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Titlemax Reviews

dawg1 April 25, 2012
dont work for this company
They tell you every lie to get you to work there they can. They all are a bunch of back stabbing loan sharks. They will kiss your ass to get you to get a loan. They then lie to you about the contract. I actually heard a dist manager tell a trainee not to disclose the finance charges! All the employees do is sit and call you and your references over and over until you call. Then once you are 3 days past due they send a wrecker service to repo. It is a joke. I think it will be funny when they are regulated by the state which will be soon and all their sorry asses are out of work because they won't be allowed to charge these illegal fees which will force them out of business!!!!
Mary J Anderson June 23, 2011
For everybody who complains on the interest rate... U did not get on a payback guide and also did you try the bank? They will not loan money unless your score is 800! Do u realize we are helping u and if u do a payback guide u will be fine. All these haters paid their minimum to get by and now they are mad at the wrong person. We give anybody money, no credit, no proof of income and our rates are lowest in the industry! Come see me in northport and u will see
angry papaw June 4, 2011
repo without needing
came to repo my car told my neighbors i volenter to give it to them great big lie. then cam back two days later got my truck after the guy lied again he told us it will be ok till tuesday then they came got it and charged 250 more to get it back crooks
titlemaxlies April 22, 2011
I applied for a job with Titlemax. Interviewed with one manager that said not only was I a perfect fit for a CSR position but possibly an assistant manager position. I have a college degree, collections, management, customer care, and marketing experience. In the managers words i was, "everything we are looking for and a perfect candidate." Well, I was then called by a recruiter who wanted me to work at a different location and set me up to interview that manager. I took the day off my current job, drove out and interviewed. Once again was told I was a perfect match. Was told as I was leaving she wanted me to start on Monday and would get with the recruiter to get me in. I talked to the recruiter later that evening (a wednesday) and she said she thought she could get all the paperwork done for me to start on Monday. I asked her if there was anything more i needed to do and she said no, I was a perfect fit and she just had to take care of some paperwork on her end but they were excited to hire me. SO, she said i'd hear from her by the end of business on Thursday. I never heard from her. I call at 1pm on Friday and get vm. I leave her a voicemail and 2 hours later get a call back saying I didn't meet min. hiring requirements!!! Ok, I have a degree, all the experience they are looking for, no criminal history at all, a clean driving record, a car with insurance... everything I was told I needed. I ask what "requirements" I don't meet and am told "You just don't meet min. hiring requirements... I can't say really." I ask her what specifically the requirements are and she still says she cannot say. WTF??? Really? She had told me I tested higher than most on the assessment they give and I have all the other requirements... so what gives. Do NOT trust this company or Jennifer Spangler the recruiter.
kjkeyes April 4, 2011
Unbelievable fees and interest
Titlemax are nothing more than loan sharks. I have paid over $5000.00 in interest on a 2500.00 loan. To date my total paid on that $2500.00 is over 7500.00. Please beware they do not tell you this up front and they are very wishy washy when explaining the terms to you. They sneak that amount in there once you have the money. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not fall for this loan sharking scam.
moe better March 29, 2011
Company is ran by buffoons
I too was fired from this so called company but I knew going in I was working for a let just say lowbrow company. I wasn't aware that sexism and racism ran rampant, in this day an age, I guess I was just naive. My DM was the biggest bully and would threaten your job on a daily basis and why was he a bully because he didn't want you to ask him anything because he has no knowledge or intellect or vocabulary for that matter. This company goes by the good ole boy policy the people that are on top have all worked together at other places so no need in looking to see if the have the mentality required to do the job, obviously. Of course if your a man or your black you will find this company too be very easy to work for, hell you won't have to work at all. I performed at a very high standard an was compensated for it, but took so much verbal and mental abuse from my DM the whole time I was there and the people that are making costly mistakes are still there (kinda makes me happy) just wait for their state audit, hah. Oh I was informed today that my replacement (who is a woman) is 2 IQ points above retarded but hey she's black and thats all that matters to Titlemax and their DM Anthony Burton. Best of luck to all Titlemax employees, they'll need it.
Mrsec46 December 26, 2010
Unwarranted Repo
