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cBeatrice January 9, 2014
The only thing that shook Elvis up was the delivery!
The outfit I ordered was expensive but good quality all things considered. The only thing that disappointed was the Interlink delivery service as I had ordered next day delivery, paying a hefty fee for it. The Interlink service told me delivery would be between 12-1 on New Year's Eve - great - I was in - but then at 12:01 I got a text to say that the delivery couldn't be made because nobody was at home. Conned by an Interlink delivery courier! I finally got in touch with the local depot and they kicked his ass over to my road - he was avoiding delivering. I was fuming. He had pretended to have been and naturally as he hadn't he didn't put any card through the door as I was sitting waiting for the delivery. When he arrived he didn't even apologise and said he didn't know where he'd been that day, his wife was annoyed with him because he had to work until 9:30pm. Given how much the next day delivery was I was GUTTED about that service and strongly recommend you consider an alternative courier. I was in tears at midday thinking I wouldn't have an outfit to wear to the fancy dress party I was supposed to be going to!<br />The outfit itself was great. Pity it can't be washed in some way as they do tend to pick up stains, so all in all very expensive for a one-night thing. But sort out the couriers, please.

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