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Brick, New Jersey, United States

Raymour & Flanigan Reviews

May 21, 2008
Inferior product and poor customer service
I purchased a couch, love seat, coffee table, end table and side table from Raymour & Flanigan's between June and Sept 2007 from the Niagara Falls New York store. My Sales rep Chuck was excellent. After sustaining a back injury I went back to R&F to purchase a recliner. Again Chuck was extremely helpful in helping me select a recliner that would accommodate my injury. I made the purchase in Dec 2007. My experience with Chuck was so positive he and I discussed a future purchase for a full dining room set, formal living room suite and a bedroom suite.

In, the beginning of Apr 2008 (4 months after the purchase) I removed the throw keep on the chair and discovered the fabric on the inside of the arm had a huge hole in it. I went to the store and spoke with Chuck. He said because I was a preferred customer he would send someone out to look at the damage. They'd take care of it because they wanted me to be happy with my purchase. The earliest some one could come out was 3 weeks later. In the mean time the hole got bigger. The technician came out look at the problem wrote it up and said the entire arm would be replaced and the problem would be rectified. This morning I got a call from R&F. Jolene informed me that someone would come out to fix the chair and it would cost me $120. I asked why it was costing me anything. Jolene said because I didn't by the extended warranty I had to pay for the repair and labor myself. I advised her that the chair was only 5 months old and that it was a defect in the fabric. She got really nasty an informed me "upholstery just doesn't rip" I did it and they aren't responsible for my carelessness. I was so upset with her attitude that I hung up. I contacted the Customer Service Office and the only thing the girl could say is that she would have a supervisor call me. I told her that I don't anticipating that happening. I told her I will have it repaired myself as I don't want to deal with R&F again. I will go else where to make my remaining purchases and that I would be publishing my experience with Raymour and Flanigan's in our Family Readiness Group News Letter that researches 3500 military families. The response was more or less do what you have to do lady.

I will never do business with this company again.
May 21, 2008
Rip off
The worst customer service I have ever experienced. The worst delivery service I have ever experienced. Assembled my furniture incorrectly, showed up 5 hours late! The were extremely rude on the phone. They acted as if they are doing me a favour. Do not do business with this company. They refunded my delivery fee, but I still can't use my bed. They can't come back when it is good for me. I spent almost $2000, and they give you a run around. I have never regretted a business transaction more. Save yourself the headache and don't buy from this sleazy operation.
May 21, 2008
Bed bugs
Upon graduating college and getting a job, my daughter's first major purchase was a bed room set from Raymour & Flannigans. She was so proud of herself. Our daughter immediately began to get hives.

Never thinking that Bed Bugs could be the problem, she visited allergist and dermatologist for solutions. After changing laundry soaps and chasing a non-existent allergy problem for months we discovered that her mattress was infested with Bed Bugs. The company refuses to take responsibility even though we never have had any pest problems until we brought their product into our home.

Our whole family now has the heebie-jeebies and have trouble sleeping at night and I have the expense of trying to rid our formerly happy home of these pests.
May 14, 2008
Lying about financing!
Purchased a bedroom set at the Stroudsburg, PA store. When we initially went into the store, the salesman was asked if Raymour had a financing plan like another area furniture store, Rosen's. We were looking for no payment/no interest for 1-3 years. The salesman assured us that Raymour did have that financing plan. He stated "absolutely, we can do that." Before placing the order he was told that we COULD NOT MAKE PAYMENTS on the furniture, but if payments/interest were deferred for a year, that would be fine, since my mother-in-law's home was on the market for sale. It is part of her estate. We told him that once the home was sold we would then pay off the balance owed on the furniture. He again told us yes, we will do that. In fact, he told us that if we only needed deferred payments for a year, Raymour could give us a discount on the bedroom set. We agreed and the order was placed. Now we are being billed by the bank. They want a $168 month payment. Seems the salesman only submitted for financing that was ONLY for deferred INTEREST, but payments are due. My husband contacted customer service when the first bill was received and was told not to worry, no payment was due, that was how the bank worked with this financing. When the second bill, requesting late fees and a double payment arrived, he again contacted them. Oh, a different story now. Seems the salesman is NO LONGER AN EMPLOYEE at the store. Seems he probably didn't know what he was doing when he submitted the financing. HOW VERY CONVENIENT. The store manager, through a customer service rep, told my husband that if he had contacted them after we got the first bill they could have rectified the problem, but since it is now the second bill, no they can't rectify it. He was supposed to call my husband to discuss this issue. He didn't bother. Now I've been trying to get an address for his superior and can't seem to get one. The store manager said that there's nothing they can do, since we got a second bill, notwithstanding the fact that it was his store's customer service who told my husband not to worry and there was no payment due when he called to alert them that we received a bill, the FIRST BILL. I am now disputing the entire bill and giving the bank the bottom line which is - we cannot afford to make these payments. We were told it was a deferred payment/deferred interest for a year financing plan. If it can't be worked out for the deferred payment/interest for a year, then the bank can remove the furniture from my home. Because this salesman submitted for financing other than what he told us was available and what he told us he was actually giving us, we are now responsible for payment of this furniture, it will be a problem credit report wise, and I may end up with no bedroom furniture. I now will not buy even a throw pillow from Raymour & Flanagan.
April 23, 2008
They have terrible service
About one month ago my sister ordered a new dining room table for my birthday for me on-line using her credit card. Unfortunately, when the table arrived it was damaged and very poorly made. I contacted Raymour and Flanigan and they told me they had a no-return policy but I could go to the store pick out something else and would get a full store credit and when the furniture was delivered they would pick up the table. Did not happen!

