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3700 Mansell Rd Ste 150, Alpharetta, 30022

Phone number: (800) 476-2804

Shopping Boss Reviews

gjr18415@gmail.com January 30, 2019
Shopping Boss Cash Back Fundraiser is Awesome!
I have no idea why people say that this App is hard to use and haven't made any money. I have made over $50.00 in cash back, and have only owned it for about 6 weeks. Also my son's football team raised over 10K selling these cards. Great deal!
Bertha15241 June 26, 2018
My daughters team did this campaign and it was SO EASY... Simply put first your team gets a custom variable donation site then rewards you acces to the custom cash back app to pay with at over 250 brands... every time I use it no problems,,, so easy and fast.. and my daughters team makes even more money... we had nothing to sell, hand out, or collect on and its was done in an hour with a “phone a thon” event... I have earned over $500 in cash back in little over 4 months...
ptbum April 9, 2018
There are not enough negative stars for this program. It does not work and it is a gimmick disguised as a fundraiser. Our school was sucked in last year by the hype and this year, thankfully our administration and leaders have wised up and will not be participating. The card takes too much time to use, many of the stores and their employees do not know what it is, and it takes a lengthy process to explain, which usually results in the cashier having to call over a manager. The very minimal monetary rewards when the app does work, do not make it worth using. Fundraising season is upon us. DO NOT purchase or donate to Shopping Boss. Instead, give a direct donation if you so choose. Schools and sports programs want you to THINK that the Shopping Boss is basically a "thank you" for contributing. It is gimmicky and deceiving.
December 3, 2013
I love this site!
For now I am really the only one in my family that uses this site. I want to keep it that way! I have been family shopper for ever, and now I can make some extra shopping money from the shopping I do for the fam. Out of my over $500 I spent last month I got a free $65 in cash.
atgasb October 31, 2013
A platform for users to earn up to 20% cash back on everyday purchases by becoming a member.

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