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Nidia1 January 15, 2017
DO NOT BUY !!! 100% Fraudster company they pay others for good reviews in internet and deliver nothing
80% of all customers got nothing. 20% of all customers got only valueless garbage for the bin. It comes from Poland (Company is from China, but delivery comes from Chinese people in Poland). All is the most bad "quality" you have ever seen. Look also "Knock off Nightmares" in Facebook. All is for the bin only. wrong sizes, poison in plastic, stinky and different to the pictures in net. stolen pictures from other pages. I lost with my order: 4052144 - € 86,63. But countless people losing hundreds... You will never get a reply from the customer service. To send the items back is impossible. When you belong to the 20% they get rubbish for the bin. 80% get nothing... I reported this fraudster to the Police. they told me this Chinese company cheat thousands of people... 80% aller Besteller erhalten gar nichts. 20% erhalten völlig wertlosen Müll in einer unbeschreibbar schlechten "Qualität", falschen Größen, und immer (das Netz ist voll von zig.-tausenden wütender Kunden von tidebuy) nach (ätzender) Chemie stinkend. Lesen sie zu tidebuy auch "Knock of Nightmares" in Facebook. Lieferungen kommen (wenn... 80% erhalten niemals irgendetwas) von einer Chinesischen Firma in Polen. Deren Kundenservice antwortet nie. Umtausch, oder Rücksendung ist unmöglich. ihr Geld ist verloren. Tausende stellten Strafanzeige bei der Polizei, aber China... Einige (wenige) erhielten Chemikalien-verseuchte Lumpen für Erwachsene, die gerade einem Kind gepasst hätten. Oder Pakete (damit sie Unterschrift haben) mit Hundefellen... In der Freude endlich (nach Monaten...) ein Paket zu bekommen, zahlten diese zudem noch hohe Zollgebühren. Für Müll... Ich habe € 86,63 verloren, niemals eine Antwort auf 13 Mails erhalten. Die Briefkasten-Firma ist bekannt, hat mehrere Namen. Deren Fotos für die Ware sind im Netz geklaut. Sogar 1 Stern ist noch zu viel für die.
raurod July 1, 2011
late delivery,poor quality,not complete refund
Dress order December 15, 2010 Dress order was shipped to ship within 15 days, shipped in 45, poor quality, one side of dress alot longer than other side, patches glued not sewn, many not even glued, sticking straight out, some had holes in them, shipped back cost $40.00 now only want to give me $100.00 credit on poor quality/late dress I Paid $210.00 for. My client cancelled order as it arrive 5 days prior to her event date, I ad to refund her entire money and she cancelled her order for 15 bride mais dress costing me even more loss and Now she may file a lawsuit against me.
Tide June 8, 2011
Unreliable and bad service
The dress was poorly made and too short by Tidebuy.com. Waste of time trying to return it. I ended up buying a new dress. Do not throw way your money by ordering from Tidebuy.com . Takes too long for getting a respone from Tibebuy.com. Phone calls to Tidebuy goes to a voice message and then goes blank. The telephone numbers listed on their web site seems to be bogus. Their customer service is poor. Paypal should drop them out. By the time an order arrives and returned in order to file a dispute, 45 day limit to file a dispute runs out. Be aware of what you are getting into unless you like to burn your hard earned money.
Madmom14 May 26, 2011
Bad product
Tidebuy.com says 15 days for your order took over 45 days...then they have this ridiculous policy for return which you can't navigate...send sob story about how expensive shipping and ask you to kindly keep product. The item they shipped didnt even come close to what I ordered and what I did receive is crappy work. Don't use them...trust your gut...they are from China...they suck! You can't reach a real person...email is slow in communication...they stretch it out so you can't dispute Pay Pal...Very bad company...Not trustworthy.
peter.d May 4, 2011
Dress quality
Dress looked nothing like the pictures provided. When you try to complain the Tidebuy dispute link won't work, their responses - when and if received - make little sense and the dress is likely arrive too late to start a dispute through PayPal. Also I didn't see the Tidebuy website advising about import tax, and I've just had a bill from HMRC just to add to it all.

If you've ordered via PayPal go back to the PP website, click on Legal Agreement, then Acceptable Use of Policy and scroll down to a report tab. You can then join me in letting PayPal know of your experience and help me get an investigation started - the more people who do so the more notice I'm sure they will have to take.

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