I went to the store and picked up $1400 worth of new furniture. When I got to customer service they stated that the credit could only put in my sister's name (her credit card) since it was purchased by her after they pick up the table. Fine - no problem. The new furniture was delivered and the table was picked up. My sister calls and they tell her that even though she ordered on-line that she would need to travel one hour to the nearest Raymour and Flanigan to get her credit. What the ***! I am furious and will never order or recommend that anyone order from any Raymour and Flanigan again!!
April 18, 2008
Terrible experience
I have never seen a business as bad as Raymour and Flanigan. I question... are these names genuine family names or are they stage names as all scams are? I correct my questioning to add that if these are real family names then they either 1. Must be so gullible as to think that their business is running as it should or they 2. Are completely ignorant to think that a business can be managed and supervised by trained sales individuals that are more than educated on their product and know how to manipulate the situation as it is convenient for them and not the customer to include the owners (Raymour and Flanigan). Whatever happened to good customer care and quality products especially quality products which you thought you paid top dollar for? Any company worth their future would never outsource false leadership (Regional Sales Manager's) while they (R&F) vacation and enjoy life. Here is a short but fairly detailed story on what happened to my wife and me as customers and having to settle with a very unpleasant end result. When we first arrived in Connecticut we purchased a home and needed a new bedroom so we started the hunt for furniture stores keeping in mind we did see some fairly bad under budget commercials on a certain competitor that which I will not specify and thought oh my god where are we until we managed to find a store in Waterford, Connecticut that store was Raymour and Flanigan. Well on the way in we were not greeted not once I thought well I guess it’s not the same everywhere you go. Then as we were looking at beds and seemed serious to certain sales individuals and I say individuals due to the lack of enthusiasm in everyone there. Now keep in mind we are focused on beds and looking at the one we want when out of the blue this sale’s individual approached us and wanted to sell us a table... Now where does a bed come into play with the table? This situation should have told us all there was on about store but being open and not judgmental. We finally purchased what we wanted and while on display the bedroom set was solid and magnificent we even went to take it a step further to freefall with our backs on the bed and shake it and the bed did not budge so we thought this is exactly what we wanted a solid bed with frame that does not move. Well the delivery was not as promised and after several attempts by them they finally were able to deliver it to our home. When they were assembling the bed frame and laying the mattress in everything looked fine we even asked them if it was solid and sturdy and they mumbled yeah and nodded. I should have known then… that evening when we went to bed we noticed that the bed was sagging in the center and also it was moving as you laid in it and got out of it not small movements but 4 to 5 inches from side to side and we have wood floors. Now for the good part, we called R&F and explained the whole situation and they didn’t seem to want to hear our side of the story so I asked to speak with the sales manager this was not too good neither it seemed as if the sales manager didn’t want to hear the problem with their product neither so I asked for the regional sales manager thinking they’re has to be someone who will be more than willing to hear the problem. Well when he finally called me we spoke and I was too disappointed to even consider keeping the product so he managed to ask some trouble shooting questions as if who to blame and looking to point the finger to with questions such as “Do you have carpeting?” Then right after went on saying “well with carpeting the supports tend to slide and that can be an issue and the cause for your bed sagging and moving” Just then I cut his silver tongue right off and said “I have wood flooring” he gave a pause then went on saying that he will do everything in his power to get another truck out to my house to service the bed and fix the issue the next day. I said ok as long as you fix it no problem. The next day came and no truck came by with men and their tools. I called R&F and to their surprise they made a mistake and were unable to come out. Their response we are sorry and we will see what we can do to get someone out there next week. Now you know where this is going… right? So, I call the regional manager up again and guess what?... we had a couple guys show up the next morning. Wow if only everyone had a sense of urgency as the regional manager. Yeah right! Being a little sarcastic here with that last part. So they were in the bedroom and did what they needed to do then left. A couple hours that same evening the regional manager calls and asked how everything is and I tell him that it seems fine now after some small talk and apologies from him we hung up. Well guess what three days later the bed was the same sagging and sliding so frustrated that the only thing I did was not make any more calls and suck it up. Unsatisfactory service and product this has been my worst nightmare when dealing with sales. Never again! Oh by the way I made the bed a platform to mimic the support it had in the showroom. Thanks Raymour & Flanigan.
March 7, 2008
Failure to honor extended warranty!
We bought a very expensive leather living room set consisting of a coach, love seat and recliner end tables a coffee table and an additional fabric chair that matched the set. The set costs thousands of dollars. Not even two years old the frame on the recliner breaks. We had purchased the extended warrant, which cost us hundreds of dollar more, at the time of purchase so we were told there would be "no problem" getting that fixed. That was November 2007 as I write it is March 8th 2008. Th recliner is still not fixed and we haven't heard from them in more than 2 months. They did initially send two people out to the house twice before Christmas neither of which was able to do anything but look at the chair. They didn't even take down the part number. We had to crawl under the chair on a subsequent contact and look it up so the part could be ordered. When I checked in January I was told the part would be it by Jan 28th and they would be out immediately after that to do the repair. I just got off being handed over to an phone mail jail answering machine after being in queue for about 20 minutes. Their customer service is awful and I want anyone and everyone to know it so they won't have to endure what we've gone through.
February 6, 2008
Poor customer service!
I went in to Raymour and Flanigan in Greece one night to show my friend the couch I was going to purchase, when a sales woman was very rude and degrading to me. Because I am young she implied that I didn't have the money and that I wasn't serious about purchasing the couch... she was pushing me into financing the couch and that's all she wanted-she wanted to make the sale and didn't care about anything else. She was extremely rude! I would never buy anything from her! When I called the store manager to complain, he did/offered nothing, he said that she was one of the companies best sellers and is a "hard closer". I am appalled at the service I have been given and will never buy anything from that store!
January 15, 2008
December 30, 2007
Terrible experience!
I have never wanted to commit several felonies before dealing with Raymour & Flanigan. I purchased a sofa & couch leather match reclining set a week before Thanksgiving. I had just moved and had no furniture to sit on. I fell in love with the piece I selected and received the guarantee that it will be delivered within three days, more than enough time to accommodate my guests for Thanksgiving. The original delivery date was set for 11/21/07. On the 21st my furniture did not show up within the delivery window we set up. I called the company and was informed that my furniture was no longer in stock!!! I took off a day of work to receive this furniture, and not a soul bothered to follow up with me that I my delivery was canceled. They rescheduled the delivery date to 11/27/07. To say that I was not happy was an understatement. I specifically ventured into Raymour & Flanigan because of their 3 day delivery guarantee for all in-stock merchandise. I was adamant about the furniture I selected and did not like anything else in their NYC showroom. I spoke with Kevin, the store manager, as well as Julian Armstrong, the GM of the store on numerous occasions. I reamed them several times on their lack of professionalism and basic customer service ethics.

