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Ross Dress For Less Reviews

narnajo June 23, 2011
treating employees bad
I have worked for Ross for 31/2 years always been a great employee. On 6/17/11 a man came down from another dept saying he was LP. He never showed me an id or had a name tag on to say that he was. My store manager had me go in to a office with him and this man B. Walker. They closed the door and it locked from the outside. At this time the man said he was from loss prevention. And that I had loss Ross money. He keep tell me that it occurred on June the 7, 2011. After many times telling me I need to tell him what happened on this date He was raising his voice at me and keep telling me if I didn’t tell him, He was going to call the police. I explained to him that I have never taken anything from the store he stated I did not steel any thing I lost the company money. He would yell over my shoulder telling my boss Greg to call the police dept. I keep asking him what it I did is and he keeps telling me I knew. I did not know and I was very scared not to mention how I felt being in the office with two men one standing behind me and the other sitting in front me drilling me like he was a police officer, and raising his voice at me trying to get me to admit I did something wrong. When I didn’t admit what he wanted me to he said I need to make restoration for the money I lost the company. Keep in mind all this time I keep asking him what I did and to show me the tape he keep talking about. Mr. Walker said I can’t show you the tape unless he calls the cops. By now I was scared because of the way these men were treating me. While one was raising his voice and my boss standing behind me, never saying a word. This man was so scary and so intimidating (def (in order to make them do what one wants) I could not understand why they would pull a female worker in a locked office with two men, or allow any one to be treated like this. AT this time Mr. Walker told me I need to make restitution for what I loss the company. There for I go get my purse and write a check out to the amount. Then Mr. Walker says you have to mail it in. at that time I look at my store manager and ask for a envelope. I put the check and a paper in the envelope. Then Mr. Walker showed me the tape. I was so unset and crying at this time. I did not feel I had did anything on purpose, the store was busy and I was trying to hurry. I still do not feel I owe any money to Ross because I never took anything. What I don’t understand is why I was treated like a criminal. By time I got home I called the district manager he told me to call a human recourse. I called her left a message she returned my called the next day we talk and she said she would call me back. She called me back ask me a few more question and she said she would call me back on 6/19/11. She never called me back and I called her on 6/20/11 left a message and she still has not called me back it is now 6/23/11. As of right now I don’t know if I still work for Ross. They never did anything about the way Mr. Walker treated me. They never even got back to me. I have a hard time believing how i was treated, how Ross would treat their employee, how they would disrespect me and there was a female supervisor on the floor. How can Ross treat any one like this? I called the store they said I was still employed but taken off the schedule. If anyone would of ask me was Ross a good place to work I would of said that they over look employees that are next in line for promotions. But other that yes I loved my job and the people I worked with. But now if someone was to ask me I would say they don’t stand beside there employees and don’t care how they intimidate you. But most of all they are not for the employees and do not return calls as they say they will.
Patientandscrewed May 31, 2011
Hired/Fired without even working
I was hired by Ross early in May, the day I was supposed to start I got a call from the manager saying there was a computer problem and something wrong with my paperwork and not to come in. After many phone calls, they told me another Ross had hired me, even though I had only interview with their store. Apparently, the two stores cannot talk to each other and I had to call them back and forth trying to figure what was wrong. I never really got a clear answer. I finally got to talk to the woman who "hired" me at the other Ross and she pretty much said I never answered their calls (I never got any) and would talk to her manager and then hung up on me. The Ross I was supposed to work at told me HR was working on it. I waited two weeks, passed up three other job interviews, and was told today that my position had been filled. I am working on writing a complaint to the corporate office. I doubt much will come from it, seeing how unprofessional the whole business is.
armyfrenchy May 28, 2011
labor law violations
I am stationed in Afghanistan and my fiancee works at Ross Dress For Less in Lakeland, FL. She has been working there two years and passed over for a manager position by a girl who is 21 (my fiancee is 33) because of seniority. The manager's name is Charlene. My fiancee is Indian and she is being discriminated against. She called me today (in Afghanistan) to tell me that she worked 6 hours and her manager, Charlene, refused to give her a lunch break. Now I KNOW that according to the Fair Labor laws if you work over 6 hours you are supposed to get a lunch break. My girlfriend has a high metabolism and if she doesn't eat regularly she has migraines. She is also discriminated against by not being allowed to go get food on her 15 minute breaks (everyone else is), not being allowed to have any water under her cash register counter (everyone else is, she is supposed to work 6 hours without food OR water???) Also, she is supposed to get off at 5 and Charlene won't let her leave until the "line goes down." My fiancee also tells me that employees at the store make fun of her because she is Indian, so that right there is also discrimination going unchecked. My fiancee also told me that a new employee, on the first night, ran out crying because of Charlene's treatment to her.
Does ANYONE have the email or phone number to the District office for Ross Dress For Less in Florida or for Ross Dress For Less Corporate headquarters so my girlfriend and I can file a complaint? I looked up on the internet that the violation for violating a labor law is a fine of up to $5, 000, and Charlene obviously is violating labor laws by making my fiancee work 6 hours without a lunch break!

