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Box-n-Go - Long Distance Moving Company
boxngomoving2 August 12, 2022
At Box-n-Go - Long Distance Moving Company, all our services are backed by unmatched commitment to service excellence. this is one of the reasons you will love us. As one of the best storage companies that pick up, our philosophy is to provide the ultimate in convenience, security, and affordability. Whether you need temporary storage for your home or business, or storing your belongings for a longer term or moving. We have the storage and moving solutions to meet your needs. Of course our commitment alone may not be enough to convince you to... read full review »
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SEO Website
digital4it December 12, 2021
Establishing a SEO strategy for your website requires a deep understanding of your reasons, criteria and goals. At Digital Company, every action is wellplanned for. That is why; we perform an analysis of the competitors, their strengths and weak points. https://www.digital4it.com/en/ read full review »
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teb elyoum
tebelyoum October 19, 2021
the first medical news website in Egypt and the Middle East region. read full review »
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hmpresent February 17, 2021
We are an export company which has the latest fashion in our products and uniqueness, better with our style expert picked hand made products. Business Address: Villa 9 EL Gezira street, South Investors Zone, 5th Settelement , New Cairo City, Cairo, Egypt read full review »
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Bein Quran Academy
beinquran February 9, 2021
BeIN Academy is set up originally to spread the Light of Qur’an among the people with the comfort of their home. The vision is to provide such Online Islamic Environment that can Educate people with true learning and understanding of Qur’an along with Quran Tajweed, Arabic Grammar and Dua Memorization. The Focus is to provide services to those people who live in Western Countries or Non-Muslim States where it’s difficult to reach the Mosque or Islamic Centre Daily for the Learning of Qur’an. Our services are especially for Women and... read full review »
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Flash Property
flashpropertyeg September 10, 2020
Flash Property is a technology driven real estate marketplace designed to help you find your dream home in a click of a button. Hassle Free. 250+ compounds more than 30,000 Units all over Egypt, with Flash Property you will be able to search for whatever property you want to buy or rent, from apartments, villas, twin villas, commercial properties, offices, shops, land plots and more. Flash Property is on a mission to make your property search as easy, fast and transparent as possible. We will keep you updated about the real estate market in... read full review »
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شركة إيجل ايجار تاجير سيارات فى مصر
carrentalegypt August 8, 2020
يجار سيارات فى مصر, خدمات تأجير السيارات في مصر من شركة إيجل لإيجار السيارات لدينا 20 عاماً من الخبرة - أمانة وجدية والتزام. بأفضل و بارخص الاسعار read full review »
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gebhaly April 10, 2020
If you need to buy anything personal like Clothes ,Sun Glasses, Shoes or whatever from USA and you are living in Egypt . And the websites in USA do not ship to Egypt, Gebhaly will save your time and buy anything for you from USA websites and ship it to your doorstep in Egypt. Also Gebhaly Team will handle any procedures relating with customs, duties and international shipping, USA tax and Egyptian Tax every thing will be handled till you receive your product in your home The benefit with Gebhaly is 1. You can buy from USA Websites like... read full review »
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Houzz Egypt
houzzegypt November 17, 2019
We are a team of professional engineers located in Egypt and the Middle East. Real Estate is our Peace of cake. We offer services like architecture, interior, and exterior design. Construction works, finishing, even furnishing. .. أفضل شركات التشطيب والديكورات و«على قد الإيد» يبحث الكثير عند شراء منزل أو الانتقال إلى منزل جديد، عن أفضل الشركات، التي تقدم خدمات التشطيبات والديكورات الخاصة، والتي يمكن الاعتماد عليها في تنفيذ هذه المهمة الصعبة، ومع ذلك ينخدع الكثير في بعض الشركات. اليوم، ومن خلال هذا المقال سنسلط الضوء على شركة "هاوز... read full review »
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Deluxe Tours Egypt
deluxetoursegypt September 27, 2019
Deluxe Tours Egypt provides top notch Egypt travel services and holiday activities. Deluxe Tours is run by a team of professional travel experts and have their own fleet of buses. read full review »
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Look at Egypt tours
legypttours April 23, 2016
