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Reverse Steroids Scammers UK

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Reverse Steroids Scammers UK Reviews

Aaron88 May 28, 2018
Anabolicsteroidscenter: Safest online marketplace to get steroid
You can try Anabolicsteroidscenter Mr. WhatsGoodForTheGoose. Anabolicsteroidscenter is a reliable place to get authentic steroids. You can easily order best products with discount. Amazing marketplace with best quality products!! Highly satisfied with products and delivery service!! I've used many times!! Thanks for the quick delivery service!!
WhatsGoodForTheGoose March 20, 2011
Reverse Steroids Scammers UK
Any online steroids sources who have had enough of reverse scammers in the UK, you know the ones who have received the goods but tell you they havent and threaten to go to the police, trading standards, citizens advice, get your bank account closed and other forms of blackmail such as posting about you on bodybuilding forums unless you send the goods a second time. Also just problematic customers who threaten you and insult you because you never packed it to their high standards or sent it in the original sealed packaging or if it didnt arrive in exactly one week, feel free to post information about them here, names, addresses, company names, upload their images, anything you feel like.

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