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RayG June 25, 2010
machinery incorrect
The owner of this company and a former employee of mine, John Geeve from Mannering Park NSW Australia set me up well and good. Landy owns sinoAC a Beijing based procurement company. John Geeve is a friend of theirs.
John was working for me as procurement, installation manager and set up our machinery manufacture through Landy at SinoAC.
Landy was paid in full for having the machinery manufactured. John Geeve was flown to China to inspect the goods prior to them being loaded in containers for quality control.
John obviously knew the quality was rubbish. he and I had a falling out where he admitted to taking a commission for procuring the goods through SinoAC. The goods were absolute rubbish. Nothing had been inspected. Nothing was to specification at all and I mean not a single thing. Containers were extremely badly loaded.
Landy and her company sinoAC are absolute fraudulant rip offs. John Geeve is definitely not to be trusted. he will stab you in the back at the first opportunity, rip you off, steal from you and tell unsurmountable amount of lies about his capabilities.
as an addendum, we spent a lot of money rectifying the mistakes made by sinoAC/John Geeve. All working OK now. We now manufacture back in Australia and in Europe where we do not have quality problems.

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