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Super Low Rentals

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New York, United States

Phone number: 646-535-2206

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Father and Daughter May 7, 2011
This online website basically charges a $50 application processing fee if you're interested in any of their apartment listings. My application was approved and I was informed of such in an email. However, after that I was never contacted about anything. I was not told if there was an apartment available to view. I was not told if there were no apartments available to view. The following is the email I received from Super Low Rentals: Dear C...

You are receiving this email to inform you that your online rental application has been approved and that you have passed the pre-screening process for all of the available apartments that we are now offering at this time. Your contact information has been placed on a call back list so that you can be called in to view an available apartment. When you are called, you will be able to view any of the apartments that are currently available on our website at this time; you will also be given a chance to rent any of the available apartments on the spot if you choose to do so. In order to ensure fairness, everyone will be called in the order in which their application was submitted into us online. As a result of this, we cannot guarantee that everyone who applied will receive a call back. You will not receive any more notifications after this email. Please keep an eye on our website to find out if a particular apartment that you may be interested in has been rented out or not. We do update our website very often. If you have any other questions or concerns then feel free to contact us. We wish you luck with your application and we hope you get the affordable apartment that you need very soon. Thank you and have a great day.

Thank You


What kind of nonsense is that?? First I'll be placed on a call back list. WHEN I WILL BE CALLED, is the next sentence. BUT, calls are made in the order of received applications and as a result, there's no guarantee that everyone will receive a call back. I was definitely one of the "EVERYONE". No more notifications after this email?? I'm only encouraged to keep checking the website(?) I was also encouraged to contact Super Low Rentals. I took Super Low Rentals up on their offer. When I followed up at the end of April with an email, I let Super Low Rentals know they were pulling a SCAM. Unsurprisingly, I never received a response.

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