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London Police
baka April 7, 2009
I've been a follower of the BBC network, and I think it's my duty as a god-fearing citizen to inform you that, after reading their news report on the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests, me and a small group of freethinkers that call ourselves "#animu" decided to discuss the topic, and we came to the conclusion that mister Tomlinson died because of the stress caused by the obscene act of masturbation he was carrying out while walking in front of the police. In fact, we suspect that he was spacing out and... read full review »
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"K-On!" (けいおん)
baka April 5, 2009
I recently watched the first episode of Kyoto Animation's new 4koma adaptation "K-On!" and while I was entertained to an extent, I was utterly shocked and disgusted to my very core once the credits rolled, and I realised there had not been a single panty shot. While I appreciate that KyoAni is doing their best to put out a somewhat entertaining show like this, I believe there is no excuse for such blatant disregard of the fans' wishes. I for one will be boycotting all their future releases until this is rectified. read full review »
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