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Bethea Jenner

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Ontario, Canada

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May 30, 2008
These are Real Testimonials
The complaints, while possibly legitimate, give a very unbalanced view of Bethea Jenner's products. In an effort to inform all her customers, both unhappy and satisfied, some of the many REAL testimonials from happy and satisfied users have been posted. These are not made up by Bethea or by any one else. They are from real people who have benefited from Bethea's products. Unhappy customers can always get their money back from her.
May 30, 2008
My Merkaba Mandala
Berthea, I received my "Merkaba Mandela Energy Force" last week. I have notice an improvement in the way I see myself. I am much more in control of my own happiest. I m beginning to feel the energy from my Merkaba and I ll keep you informed about my success. Ben Hazard -----O
May 30, 2008
My Jade Dragon
Hi Bethea, I love my jade dragon pendant the first day I saw it! It s beautiful and very unique, my friends like it too, I got lots of compliments on that. I carry it with me everywhere even I am out of country. Things have been improved and better, I feel that my mind has been more clearly and I am happier than before. I hope the business will be better, I have been talking to few clients on purchasing the properties, they are all ready, just holding back for some reasons I don t know why, hopefully, they will make the offers on the houses they like before others take it. Thanks!
May 30, 2008
Fake testimonials
Bethea Jenner making up her own testimonials from satisfied customers and posting on these sites. Take no notice. There is now a law passed in the UK that means these people are not allowed to hawk their wares as 'psychics' who can 'see the future'. If you receive email claiming she, under her various names, or Rochelle Gordon, can give you advice, do not worry. Just contact your local police and explain the situation. Rochelle works from the States but Jenner from the UK.
May 28, 2008
Thank you!
Dear Bethea, thank you so much for all the forecasts you have sent me so far. And thank you for the Golden Key and St. Michael the Archangel Medellion.. I received them both today and I am at this very moment wearing them around my neck. I am hoping they will both bring me all the good luck, happiness and wealth I have been waiting on for so long. I am very intrigued deeply with all the information you are sending me. I am also becoming very aware of my sprirituality. I thank you again and God bless you. Elizabeth
May 28, 2008
Thank you
I am Noreen. I am writing this to tell you that I received my medallion today (25 Apr 08). I was going to run errands with my 5 year old son. I stopped at my mailbox and got my mail. The box was in the mail. I did not remember what I had ordered. I ran my errands without incident until I was less than a mile from my house. As I was rounding a rather nasty curve there was a semi-truck coming from the opposite direction - he was 3/4 over the line into my lane. I had no where to go except off the road. At the spot I was at there is a very large, old oak tree. I do not know how I missed the tree or the truck - there was no room for my car to fit between them. Somehow, my son and I did not get hit by the truck nor did we hit the tree. After my near miss I cried a loud thank you to the Lord, Jesus. After I got home I opened the box and found the medallion inside. I had not even charged it and my son and I were protected from a horrible mishap. I have now charged it and I am wearing it already. I do believe that God and the Archangel Michael were with us today. Thank you, Noreen
February 9, 2008
Terrible experience!
Bethea Jenner has a site called 'joy, wealth and happiness'. What a joke. A friend of mine used to work with her at a radio station where she was an admin assistant and she was notorious for being one of life's moaners. She was not wealthy or happy and she certainly wasn't joyous. This was about 3 years ago. She did this astrology and 'psychic' stuff as a hobby. Now she's making money out of it because she's teamed up with Rochelle Gordon, a notorious money making astrology scammer. How can we believe these so-called psychics when they haven't got their own lives sorted out? Nobody can tell you what to do with your life but least of all people like this who are only in it for the money.
February 8, 2008
Astrology and psychic rip off!
Bethea Jenner and Rochelle Gordon send out fake astrology predictions and pretend to be psychics. They give people false hope, take their credit card details then keep taking money out of their accounts. It's unfair and immoral.

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