Does ANYONE have the email or phone number to the District office for Ross Dress For Less in Florida or for Ross Dress For Less Corporate headquarters so my girlfriend and I can file a complaint? If so PLEASE email me at armyfrenchy@hotmail.com
Anonomouse 213 May 22, 2011
Harassment By MPT Supervisor
I Work In The Stockroom At Ross Dress For Less In Montebello, Ca And We All Dread Coming To Work, Because The Stockroom Supervisor Sylvia Has A Bad Attitude, She Yells At You, Rushes You Ant Threaten To Wright You Up, She Rushes You While You Are Doing Your Job, The Store Manager Is Aware Of The Problem, We Will See If She Does Anything About It.
UknownName April 28, 2011
Unfair work environment
So I worked for Ross about 5 and a half years I went from store associate to Assistant store manager realized what kind of company it was then dropped down to a part time associate again to go back to school. Well if you want to know something about Ross from someone who was high enough up to know how they operate, how they treat their employees and what corprate is really like this would be the complaint to read. Not only when the economy started to drop but basically every year they kept cutting and cutting hours for the store to use to staff the place properly (and thats why it is always so messy and the lines are backed up). Ross acts like it cares about its employees but thats a sham and is meaningless to anyone who has worked their long enough. Ill just start by saying that corprate MADE the store manager transfer to another store and bring that store manager to this one. Why you ask? Who knows maybe because they can and they know it or maybe they were hoping that person would quit. But anyways once this new manager came in the store went to hell and he manipulated every employee and even payroll to his advantage. He decided that since he was store manager he should be doing anything but sitting in the office creating the schedule or writing "important" emails. That manager didn't fool me one bit I use to run the schedule and it took about 2 hours MAX but insisted on working on it all week. Then comes to say to all the employees is there anything I can do for you, and when you ask he says ok ok but never does anything. And then at the so called "Rally Meetings" says all the time "I'm here to help you, and thats why you always see me helping you guys." thats when most employees look at each other and laugh then the manager wonders whats so funny. I recently quit because when they found out I was going back to school they didnt want me there even though I had been there for over 5 years and could do the managers job with ease. So my hours got cut to 4 (cause they dont fire or lay you off they just give you no hours so you quit.) You ask "Why?" well the manager there frowns upon people who are getting an education because that person is not dedicated to slave work the rest of their life.
So if you are thinking about working for Ross or already do and our hoping to get that open full time or managemnet position I sugest you really think about because Ill let you knwo right now as an Assistant manager for 2 years and been working there the previous 3 I was getting paid 13.75 and hour. Can you believe that assistant manager making what T-Mobile call station employees make after 6 months.
So is it worth it? Ill let you make the decision.
CheddarBob April 13, 2011
Dont EVER work here!!!
I worked at Ross for a little over 3 years. I started out as an store associate and then moved up to a higher postion once I finished college. I must say, I will NEVER subject ANYONE to working with this company. They make stupid choices about the way the stores should be ran. Often put the least important things first and throwing the things that matter out the window. Also, the Store Manager at this store location is the BIGGEST PUSH-OVER I HAVE EVER MET! He has no back-bone at all. That's the only bright side to working there, I could walk all over him. When a DM says jumps, not only does he Jump but he ask "How High?" while doing so. He's one of the store managers that thinks he does all of the work and will claim any idea to be his own, even if he had no clue in the first place. The DM's are another story. They take their job way to serious. They are a DM of a DISCOUNT STORE!! Not Wal-Mart, Target, or even Baby Gap. They are the lowest of DM's on the totem pole. Better yet, they are the dirt on the ground. The store I worked at, will say the strive for Customer Service, yet as soon as a customer with a problem turns away, the management crew would normally roll their eyes. It's funny to look at the foundtion of this company. I seriously dont see how they have turned into the size it is. When I worked there, I seriously considered going to the doctor and see if I was depressed. I HATED WORKING FOR ROSS!!! I mean when I say that I will NEVER SUBJECT ANYONE TO WORK/SHOP AT ROSS!!! I know they may have good deals, but honestly, most of the crap that came into the store I worked at is either normally missing piece's or SOAKED in water, shampoo, body wash, loation, etc. OR, they are sized completely wrong or Highly Irregular. I just can't express my true position on this Company. I HATE THIS COMPANY WITH THE DEEPEST DARKEST PITS IN MY STOMACH. SO PLEASE, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT WORK FOR ROSS!! They treat their employee's like trash. They post the new schedule 1-2 days before the beginning of the new week. They can't budget payroll to save their life and often have to result in cutting employee hours, even Full Time Hours even though Full Time is suppose to get a Minimum of 37.5 hours a week. They cheat everyone except store managers out of their rasies. They give you $0.10 and a pat on the back for working, how should I say, like a Slave! They put off all the work on to the hardest working people while other associates get away with falling asleep on Promo Lawn Chairs (This Really Did Happen), sitting down in front of both customers and Management staff. If you want to work for Ross, you should re-think your options. I must say personally, I would rather flip burgers because atleast I would make more than $8.55 an Hour (After 3 years with 2 raises and a promotion) and get more respect. If you have a set schedule you can work you can forget it. All of their paper work is always messed up. They never have ANY idea what they are talking about and their facts are never right. Just do yourself a favor, and be Homeless instead of working for Ross.

