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SUBURBAN Propane Reviews

thomas maute April 26, 2010
safety issues
Sburban propane installed a 100 gal propane tank
at my property without doing a pressure test on the sysyem.
S D Sevinsky April 22, 2010
Price Gouging
Nice to know I am not the only one getting screwed. I have a 500 gallon tank but I burn wood so since I do not use much gas their last quote to me was over 5 bucks a gallon, others are paying under 2 bucks. Also they decided to start billing me for tank rental. I have not payed it and monthly I get a new bill with 18% interest even though I signed a 3 year contract with them which states euip rental, N/C..HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP Where do we go, the BBB...
Bhrett Monroe April 1, 2010
price gouging
We recently bought a house that had a 500 gallon propane tank that was being rented from Suburban Propane. Before signing up on a 3 year lease for the tank, we researched pricing from 4 other competitors. Pricing from all were within 5 % of each other, so we decided to go with Suburban even though I had already been using Pacer Propane at another property I own and had been satisfied with their pricing and service over the past 10 years. This was a major mistake--at the second fill-up, Suburban's price was over 60% higher than their original quote. I again checked competiors prices as well as the bills for fill-ups on the tank at my other property serviced by Pacer and found that Suburbans price was 30% higher than everyone else. We contacted Brenda at Suburban's Tacoma office she advised us that their price was the going rate, and that the quotes we had from other companies were just for first time customers. My wife called and asked to be removed from automatic fill up, and was advised that Suburban could not do this, and that it was not Suburban's policy to allow customers to not be on automatic fill-up. I finally had to call myself and go round and round with their customer service staff to get removed from the auto fill--basically telling them that I was not goine to pay for unathorized delivery. Once our tank was down to about 75 gallons, my plan was to rent another tank--the difference in price on one fill pays for three years of tank rental. After checking competitor prices we called suburban for one final price check before changing--they were still 30% higher. Now here is the real burn--once Suburban knew we planned to switch--they dispatched a truck on Sunday to fill our tank --even though they had not been authrized to do so. When I called Brenda again--I received the run around and was given a couple options--I could pay $195.00 to terminate the service and another $340.00 to pump out the propane they had delivered, or stick with the same excessive price and crappy customer service Suburban provides. I did ask to talk with a supervisor, and was told they would get back with me --well that has not happened. I would not recommend that anyone use Suburban--ever!<br />
<br />
Bhrett Monroe (extremely dissatisfied customer)
unhappy in brentwood March 11, 2010
I am a renter of a house with propane and when I moved in a year ago the price of propane was 1.87/gallon which was totally reasonable to fill up a tank. Well when november of this year hit, we expected more useage due to winter time but were slapped with bill of $1, 000 for one month of heat at 4.24/gallon. When my landlord called other companies they were about a dollar lower than this. What is sickening is reading about how this company has billion dollar stocks that are skyrocketing while they are hitting hard working people in a already bad economy with these prices. My bill for a quarter tank, which is due to not using any heat and just my hot water and stove for this month was $401.00 at 4.29/gallon. Oh and my fiance had to move out of state because there are no jobs here too.. thanks suburban propane to adding the cherry on to my sundae.
Rebecca J. Mitchell March 9, 2010
Price Gauging and Unethical Business Practices
Upon moving into our house in September 2009 and never having any experience in dealing with a propane company, I chose the company that the previous and original owners of the house had contracted. I unknowingly signed a 3-year agreement with them as the customer service employee went through the pages with me telling me what each said in a nutshell. It was my bad for not reading the fine print and trusting someone, but to be honest, I just thought I was signing up with a new utility. It costs $100, plus administrative fees to cancel, which is a small fee compared to their gas prices. I researched 6 propane companies yesterday and Suburban Propane is $1.00 higher per gallon than the most expensive one that quoted me. Also, I have a 500-gallon tank which they fill to 80%, probably about 425 gallons and the first go round it cost over $1200 to top off the tank, whereby previous owners still had some residual fuel in there. They advised that they own this tank. I am going to ask them to provide documentation. I would purchase it if they gave me a fair market price for a 10-year old tank, but they said they would sell it for $2, 000. It