of my money. He then became defensive and argued with me over the phone that I heard wrong and there is no such. I asked him if there was such a difference in services why I wasn’t offered that option in the beginning. he responded " you did not need that option" I went ahead and asked him I want the difference from what I paid at first and he exchange words with me and told me that I cannot get my refund because I past 3 days. I expressed myself how unhappy I was with the service because I only got a total of 3 calls for my coach and I was left hanging. I did all the leg work with no follow up and asked him again I want my refund because I did not appreciate how I was treated and how I was scammed. He went on arguing that there will be no refund. I was very upset and told him there was nothing to talk about then. Today I decided to go on the website. I entered my user name and my password only to find out I can no longer access my account online. I am very very upset with PMI education, the whole experience is a nerve wreck, not only they scammed me $6000; they also block me accessing my account.

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