Look at Egypt tours 50 muhamed Nagy street, Elmutamize zone, 6th of October city, 12566, Egypt 201001666306 20 238367467 http://www.lookategypttours.com/ Look at Egypt tours offering Egypt travel packages and vacations in Egypt with the best price ever book your Egypt vacation now. Established: 2006 Payment Accepted: bank transfer Price: price flexible Social Media Profile Links: https://www.facebook.com/Look.At.Egypt.Tours Working Hours: 24/07 Business Email: info@lookategypttours.com read full review »
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hany ahmed July 14, 2011
When I were importing pictures from my camera to my computer with PMB program to my specified folder and when the program was analysing the pictures that I imported I open the PMB and view other pictures then I didnt find any of my old pictures in my specified folder.. I shocked and didnt know what can I do to back my old pictures...its not my fault..there is something wrong in the program that made old pictures deleted.. read full review »
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carrefour Egypt
mtaher.elbedawey July 13, 2011
Dear Carrefour, please be informed that i bought a washing machine, heater and cooker on the 4th of July and the delivery maximum due date was on the 11th of July, receipts numbers are as follow: 092385, 092384, 092386 i received the washer and the heater on the 5Th 0f July and the cooker was not received up to date the product code is WM WFT6-22R106-DWH 6k universal WHI, i contacted carrefour call center which was 16061 and i submitted complaint on the 10th and nothing done so i contacted again this number and i received a wired answer... read full review »
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ماهر للاعلان
mohamed hassanien June 27, 2011
وصلتنى رسالة بربح 500 جنيه عايز اعرف التفصيل read full review »
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this no +447805101550 sent me message and said your mobile no has won 720.000 pounds in the freelotto mobile promo for claims email.. freeukpromo@qmail.com read full review »
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EIT Kia Egypt
Bassem Fahim June 24, 2011
I went to EIT Kia to amend the car air condition & after i took the car from EIT i found out that the air condition was not amended & also wanted to amend ( Elbojehat) and also the oil lamp is broken & nothing of all these problems have been amended Bassem Fahim Attia 0108066668 beso_brf@hotmail.com read full review »
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mariam fadel June 23, 2011
i placed my order and pay through third party 95epay and they withdraw the money and did not send the items they are not answering my emails they are thieves and i saved the confirmation email for payment from 95epay read full review »
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Renault Clio
mhegazi June 16, 2011
When I bought my car (Renault Clio) in 2003, Arab Mechanics in Cairo, Egypt, was on the list of service and maintenance providers in Egypt and since then I have been dealing with them for any repairs. On July 8, 2010, I went to have my AC car ferion recharged, but on spot, they convinced me that the condensor coil had to be changed. Trusting their judgement, I had them change it and I was charged 2050 LE for the exchange and Ferion gas refill. After one week I noticed that the cooling effect of the system was gradually deteriorating. I went... read full review »
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bassem ahmed June 10, 2011
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hyndai - egypt -ghabbour
lobna samir ahmed June 7, 2011
Dear sir, i bought my new accent since 4 days ago, from GHABOUR- EGYPT as hundai was my favourite car, and i paied 88 000 which is a large amount to me but i worked for about 5 years to save that amount, then when I tried the car it was a disaster, its getting hot too much the engine is about to explode, and the suspension is making a strange voices while driving on straight roads, also the alarm wasn't working, then i turned back to ITAMKO Hyundai service station - Egypt Alexandria they tried to fix it but no way still the same... read full review »
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bank Audi
Msaad June 6, 2011
what you mean about these mail please replay hhhhhhhh -- بي ام دبليو للسيارات تعزيز مجموعة إدارة العلاقات العامة ØŒ بي ام دبليو للسيارات في مجلس النواب. 22 حديقة قريبة ØŒ ادمونتون ØŒ Lincs ØŒ 2YP PE9 ØŒ لندن ØŒ المملكة المتحدة. 6 يونيو 2011 ØŒ الاهتمام : بي ام دبليو الفائز ØŒ هذا هو أن أحيطكم علما بأن لديك تم... read full review »
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Macdonalds Egypt
Mai Hassan June 2, 2011
' m so upset of the delivery services i was trying to get an order over my mobile no to my office: 1st call ended with we can't take an order from you as long as you didn't give us a land line no. 2nd the call center transferred me to the costumer service and they took my old office building no. as I’ve told them that we had changed our place to a new office building and we didn't have a new land line to give it to them. 3rd the costumer service person has transferred me to the call center back which hasn't... read full review »
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october 6 university
sahertiger May 30, 2011