Julian works out a deal with me. He suggests that I go to the Syracuse store due to their larger inventory. If I like something, I should give him a call and they will work out an appropriate discount for my tribulations. Julian guaranteed that he would be working the next day, Saturday, so I agreed to go out of my way, borrow a car, and take my family out there. After searching through the entire store, I did not find anything suitable or comparable to my original selection, so I call Julian to inform him of this, but, turns out, Julian was not working TODAY!!!??? I was furious.

So, December 26th rolls around, the third day taken off of work to receive a delivery. Only this time, I had spoken with Rose, one of the managers that schedules delivery...we confirmed a four-hour delivery window, my furniture was guaranteed on the truck. Well, the afternoon of the 26th rolls around and I finally get a follow up call from Elizabeth that "she's sorry, but that my furniture has somehow VANISHED from the delivery truck, along with several other customers orders." Mind you, I had just confirmed with them on more than one occasion that I was taking off work to receive this furniture and was met with guarantees by Kevin, Rose, and Elizabeth that this furniture was on the truck and that I'd finally be sitting on furniture instead of on the floor.

So, today, two months after my initial purchase, the pieces of furniture that fell in love with and vividly imagine myself sitting on will not be in any Raymour Flanigan warehouse until the end of January. I'm at an odds over what to do. I missed Black Friday specifically because I needed my furniture before Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving plans were ruined, my X'mas plans were ruined, my three year old daughter still sits on the floor, and I'm left twiddling my thumbs wondering if I'll ever see my furniture before 2010. It's hard to walk away from a piece of furniture that you really like, especially when everything else out there does not suite your needs, but the lack of professionalism I received from R&F has driven me to the point of insanity. I wonder, could we all come together and sue these people, or put them in the spotlight on Channel 7's shame on you? Something has got to be done to bring some form of accountability to these people. Nothing that I am doing seems to be working.

Please, before going to Raymour & Flanigan, consider my experience, and others on this website.

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