has depreciated greatly in 10 years. They are the most rude people to their customers I have ever seen. The guy yesterday told me he had other customers (we were on the phone) and he would have to let me go. They come up with their hose to top off your tank to get more money. I have yet to get a bill with the amount of units on it and the price they are charging. They said the driver put it on the door and it probably blew away. Even when they mailed me this bill, it had nothing, but $441.00 due upon receipt. What does that tell me? I got on the budget plan after asking them to average out the previous owner's highest year at $220 per month and got a bill this month for $441. Our main heat source is heat pumps and the propane only kicks in after the temperature gets below a certain degree when it is cold and the heat pump (electric) is no longer efficient. So the propane is a back up system. Everything in the house is electric, except the fireplace and the stove, both of which we do not use often. I was told that since our tank is underground, it would be over $700 and maybe more, because it would have to be back-hoed out, plus a pump out fee per gallon of gas that is in the tank, and other administrative costs. I am looking to seek legal advice and take some action because customers should not be treated this way. We live in a free enterprise system and should be able to choose (without severe penalty) what companies we want to handle our business. If anyone out there knows of an attorney or someone knowledgeable about this issue, please contact me. I am going to contact the Virginia State Attorney General's Office. Legislation needs to be enacted immediately to regulate this crooked industry of price gauging and unethical business tactics. This company needs to be stopped in their tracks. Maybe the White House can get involved like they did in the General Motors case.
Fire them March 4, 2010
Price. 5.959 Gallon
My last delivery for Suburban propane was $5.96 a gallon. It is my last. $878. for 147.6 gallon. 1 month worth of heat, hot water & cooking and clothes washer. I am ashamed it has taken me so long, 23 years to fire this outfit.
Temrose February 26, 2010
TAKE ACTION STOP COMPLAINING.. GOOGLE "SUBURBAN PROPANE CLASS ACTION SUIT" WE ARE TRYING TO INITIATE A LAW SUIT AGAINST THEM... YOU MUST CONTACT YOU LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, SENATOR, ASSEMBLYMAN, CONGRESSMAN... INCLUDING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICEI have been a customer of Suburban for over 20 years, unfortunately. They are the most unethical business. Every complaint I have read from unprofessional customer service, lies, prices increasing every day without prior notice, damaging my siding with their hoses, raising my budget plan with a credit balance, etc. etc. THIS MUST STOP...now. Join the fight against them for our restitution. They owe us big time..
NewtonNJ*** February 26, 2010
Price Gouging
I have autonmatic delivery and use about 1500 gallons for the year. I previously did a pre buy budget plan but when the pre buy ended up being more than the reg del price last year, I decided not to pre buy this year, , Needless to say, the per gallon price has been at least $1.00 more than two other propane companies. I was going to change around the end of December, but w/ work, I couldn't make a place for Eastern to put 2 new tanks in while i still had the Suburban tanks. When I questioned Suburban, they also said all other price were " introductory". I responded knowing different, I am a heating contractor in NNJ, and have heard these stories from many other people. There tanks are going as soon as I have a chance to take off and change to oil...
1/9/10-188 gal, $4.12, reg fee 5.62= $782.83
1/23/10-115 gal, $4.12, reg fee 5.62= $483.90
2/8/10-146 gal, $4.19, reg fee 9.62= $625.32
Nanette Krasher February 24, 2010
In July of 2009, Suburban propane come and filled our tank after they were asked not to. They charged $6.99 per gallon. They said that they did not have our request not to fill so that there was not any thing they could do. So I got mad enough to tell them to come and get their tank. They come and got the tank however they only wanted to give me $27 for more propane then they delivered. I still had a bill for propane that they took back.
chrisfromvt February 23, 2010
The price gouging of this company has caused me and my family outrageous distress over the winter months. My Oil tank is filled once every month and a half for over $750 As I do not have the exact amount of the price per gallon on hand I have found that the local oil companies would have charged me more then $220.oo less for the same amount of fuel.

I am a renter and thus can move, and have made the decision to due so after this summer before the next cold season. I am in a constant battle with disconnect notices and shut-off warning with them as I struggle to keep up with this mortgage payment of oil.

They need to be stopped or regulated as the power company is not to shut the heat down in a family home in Vermont in the middle of winter. They are all thieves.

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