In 30th of may at 12:09pm, I had recieved a sms including the following:"your mobile has won you 500.000 GB pounds in the 2011 shell live int'l mobile draw. my e.mail adress is: sahertiger@yahoo.com & my mobile no. is: 0020101006469 so I want to redeem this prize and send my data above to: shelldraw@live.co.za read full review »
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moataaz noureldin
moataz noureldin May 28, 2011
dear All" first I’m so disappointed from the my car acutely vw brand i owned jetta 2010 and I like it . but after 4000 k I find a big problem on it ( the mica tronic) it's the brain of the gearbox and the price is 17000 L.E in Egypt . what can i do with this defect . i'm asking about that defect and i find that a command defect in this car in the gearbox( dgs ). plz if anyone from the company can help me in this case plz call me in this number 0108672272 till now i still like vw thanks moataz noureldin read full review »
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4 Plug Electricity
Mohamed Ali Gaber Ali May 27, 2011
Kindly i would like to inform you that i get a plug electricity from carrefour Obour City Dated On 09/05/2011 and from one day a go i tried to use but it is not working so i called 16061 Customer service care to resolve the problem but he excused and inform me that i pass the 14 days limit so he cannot help me and refused strictly to give me his name or Even E-mail to send my problem so please i need Help from your good Administration My Phone Number is 010 12 98327 My Receipt Number is 62240003900 read full review »
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hotmail mail
Samy Oraby May 27, 2011
I have got threats and malicious messages to my work place and to my family members from unknown account: glewiss@hotmail.com Please tell me what to do and to whom I can complain about to reserve my rights. read full review »
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sherif elgindy
sherif.elgindy May 25, 2011
i try to sign in my account but a msg apperas telling that the ID or password in incorrect !!! what can i do ?? i cant sign in and tried to follow instructions but there was no solution !!! what should i do ??? read full review »
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BMW E90 2007
Ahmed El Adham May 25, 2011
Dear Team, My Name is Ahmed Al Adham and I just bought a used BMW E90 car model 2007 and I am the 2nd owner of this car, but since the first owner of the car and there is a usual problem with the Car Doors lock, and when I contacted the service Center in Egypt they confirmed that this is a dead lock error on the vechial computer and need to replace the local machines in the 4 doors, and from the history log I can see it is a common issue with this car so they offer from the begining 3 years warranty on the car as a compensation but still... read full review »
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M.El Hakim
M.El Hakim May 12, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam Sub: Airway bill Number: 8755 3515 9481 To courier a parcel you don’t need to invent the wheel! This exactly what happen to me, I will cut the long story short … on May 10th I took a parcel / document to FedEX office in Nasser City Cairo office, your agent received me in nice way and he gave my your voucher to fill, we finished that and then I asked him to log the shipment onto you PMS to sustain the speedy tracking, his answer was sorry Sir we are not yet in automation the system not yet functioning but we... read full review »
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yasser mohmed taha shosha
YMTS May 9, 2011
After making the overall Service 2 on 5-4-2011 a the engine started producing Loud Sound, then i visited the service again they to solve this problem but the engineer responsible of the Car (eng. Ahmed Medhat) said that the reason for this sound is due to the change of Gas filter that was changed in the last service done lately and that he couldnt solve the problem till now and it is really anoying driving the Car with such noise ... i really cant understand that the offical service Center For Toyota in Egypt (Abbasia Branch) Cant solve Such a... read full review »
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pull and bear
Ahmed Atef May 4, 2011
i am sorry for the disturbance, i went to pull and bear that sets in (Alexandria Egypt), the staff revile me and treated me by so bad way and i am not the first treated by this way, and this store is one of my favorite in the quality and style, i think that the human resource department and the marketing department trained their staff how to satisfy customers and make them happy.. please i want to this situation by importance .. thanks for all of us read full review »
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Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 mobiles
amr elbanna April 27, 2011
