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Waffle House

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North Expressway, Griffin, Georgia, United States

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Waffle House Reviews

Naombi Shokes July 14, 2010
horrible service
We arrived at Unit 440 off Montague Ave. on July 14th at around 8:45pm and there were no customers but all the tables were dirty. We stood and waited or someone to come and clean them. We ordered our food and i told the waitress please cook my eggs very well. she brought them back almost not fried at all. she took them back to the cook and he complains about how i want it! my son ordered a chocolate milk, she brought him a coke. as we were eating, two waitresses went into the back and started yelling at each so loud it was unbearable! The waitress just hovered over our table and kept asking literally every 2 minutes if my husband wanted more tea after he stated no the first 2 times. I then made up my mind that I will never return to this location ever, ever again! This was ridiculous! No professionalism in this place at all!
JonnyCop June 30, 2010
Dist Manager Not Thinking
I went to Waffle House to get a sandwich and drink. The distric manager (Stormy) was there that day operating the rest. As I sat down and ordered, she pulled out a power washer that is run by a lawn mower engine. I asked her if she was going to use that in the rest, she never replied. She parked the unit next to the grill and started it up, lots of smoke came from the lawn mower engine and then in a few minutes the places was filled with gas smell and I had to leave. I found out later the waitress got sick on it also and had to go outside for 30 min. I can not believe the distric manager of a place like this would be so stupid to run this inside. If your going to use a power washer inside a rest, it needs to be an electric one not a gas one and should be done when there are no customers. Duh ! I talked to the fire dept and they said its not legal to run that inside a building. (Keep in mind no doors were opened to let the gas out)
TO TOP IT OFF, I went in to eat a few days later and the same dist manager was cleaning the waffle irons with an electric drill with a steel brush attached. DUH AGAIN -- can not do this around food, this is why this Waffle House gets complaints about metal being in the hash browns ( the metal is the shart pins that come off the steel brush )

How can a Dist manager be so stupid and not think ??? I tried to call Waffle House complaint line and wanted to talk to someone else because this would go no where because its the Dist manager that received the compalints. The complaint line girls were rude and would not transfer me to anyone, they said thats the way it is !

This Dist Mgr should be terminated for making these kinds of decisions.
betty knott April 8, 2010
Need new manager someone who will be able to hire and train new people. Need someone who will give the people who work there what they need from the stock room. Need someone who will come and cook the food good and fast. They try to get other shifts to work second shift and there is no business there. They need to pay second shift waitress medium wage until business builds up. Someone help before the good people who are there decides to leave.

I like Waffle House
Jennifer Moats March 16, 2010
reverse discrimination
I've worked with this company for alot of years. I moved here 6 months ago and began working at the most unproffesional unit I've ever seen unit 325. Apparently at this unit if your white your expected to do all the work even theirs. Your expected to work any time your needed. But if your african american you can wear dirty uniforms, open shoes called crocs, and leave without ever doing your job. If customers complain it's laughed off because apparently they're above reproach. I've seen white people who asked about a job get told none were available but a black person is hired. Being white I'm treated like I'm beneath them. I've brought this up several times to my regional and area managers only to be told they don't want to hear it. So I've decided to hire a lawyer maybe then they'll listen.
mommaeveie March 11, 2010
very poor service
The waitress' are either to old to be a waitress or to rude.
The cooks are to slow. All around service was awful. Waffle House is not what it used to be. I have a family of 12 to 15 that used to go at least once to twice a week, now we got to find a different place to go. Thats sad that we as the public has to suffer such bad service.
My name is Evelyn Pele. My phone number is 270-904-1268, I would like someone to apologize to my family and I.
Darlene Clark March 9, 2010
unfair no hire list
I also worked for a waffle house and was also treated bad by the management there. Jasper Alabama matter of fact. I was put on the no hire list for reasons that is not true. I was one of the best employee that waffle house had. I was never late and even showed up when it snowed. Rarely sick and I worked really hard beyond what others did there. I was not taking drugs or alcohol or selling it to customers like some of them at night. I worked the day shift but so was some of his friends and relative. He treated me like I was a dog and he also yelled at me from the top of his lungs as some would say. I had to go to CA. to help my ex husband and when I got back I found out I was on a no hire list. If waffle house is interested in the rest of my story they can call Darlene at 205-387-8565.
The manager there was giving neck massage and then crack your neck and he busted my disk and I had to have an opperation and I still was faithful to waffle house. I need a job and I am a hard worker and I like waffle house why can't I work there or replace the manager there. I have an asso. of bus. certificate.
foxygurl1448@hotmail.com March 6, 2010
Employee Treatment
My roommate works at the Waffle House here in town as a grill operator. She has worked off and on for Waffle House in a number of different locations for about 14 years and NEVER has she EVER had so much trouble in one store. Her previous boss was bad, but her new boss is a racist peice of crap. It was thought that under new management that the store would run better but its not. She has hired only family and friends, only hires black or ghetto white girls. 90% of the employees are drug addicts be it pills or others like weed, and none are there to "sell eggs only ass" as my roomie puts it. First shift gets everything pulled for the shift that they will need, Second shift is the prep shift and NEVER does the prep work, and Third shift NEVER has enough of anything to do a good sale. Not to mention that third shift, the shift she works, has the WORST employees ever.