Also, just because I know how Ross can be, the above statement is in my own opinion and in no way is affiliated with Ross Dress For Less.
pmalice March 29, 2011
Poor store policies, poor treatment of employees
Management at my store is wonderful, it's CORPORATE I have a problem with. They make changes to the procedures that are inefficient, tedious, and half the time don't make any sense, and then expect people to follow their rules like they're gods even when it's screwing everything up. I've worked retail for years, and in my experience, if you do your job correctly, and you can find optimum ways of being efficient, then that's what matters. Especially when our store is a small store, so we don't often have the payroll to be keeping people past the hours that they're scheduled. But Ross? Nope. They don't give a rats ass. You bust your ass for the company (and I for one take Great pride in my work) and for what? Nothing. You don't follow their stupid new policy, and they threaten to FIRE you...even though the new way makes you about 3 hours slower than the original procedures. That's odd, because in other jobs I've worked, they appreciate when you can be as fast as possible, as long as you're doing your job correctly. My bosses love me there, and yet they're forced to get on my ass about something even they don't agree with because they're too busy kissing corporate's ass. I do NOT recommend ANYONE working for this company, EVER. You will bust your ass for not enough pay and be completely under-appreciated unless you sell them your soul.
Ann Gambo March 15, 2011
Poor service and unkempt store
I used to love shopping at Ross Dress For Less. Not any more. Every time I go there, no matter where or what state, the floors are littered with merchandise, broken hangers, items on the floor everywhere, dirty and wrinkled merchandise.

The stuff is never helpful and friendly. There is always just one cashier and a line of waiting angry customers. I don't understand how this chain of clothing stores stays in business. I left the store empty handed last weekend because I just didn't have the time to wait in a line that stretched almost to the back of the store.

When we realized that the store is not opening other registers for us, I and other shoppers left the merchandise we wanted to buy and left.

I really hope they will make the necessary changes.
Ross Employee March 5, 2011
Treated Unfairly; among other things.
I've been working at Ross for a year now, I'm one "Full-Timer" of the 4 Full-Timers and I could tell you now everybody hates working there except one person, The front end supervisor, and if I worked 9-5 with weekends off and got better pay then the others, I would like to work at Ross to. The Management is so unfair and so unprofessional it makes me sick. The store manager has his head so far up his ass because he's getting a promotion as a District manager. They don't care about their employees, all they care about is profit. The par-timers are reusable we go through them like nothing and they are just there to fill up the empty spots that us full timers leave. There is a lead stockroom person thats been working there for a year, and has had that position for a year and she still gets paid 7.50. Not only does she have to lead a lazy stockroom that doesn't give a shit where things go, and the managers don't care neither. She also has to be in customer service, do go backs and occasionally do projects. The store manager is married and has asked her numerous times to go to lunch together. She has weekends off and she work from 5 am-1 p.m.. Then there is a full timer sales floor full timer, and that works from 1 p.m.-close every day, get paid 7.50, and NEVER has set days off. she has the biggest and most hardest department to take care of, but is always forced to do other things like cover lunches and breaks, run go backs, run the register, do projects, and at the time of closing have the department look perfect, and when it doesn't they go over it with her like she is a little kid. She has been working there a year also. Then there is the lead SPS. First, I would like to say the SPS don't do anything. They actually watch the customers walk right out the doors with stolen merchandise. Not because their lazy, it's because the SPS is there to watch the employees not the customers who steal from open to close. The store manager has actually said don't approach the "customers" when their stealing, don't stop them at the door, and don't ever show that you suspect them of anything, because he don't want to lose "customers". The SPS are only there to look like there is security there, when really there is 0. The lead SPS gets paid 9.00 but still it's not worth it. Then last but certainly not last, the front end supervisor. She doesn't do have the job. She doest nub or hard tag the clothes when they get returned, she rarely retickets the clothes, and she has the easiest. She works banker hours and lately has been having weekends off. she'll call in, and it's like no big deal she gets paid 8.50 . None of the full timers have got their yearly raise yet and they told us we wont get it till June or July! When everybody knew what others got paid the managers had a meeting with us and said if ANYTHING about raises or pay they get terminated. Because the two full timers who they call "supervisors" still get paid 7.50 while the others get paid more. The one thats screwed the most is the sales floor person, she closes every single night, she works the worst hours and gets used the most. I feel bad for her but just like all of us we need the job, the management know that and they use that against us!
This company is so F'd up, they have a lawsuit coming their way and they don't even realize it. Their treating their employees so badly they don't have any feeling, their like Ross robots. Don't buy things from here, the Store Manager finds old things and retickets them and sells them. They tell their employees don't give customers a hard time when returning items that aren't ours and that look badly used. If they could sell dust, they would! Don't work here and don't shop here!!
STEPHELLIOTT10 January 20, 2011

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