I too have had a problem with TitleMax here in Bloomington, Illinois and we are now involved in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Peoria, Illinois . My wife and I took out a loan on a vehicle several years ago and paid it off and we had no problems with the people working there at that time. So when I lost my job and was receiving unemployment benefits things got tight and we decided to take out another loan with Titlemax. I went in and took out a loan on our minivan in june 2010 only to learn the first of July that the state was broke and that there would be no more unemployment payments paid untill the legislaters passed the new extension. So my first payment was 30 days or so late, and we made several other monthly payments. Then I was hired for a new job in October 2010 and went to 3 days of training but wasn't scheduled to officially begin working until November 1st. My payment was not due to Titlemax until the 25th of October 2010 and I was due to receive my last unemployment check on the same date. When my direct deposit arrived from unemployment I was only paid $18.00 ( which I provided the manager Parnell a copy of my deposit) and I was told by the unemployment office that because I had went to 3 days of training that it was considered working eventhough I had not been paid from my job for the training as of that time. I called Titlemax and spoke to the store Manager Parnell and informed him of this and let him know that I would be in on Saturday November 6th, in order to make that payment as this job would mail out the first few checks until my direct deposit began. So the week of November 1st, I called and spoke to the store Manager Parnell, employees Lindsey and Brian to keep them informed and to let them know that I would be in the store on Saturday November 6th, to make my payment. Never once was I told to surrender my vehicle ( which we would have done if asked ) because we own another vehicle and it would not have been any problem. When I awoke on the morning of November 6th, I learned that our van was gone from our home and that Titlemax had reposessed it. I went into the office planning on making my payment as I had agreed and asked the Mgr. Parnell why my van was taken? and I was told that because I did not surrender the vehicle that it was reposssessed. When I told him that I had spoken to (3) employees there the past week and that neither of them had asked or mentioned to me that I needed to surrender my vehicle or I would have done so. Parnell never answered my question, but rather went on to tell me that his supervisor had told him that we would need to pay off the balance of our loan in order to retreive our vehicle. I left there and proceeded to pay other bills with the payment money as I did not have the money to pay off the entire loan at that time. On Monday November 8th, i began the task of trying to get ahold of the corporate office and was unable to, but did get to csr rep. who had the Regional Manager Greg King call me back. When I spoke to Mr. King and explained to him what had happened, we vcame to the agreement that I would make the payment the following Saturday the 13th, of November he assured me that he would see what he could do about getting my vehicle back and that he would call me in 15-20 minutes. When I recieved a call back it was not Mr. Greg Roberts, but the District Manager, Mr. Fred Roberts. He went on to tell me that Mr. King was in a meeting and that I had two options, (1) pay the $240.00 payment that day or pay the $240 payment + the repo fee of $250.00 on the 13th. When I had told him that was not the arrangement that Mr. King and I had come to he told me that those were the options and I could either take it or leave it. I left it and contacted the Better Business Bureau with my complaint and we are awaiting the final outcome now. I would engourage any one that is even considering taking out a title loan with Titlemax to not, I repeat do not do so. They lie, withhold information an I sincerily pray that they go bankrupt with all of these complaints. name withheld until the outcome of this complaint!!!
Marie Quick September 15, 2010
I have a tile loan on a van. I am not the customer you have to chase. I am the one that calls tell when I can pay. I set up an arrangement to pay on a date I was expecting a school check. The school did not mail when they said or for some reason it was held up. I called right away telling the problem I was told by the worker that relayed this information "The manager said park the van here at titlemax he cannot set up another arrangement" I asked the girl how it worked can I come pick van back up when money comes? She said yes, but you have to pay in full when you come. They knew van was being repaired which is why I was having trouble and needed to make payment arrangements trying to get transmission replaced. I called repair man fixing transmission to take van to titlemax. The ten days had passed and titlemax was still leaving messages for me. I called and they said the van was never brought to them and they cannot go get unless I sign a paper giving van to them, I said ok, but after I talked to titlemax telling me I can bring the payment the following Friday. I felt cheated because they could have waited and I told the manager this why I am not signing anything. It was too late to say this because thinking there was no hope I had already spent my money. Now knowing this why do they continue to call me? They made this situation. They wanted the van go get it and leave me alone. The last time I talked to the manager I told him who had the van and to go get it. I am still getting phone calls and visits to my house. Why? When I said all I can say and this is why I call them because I did not want to be chased or harassed by anyone.

Marie Quick
chirality September 11, 2010
In April 2010 I moved to Georgia. Immediately I had issues with bills so we went to Titlemax for a title loan. I got 5, 000 with 24 month payout. I ended up having to move from GA back home. I was still making payments on time but decided to trade my car in to get out from under the loan. The dealership agreed to pay the lien. They have been calling Titlemax for days to get the information for the payout to send the bank check and then I started to call but to no avail.

They do not want to help, they want to take your life and your car.
critty243@yahoo.com August 28, 2010
they lie
fuck titlemax!! they repoed my car, the towing company said we had 20 days, the manager said 10 days from the day they inspected the car, when it was all done and over with they said 10 days from the day of repo, and they didnt tell us that until the 9th day.so we got a loan was approved on day 10 but couldnt get money on our prepaid card until next morning.needless to say we have no car cause they said they had to sell it on day 10 and could not hold it until morning even though the company we got the loan from called and assured they would have the money at 8 in morning

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