Her boss doesn't seem to care when my roomie, we'll call her C, complains to her, but if anyone else does, then her boss, we'll call her J, will deal with it. Her co-workers on third are T and S. T and S are friends and tend to cause a LOT of trouble for C. They say things that aren't true, flirt with everything that walks in and has a penis, and comes in drunk, high, or out of uniform. If C were to do any of these things she would be suspended or fired. C told J that the reason she didn't come in to work for a weekend was a mental break down along with a few other things, doctors note and all, and J was the ONLY one she told, now all of 2nd and 3rd shift know why she was out.

Her boss J told her that while she was gone, drama in the store was down, which is bullshit because C got four voicemails from customers calling to complain about service for the weekend she was out AND the two she was suspended (She only works Fri, sat, and Sun). People were walking out because their food was horrible, the service was even worse, and the general experience was just bad.

C is a master grill operator and gets paid minimum wage when she should be making 10 or more an hour. She is the lowest paid cook there but is only 1 of 2 out of the 7 cooks on staff that are qualified as a master grill operator. She is not allowed to wear her ball cap that says MASTER GRILL OPERATOR because its "not uniform code" and it makes the other cooks "jealous" according to J. The hat IS uniform code because it was given to her by CORPORATE not franchise. C is manager on 3rd because she is the cook, which makes her the boss when the boss isn't there, but NONE of the employees listen to her, and then she gets chewed out by J, even when J KNOWS that the employees don't listen.

T is going into the MIT program and came in higher than a kite, the district manager S, asked her if she was cause she looked it, and T said no, so S marked that she had a drug test when she didn't, but C had to actually go get one, and was STILL denied MIT when it came back clean, because she wasn't "qualified". She keeps getting passed up on raises and bonuses, but everyone else is getting theirs. Her boss J keeps putting into effect rules that are NOT Corporate rules, like no purses can be bigger than six inches long, and six inches deep... thats a dollar bill in length and depth... bullshit.

The list goes on and on about this bull that she has to put up with. C is at her wits end and would like to file a lawsuit against Waffle house but there is a paper she signed that says that basically she can't without finding a loophole somewhere, so if someone could help me out, please email me at foxygurl1448@hotmail.com with any information you can give me.

thorbay February 20, 2010
cooking in silicone
eat at your risk... short and sweet; waffle house cooks in silicone oil, cause it is cheaper...the liver can't metabolize silicone. eat at your risk...
in over fifty years of eating out the worst of the worst five was at waffle house, where even complaining about it, had no effect...all i got from the cashier, who was a regional manager, was; sorry you weren't satisfied with your meal, repeated three times...the juice order was the wrong size, the potatoes were slimy with grease, the toast became muffins, the scrambled eggs were inedible, sickening in fact, ..and so i thought i would email coprolite...you guessed it, no email contact...they know, but they don't want to hear it again from you...so far has america sunk to being a third world country, no butter in this restaurant at any price...all the best waffle house, ripping off poor hard up low income working peoples...
Gerald K. Floyd February 9, 2010
follow up
this is a follow up to the e mail i sent jan. 2010 about the awful service we had dec. 29 2009, the hairs in our food . service ect. the waffle house was at the exit I 85 north hwy. 129-11 Jefferson ga. After talking to a manager in corporate office i felt like he was really concered, but i have doubts because he offered a 20.00 gift certificate which was never recieved, he offered i didnot ask, maybe customers who eat at waffle houses really don"t matter! Just A Thought. Gerald K. Floyd
P.O. box 519
Milner, Ga. 30257
Straitjacket January 31, 2010
Racial Profiling Behind the Counter
Waffle House prides itself in being America's place to eat; offering sometimes good food, and pleasant service with a smile. Though in truth those smiles are often faker then many realize.

Nowhere is this more apparent then the location at 219 So. Clayton St. in Lawrenceville, GA. Arrive any time after the traditional breakfast, and lunch rush, and a cloud seems to fall over the entire establishment.

But it's what happens with each customer entering that is most appalling to me. From salesperson, to cook, they watch the guest, comments like how a mother of six "must be a baby machine" or how every taxi driver "is Spanish."

Another server (who I believe no longer works at the location) refused to take tables that weren't white; stating they never tipped! On several occasions other employees complained about her, but nothing was done until corporate's back was against the wall.

On third shift, which must begin some time around eight or nine a whole different bred of staff comes into play. Particularly the cook; he is rash, drunk, sloppy, on several occasions I have seen him not where gloves after sneezing, or changing garbage bags.

And what he has to say; he is perhaps that worst of them all, he watches cars, people, and trends; referring to a group of European Girls as "Euro trash"; and a female taxi driver as the "Mexican madame"; he speaks of sexual acts and deeds without any care for who might be listening; and yet the other staff members just laugh at him, and even egg him on.

In their effort to maintain status quo; Waffle House will likely continue to ignore behavior such as that going on at this location; getting involved only when necessary; and why not they've gotten away with it this long, why change?

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