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Anthony Liddicoat May 9, 2010
Dishonest scam

Last year Tony Liddicoat sacked 'authorhouse publishing company' who he had paid handsomely for publishing his book, "Five Bells " ~ Job Done. A Divers Story. During his association with them he published his book which became very well received and reviewed by over 25 major journals around the world. The RRP of the book was £9.90. For each book sold he received £1, 88. Authorhouse kept
the remainder, [£8. 11] This went on for over a year before he realised something must be wrong. When serious outlets asked to sell the book, they were told by 'authorhouse' that they had to pay the RRP, which of course meant they could not earn any money at all. He learnt about the outlets discount for new books which range between 35% and 65% of the RRP. Tony Liddicoat was informed by 'authorhouse' that if he wished for his books to be sold by major outlets then there was a fee payable, [approx £500 annually, for each outlet, !]]
He could not afford to do this and continued being paid the £1, 88 per copy, During this time he was lied to, his private mail was intercepted and opened and his requests for clarification to 'authorhouse ' were ignored.
He then re printed his book with a new ISBN number and published the book himself. He is now the only legal publisher of his book and has been for over a year, However even though he received assurances from 'authorhouse' that they would stop selling and supplying the book, his books were still being printed,
advertised and sold without his knowledge or consent. He realised this when he received unexpected 'royalties' [ in itself a rarity without having to chase them] The royalties were for books sold by 'Amazon'
who had been given the pdf file of the book by authorhouse, to print their own copies and sell them on demand or when they wanted. [Without the Authors knowledge or permission ] The 'royalties' offered were the £1, 88 per book. Which means that the cosy little arrangement between 'Authorhouse' and 'Amazon' where they print and sell their own copies and were quite happy to give the author £1.88 per copy and keep the remainder for themselves. Now this is against the law. When he contacted 'authorhouse and asked what on earth is going on. he was told that it was human error and he has no cause for complaint as I had been paid the pittance of £1.88 per book.

This information is being forwarded to the legal authorities in the UK and every blog site known, enable the unsuspecting to know just how 'authorhouse 'operate. It is a scam and if you multiply this by the 60, 000 authors they say they have 'published' then it is a huge sum.


Anybody who knows of legal action against authorhouse, please contact me.
books April 16, 2010
book publisher
to all you people defending authorhouse are you really authors or emplyees of authorhouse? by the way to all the skeletons coming out of the closet ratterling your jawbone shut up because your not making any sense to all the real authors who have been scammed by authorhouse you can contact the state general attorney of indiana all you need to do is google the state general attorney of indiana.good luck
books April 8, 2010
book sales
books March 23, 2010
book publishing
For all the authors who have been scammed by Authorhouse you can file a complaint with the state general attorney of Indiana you go to consumer complaint form.htm do it now so authorhouse can"t scam anyone else. good luck.
books March 20, 2010
book publisher
There are sixty one complaints against Autherhouse yet the state general attorney has done nothing about these complaints I guess you can say one hand washes the other.
Kevin A. Gray February 24, 2010
Addressing Complaints
I've read the postings about royalites and invite any author who would like more information about their royalties or number of books sold through AuthorHouse or iUniverse to contact me directly at kgray at authorsolutions dot com.
We can provide you with a books printed report which will show how many of your books have been printed. Sales through retail channels, other than through the iUniverse or AuthorHouse Web sites, can take several months to be reported; but they are all reported.
We have no interest in "keeping" royalties from our authors. Our interest as well as our authors' interests are best served when they are satisfied with their publishing experience. We certainly would not sacrifice this satisfaction for a few dollars.
I would caution anyone from putting too much stock in complaints submitted by posters with anonymous or false surnames. We will investigate any issue from a author who submits their name, publisher (AuthorHouse or iUniverse), title of book and specific issue. Thank you.

Kevin A. Gray
PR Manager, Author Solutions, Inc.
kgray at authorsolutions dot com
Nicola Jane Storm December 5, 2009
Hi I have published only two books with Authorhouse over a period of 8mths. They seem to have reversed the royalties on books sold abroad. What can we do about this company?

If you have read this book, please let me know? You can email me on - writersvalley@aol.com

'While Grass Grows, written by Nicola Jane Storm, more than just an autobiography.

NasL98 September 17, 2009
Fraud alert
I have a children's book that I got published through authorhouse so I could show it to my mother (the Author) just before she died so she could be proud. I found it in the attic after 40 yrs based on a true story. She was a very well known artist. So I am now getting a $2.38 check every 2nd quarter. But I know thousands of the book has been sold. So I contacted the printers, They were going to tell me how many they printed (Lightning Source) And then called back and Authorhouse told them not to tell me???so they wouldn't let me know. It is bad enough that they are ripping us off like this but to a dieing mother, that I was trying to make her feel proud before she went to see God.That is unbelievable.Several websites keep being sold out according to what they tell me, so it could be in the 10's of thousands easily.
JimA71 September 3, 2009
Not paying royalties
I wrote shacking up 40 reasons why not to and it can be found on Dr. Laura Schlessingers "reading corner" she has 10 million listeners a day and I haven't seen a dime in the last three years...oh Im sorry they just sent a check for $1.28. These people need to be prosecuted for stealing royalties from writers...I've asked a few lawyers and they don't want to take it on a contingency basis...this needs to be a class action suit...we need to fight this until all of the writers recieve what they've earned and author house needs to be shut down...
Unhappy Author June 19, 2009
AuthorHouse--Self-Publishing Rip Off
AuthorHouse is a rip off. It makes all its money off it authors, not sales to readers. It makes money off the author during the publishing process, and it makes most of the money when the book is sold. I have a paperback book with AuthorHouse that sells for $20, no photos, just text. I earn about a dollar per book.

The problem is because AuthorHouse makes so much money from production that the books are priced beyond what customers will pay for them, so the books don't sell. But AuthorHouse doesn't care because it makes its money from the author, from high production profits and sales to the author. Also, AuthorHouse keeps the rights to the final PDF format of the book and the cover art--though I selected the designs for my books. Thus if you want to go to a different publisher, you have to start the process all over again.

I published three books with AuthorHouse for over $10, 000 (much more if the costs of the books I bought is included) and have earned about a $100--that right one hundred dollars. Why did I do so? Because I was uninformed and just assumed self-published authors can't expect to make money. Then I read Mark Levne's The Fine Print of Self-Publishing. I'm not being paid to plug his book, but I do feel an obligation to Mr. Levine for preventing me from making the same mistake again. I was totally depressed when I read that AuthorHouse falls into his PUBLISHERS TO AVOID category and wished I had read his book years, but it wasn't available then.

If you are an author who is about to self-publish your book, first read Levine's book. I bought it used on Amazon.com.

Good Luck.

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