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Thermador Repair Group Irvine

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Category: Home & Garden

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17701 Cowan, Irvine, 92614

Phone number: (949) 565-4084

Thermador Repair Group Irvine Reviews

Andrew Kim March 28, 2022
Thank you!
I saw my oven was not heating the other day, and only this establishment's repair service specialist goes beyond the call of duty. I thank him for everything.
Jessie Alexander March 14, 2022
Thank you!
It is, without a doubt, a satisfying and dependable service to use. I had my stove hinge problems for days but after the work of your guy, it is now working perfectly. It is all because of your professional technician! Thank you!
Natasha Roberson March 7, 2022
Thank you!
I wasn't in a good mood for days because my oven was not heating out of the blue. I called this company and they fixed the issue instantly within that day. Big help, indeed!
Zoraida Leak January 20, 2022
Thermador Repair Group Irvine
At Thermador Repair Group, we always provide excellent repair to your Thermador appliances. Thermador Repair Group has team of certified technicians who are always ready to fix all all Thermador major appliances. So, Whether it is your refrigerator, range, cooktops, ice makers or ovens, we will provide you certified industry experts to repair and maintain your Thermador appliances. Refrigerator repair, Freezer repair, Ice maker repair, Cooktop repair, Appliance repair Phone Number: (949) 565-4084 Website: https://thermadorrepairgroup.com/locations/thermador-appliance-repair-irvine/ Business hours: 24/7 Payment Method: Cash, Cheque, Credit Card

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