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Santiago Garage Doors LLC

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7203 129th Ave SE, Newcastle, Washington, 98056

Phone number: 206-499-1234

Santiago Garage Doors LLC Reviews

Santiago1 August 7, 2020
Santiago Garage Doors LLC
Address 7203 129th Ave SE Newcastle, WA 98056 United States Phone +1 206-499-1234 Website https://g.page/santiago-garage-doors-llc?share Keywords Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Spring, Garage Door Opener,New Garage Door Description: A garage door has two critical components, such as the opener and the door. Overhead doors of the garage may swing up in a piece or roll up in small sections. These doors operate on the tension of spring. Garage doors move on metal tracks and get power from heavy springs. In numerous cases, the door may not work efficiently. To fix these doors, you have to repair them. Here are some easy repair tips: Check all the metal tracks in the garage. Evaluate the mounting brackets holding the tracks to walls. Tighten the screws or bolts of loose tracks at the brackets. Carefully examine the garage door for dents, flat spots or crimps. If you see damaged spots, use a hammer or rubber malt to pound them. Immediately replace severely damaged tracks. The tracks must be leveled to align them properly. Horizontal tracks must slightly slant down toward the rear of the garage, and vertical track sections must be plumb exactly. Manage the same height of tracks on the walls of the garage. Recheck tracks of the door with level to ensure their right position. Use a concentrated cleaner to clean tracks to remove hardened grease and dirt. Clean the entire roller thoroughly and wipe rollers and tracks dry. It is essential to tighten the loose hardware. For swing-up doors, you have to evaluate plates from the location of spring. Make all the loose screws tight. For roll-up doors, you have to evaluate hinges that secure different sections of the door. Make the loose screws tight and replace damaged hinges. You have to fix sagging at a side of the door by servicing its hinges. For an enlarged screw

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