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www.bagmakingmachinery.net Reviews

youbo3151 May 5, 2011
bag making machinery - www.bagmakingmachinery.net
3, the manufacturing process significantly grooving machine improved. Manufacturing process, emissions of major pollutants by 10% material utilization from the current 80% to 85% of the key enterprises in the NC manufacturing equipment 10% rate from the current 12% to 15% to 20%, mainly dedicated parts, fittings of similar products to meet international standards, product reliability and stability has improved significantly.
Third, the key tasks www.farwatches.com [url=http://www.cnkcj.com/en/grooving-machine.html]grooving machine[/url]
(A) greatly enhance the traditional textile machinery technology. Enterprises should increase investment in research, the use of flexible, mechanical and electrical integration, modular design, develop differentiated function of chemical equipment and a line detection, computer [url=http://www.wanlongchemical.com/fluorescent-pigments.html]fluorescent pigments[/url] network diagnostics and automatic control of textile equipment, textile machinery and equipment upgrading of traditional updating. Focus on the [url=http://www.bagmakingmachinery.net]bag making machine[/url] development of small networks together, such as cotton spinning equipment associated weight, high-speed smart-jet looms, rapier looms, weaving equipment, computerized flat knitting machine. [url=http://www.honson-fitting.com]brass fittings[/url]
(B) to accelerate product development and new textile machinery industry. Complete sets of equipment to rely on engineering applications, accelerate new fiber, new materials, industrial equipment, textile machinery complete sets of the R & D and industrialization, improving equipment manufacturing and engineering service capabilities. Focus on the development of special and high-performance fiber-specific equipment; vigorously promote industrial development and special looms, warp knitting machines, stitch machine and [url=http://www.papercuttingmachine.cn/guillotine.html]guillotine[/url]a variety of high performance non-woven fabric equipment and finishing equipment.
(C) active development of energy saving type of textile machinery products. Textile machinery and equipment to promote the application of high-strength, lightweight materials and energy performance of new mechanical and electrical products, textile machinery and equipment reduce the level of energy consumption, overall energy consumption for the textile industry to provide technical support. Focus on the development of new printing equipment, saving energy and water equipment, linen and silk. [url=http://www.valve-company.com]Brass Ball Valve[/url]
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(D) raising the special textile machinery parts and fittings manufacturing capacity. To improve the stability and reliability, based on specific parts to speed up textile machinery, parts [url=http://www.papercuttingmachine.cn]paper cutting machine[/url] of the R & D and industrialization. High performance and high spinning accessories, high-speed weaving special parts, knitting needles, etc.; accelerate the development of textile testing and production testing equipment; promote the use of intelligent line measurement and control technology.
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