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Fernando José Rossi Soares January 3, 2011
product not sent
Dear Sir/Madan,

on November 1, 2010 through the website, http://www.tradefans.com/ bought products listed in the email below, valued at USD $ 102.00, by contacting the site, kingjeans@hotmail.com (yong), and directed to make payment: Western Union address: CITY: PUTIAN, STATE (PROVINCE): FUJIAN, COUNTRY: CHINA, Forename (FIRST NAME): jinyong, SURNAME (LAST NAME): chen, POST CODE: 351100, MTCN: 212-581-5792 (proof of payment attached), I was told later that some products were missing, I authorized the substitution by other materials provided with the same numbers, after much insistence, the seller has a tracking number: EE442403939CN number (EMS), which was not included in the postal service after several e-mail, sent to the seller attempts to connect through hotmail, unsuccessfully, I make this complaint.
I put the provision for sending copies of e-mail, sent the clerk to prove their claim, or any additional information.
I make this complaint not because of value, but more for what happened to me, not with other people using the Internet to buy products in your country, which is correct with its consumers.


Fernando José Rossi Soares
e-mail: fernandojrossis@hotmail.com or cartoriorossisoares@terra.com.br
Name (first name): Jose Fernando
LAST NAME (surname): Rossi Soares
ADDRESS: Halfeld, 414/603
CITY: Juiz de Fora
The Province (State): Minas Gerais
Country: Brazil
ZIP CODE: 36010-900
Telephone: (55) 32-3212-6311

e-mail received from the seller

Para Rossi Soares Fernando José
De: 陈勇 (kingjeans@hotmail.com)
Enviada: domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010 23:11:56
Para: Rossi Soares Fernando José (fernandojrossis@hotmail.com)
T-shirts Polo child -003 :16usd
Polo T-shirts -082 child :16usd
Polo T-shirts -043 child :16usd
Lacoste T-shirt -210 men :18usd
Armani T-shirt men-089 :18usd
POLO T-shirt man new -0286:18usd

shipping free

Para Rossi Soares Fernando José
De: 陈勇 (kingjeans@hotmail.com)
Enviada: terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010 0:23:24
Para: Rossi Soares Fernando José (fernandojrossis@hotmail.com)
hi friend
i will send goods as soon as possible
and give you tracking number

勇 陈
Para Rossi Soares Fernando José
De: 陈勇 (kingjeans@hotmail.com)
Enviada: sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010 3:35:26
Para: Rossi Soares Fernando José (fernandojrossis@hotmail.com)
Armani T-shirt men-089 Product Id: 61623, XXL don't have please change
- Polo T-shirts -082 child, Product Id: 73906; size child 6 years don't have please change
- Polo T-shirt

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