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riyadh, United States

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stccomplaint August 18, 2010
un authorised cuting
my name is Arun raj sasidharan.i am a stc prepaid simcard user .with out my permission every month 5 riyal diducted from my account one message is coming from mobi.skill to thrill.com. my complainted number is 0502946859.plese de activate this service otherwise i want to stop this STCusing so plese help me
Arun raj sasidharan
abubacker August 13, 2010
stc receiving riyal
Why aljawal [stc] receiving riyal from my mobile ?
My mobil no. is 0532304649.
fyamak July 21, 2010
deactivate sp28301
Dear Sir,
I am recieving mostly the same SMS each week of the month and this sender SP28301@ deducting me SAR 5.00 for each SMS.
Please deactivate the service from my SAWA Mobile number : +96650 84 00054.
Thank you.
idrshmd July 19, 2010
iam receiving a message and reduction of sr 5 . i want to cancel the registration if i have done . my mobile no is 0504362152. it is stc service.
smash April 14, 2010
Wrong Billing on Jood Package
I have applied for Jood Package. My telephone number allotted is 026376320. My account number is 801762867. I got DSL connection only on Feb 23, 2010. My first invoice was dated as on March 10, 2010. In that first invoice, an additional amount of SR. 488.89 has been added as previous invoice.

As this is my first invoice and DSL connection is for only 16 days - from the service starting date 23.02.2010 to 10.03.2010- how it is possible for previous invoice balance? My account is billed wrong. I have lodged complaints thro' 907 twice [after 100 times tried to catch the agent]. Till now, I haven't find my corrected invoice at STC website.

When I approached STC Bagdadiyah Office, they said to contact Sales thro' toll free number 8002444455. Countless times I tried this number and no physical response at the end. Only recorded messages were passing on.

Pls review and correct my invoice and inform me accordingly.
Abdo abdo April 8, 2010
taking money from my balance
This website is sending messgae to my mobile and is taking money from my balance,

please deactivate my mobile number +966501777038
kyusuf March 5, 2010
i m a sawa service user.my mobile number is 0559916920.i m daily receiving two three ringtones and for every ringtone sr.5 is deducted from my balance.i m very much fedup of this ringtones.i just want to unsubscribe this ringtone service.
faisal_555 October 12, 2009
bad service
i have been applied for dsl afaque internet connection since more than 2 month and still i have not get any response from stc, daily i am complaint regarding the connection but no effect at all...not good service and i think they need to make more improvement in their service ! my hatif # 044500206
January 9, 2008
Poor customer service!
Beware of attempting to complete the activation of phone service with STC!! Okay... Saturday got to office 2 hours to give them Iqama copy and register for service and told to call after hook up to get options like DSL and long distance, Sunday night my villa connected, called monday told not in system yet to all tuesday, Tuesday talked to three CSRs one said bring iqama copy to activate service second said I needed to be there when technician shows up and third said call tomorrow so I made appointment for technician that afternoon planning to give him another copy of my iqama, technician shows up announces he is here drives past my villa to back of compound and then 5 minutes later leaves without stopping, I call STC ater that an dthey say "call tomorrow", Wed. I call they say technician hasn't completed it in the system and to call saturday, I get techs phone number call him and he says he will close out right then, I call CS again and they say call saturday, I call another and he says bring in iqama copy saturday.

My goodness!! phone hooked up for 5 days and as far as I know now the reason I can't call in to get DSL or international calling could be because the technician hasn't closed it or I need to go back to the office again and give them another copy of my iqama (I gave them one when I signed up in the office) to "activate" it then I call back later to add options. Honestly I just want to choke the F#$@ out of someone. Why wasn't i told when I signed all these other steps. I was just told when it was hooked up to call back for dsl or long distance. This crap makes me want to quit and leave the kingdom.

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