I bought this mobile since sept. 2010 and one month later I passed the mobile to the local dealer because it was hanged; power cut off and no network reception. so; the dealer changed the mobile on Dec. 1st. 2010. at Jan 1st. I sent it again to the dealer as same problems happened again in addition to the defective media player after receiving calls ( the media doesn't appear to play again) and the hang off for several times within the day. after 3 months the dealer informed me that the mobile is working in good condition and there is no defects with it. Now the mobile still in its previous condition without any improvement. read full review »
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fatma soliman July 5, 2011
dear sir i recieved this sms from no +44790273368 {congrat} your mobile no has won 315.000 pounds in nokia promo. send email to:nokiainc28@hotmail.com&call:+447970273368 i want to know if thats right or not thanks read full review »
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Sachin Sood
sachin sood74 April 24, 2011
I had booked my Egypt tour with sales nile travel company. The owner is Mr Tamer Mohammed Ali and his agent was Mr Ahmed Saad. My trip was is May but due to prevailing situation, the trip was cancelled by him and he asked my bank details to refund my money. its been more than two weeks now but no communication from that side, neither thay are attending my mail nor telephone. I had made payment of 1125$. please help me in getting my refund from him. read full review »
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Nissan Cars / Sunny Ex-Sallon 2008
Salah Al Shami April 17, 2011
I was purchased a car, Nissan Sunny, model Ex-Saloon 2008 at Alexandria - Egypt. On 40000 Km the car motor starts to shutdown while driving, when the problem was found, Nissan Service Centre at Alex advised that the problem is due to motor braid ( dhafira in arabic ) is defective & they recommend to be changed under guarantee base, the same was already ordered as per them.. Now since one month ago I am still waiting for the part to be delivered from factory at Egypt but no response. It is not safe to drive the car with such problem and need to speed up the repair action, please. Sala Al Shami Alexandria 17-April-2011 read full review »
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hany arafa
hany1432 April 12, 2011
I received this letter from you on my mobile I ask clarification YOUR MOBAILE NO HAS JUST WON 315, 000.00 POUNDS ON THE NOKIA WORLD PROMO FOR INFO. CALL +447045746597 &EMAIL TO nokia.uklink2@live.com thank you for your cooperation Hany read full review »
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air tickt
moustafa April 6, 2011
1- the service on your center in Alexandria glim branch is very inhospitable. 2- i booked my ticket on 22nd feb 2011 and my flight was on 11th march 2011 and they inform me before my flight time by around 2 days only that it will be post ponded to 13th march 2011, so i were already booked my hotel and limousine sure this cost me charges to change bookings, i was shocked about this and very angry . 3- by councedent i called call center in Beirut to check flight time when they talled me that the line to Alexandria was closed and i can refund... read full review »
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scamers using the name of golden express courier company
dodadido March 31, 2011
I received many e mail once from microsoft company that I've won one million sterling pound and then another email from google company that I'vewon 850000 sterling pound and to recieve your cheq you should contact golden express courier company and give them your address and telephone number and then I recieved a phone call from golden express to make sure that it is the right information and person . they then send me another e mail informing me that I should pay for the cheq delivery first to golden express in order to recieve your... read full review »
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Shen zhen Shuo Da Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
Sarwat Andrawis March 31, 2011
Gentelmen, We contact that co. (Shen zhen Shuo Da Electronic Technology Co., Ltd ) to import Micro Sd Cards & Kingston USB Flash Drives . We sent to them 707 US $, for the total of 200 Micro sd cardes, 1GB, 2GB, and 4 GB. and 104 USB Flash Drives, 4GB, and 8GB. but they sent to us 99 pcs of upgrade Micro sd Cardes, 32GB writine on it, but it's FAKE, the real capacity in not more than 500 MB. They don't answer to our 10's e-mail to explain. So please HELP US. The Co. Name is : Shen zhen Shuo Da Electronic Technology... read full review »
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Clarke Pitts March 29, 2011
We were flying on a family holiday (LX435 London City to Geneva) on 19th Feb 2011. On the way to the airport we received a text (SMS) message saying that the flight was cancelled. We called and were told we would be rebooked on another flight (not direct) that took us from Heathrow to our destination via Frankfurt arriving 9hours later than we had expected. As a direct result we had incurred considerable extra expense (taxi to and from City Airport) plus a rebook and surcharge in Switzerland for the transfer then. We have supporting receipt... read full review »
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