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Anna Krosneki January 24, 2011
guardsman furniture guaranty
I have written to both of you and called to try to have a pane oon glass on the coffee table that came with my living room set on in voice 05140337FSVVA dated 05/14/10.
Guardsman policy states imfatically that it covers breakage of any surface. specifically stating, "any chip or breakage".
I wrote to Bob's on their site last week with no response. Guardsman says it is not covered. I have had NO RESPONSE.
This is unacceptable.

If I do not hear back from you by Thursday January 27, 2011, I will have the pane of glass replaced and pay for it and then take both of you to court for breaking a legal conract of service which I paid $299.99 for.
Thank you.
Anna S. Krosnecki
Sellmego January 13, 2011
Horrible furniture
We bought a "Ciera" couch from Bob's Discount Furniture. Within 4 mos the frame was warped. Not just a little, but all out of whack. Horrible construction and cheap materials make this store a rip off! Really, this piece of junk makes Ikea look like Ethan Allen. Just awful stuff. Please somebody from Bob's track me down and give me my money back!! It's hardly saving money if the item does not even last one year. He has some tenacity coming on T.V. and saying nobody can beat him...that's because nobody else is selling furniture mad out of paper mache. Just outrageous.
Jsquared December 26, 2010
Damaged or missing furniture
I just purchased about $4, 000 dollars worth of merchandise from Bob's. After getting all excited to move into my first new apartment, my excitement was short lived.

I ordered a dining room set, a bob-o-pedic and a bed set, two couches, and a coffee table and side table set. 4 out of six chairs had large scratches in them. The dining table was completely cracked down the middle. The bed was actually dirty on the top, like someone touched the top of it before putting it in the plastic. One of the side tables was scratched. They also forgot the side rails to the bed, so even if the mattress wasn't dirty, I couldn't have slept in my new bed anyways. The two couches were the only pieces that were delivered without a problem (so far!).

The delivery guys were great, and they seemed annoyed as well, since they do not pack the furniture, just deliver it. After talking on the phone with customer service for over 4 hours, all they were willing to offer was a $100 gift certificate and the delivery fee back. Unbelievable! They kept telling me that they could not give me a reimbursement amount for the trouble I had been through until after the furniture was delivered... we'll see what happens.

No one should have to go through all this trouble, especially after being extremely excited to move into a first new apartment. The prices are reasonable, but I would definitely recommend looking elsewhere.
DeedEe December 25, 2010
Bogus Advertising and Bob's friendly, "guy next door, " commercials lured me into a Bob's Furniture store this past February wherein I bought two leather recliners. Around October of this same year, I noticed a small hole in the back of one of the leather chairs. No worries right? I had purchased a Goof Proof plan for an additional $ 300. In the day of the computer, you would think that everything could get accomplished over the phone. This Guardsman (warranty) company took forever to send out a form that I had to complete and then when I completed it and sent it back in, they refused to repair my sofa because they said I had not return the form in time (a 10 day time frame). RIDICULOUS!!! The women on the phone (one being a supervisor) absolutely refused to send a technician to repair my sofa. So at the end of the day, I'm stuck with a hole in my leather recliner that I haven't even had for a year and Bob's laughing all the way to the bank with my $ 300. To add further insult, I had ordered a bedroom set and sectional (before I knew of Bob's lousy warranty and customer service policy). Two delivery men showed up and after about a two minute effort, gave up stating that they could not get a piece of my sectional through the door without taking off the door hinges. They were ready to take the furniture back until the third delivery guy came in and was able to get the sofa in within 1 second. When I asked them if they were sure they knew what they were doing because I wanted the good service I paid for, one became irate, swore at me and tossed a frame picture against my wall. Mortified at this, I asked him to step out of my house and asked the two guys to contiue without him. The both of them refused and started putting my furniture back on the truck simply stating, "just call Bob's because we're doing this job!" And they left, after I had been sleeping on the floor for four days wating for my furniture delivery. The delivery guys boss refused to talk to me over the phone and when I called Bob's furniture, they were not able to persuade the two guys to stay to complete the job! I had to call the police, that's how ugly things got. Have you ever? Now the earliest date I can get for delivery is Wednesday, so that's another three days of sleeping on the floor and I'm a woman in her forties whose recovering from knee surgery! So I didn't get my furniture that I paid thousand of dollars for because the delivery guys didn't like that I complained. My daughter was in tears and the delivery guys were loud, blocked traffic with their trailer and caused a ruckus before my neighbors (EMBARRASING). Dealing with Bob's Furniture has been emotionally, pyschologically and physically traumatizing. SHAME ON YOU BOB! People we need to ban together and show this man that we DEMAND good service. The only way we can do that is NOT to support his company. People tell your friends, family and neighbors alike to not shop at Bob's furniture lest be humiliated, ripped off and made to feel sub human. Don't be lured in by his friendly, "i'm just an ordinary person commercials." Besides, the icecream ***, there wasn't any coffee and he rations out this cheap (like his furniture) penny candy. Don't go to sleep on Bob because you might end up in a NIGHTMARE!
Babyboo6 December 25, 2010
Terrible communication skills
On September 2, 2010 I purchased 3 rooms of furniture, the salesman stated the dining room set would be delivered the last week of September. No call, I had to physically go back to the store to be told that they further backordered the set, and that it would be in on October 27, well that day came and went. I then called the store on November 3rd, and was told that the dining room set would not be delivered until the first week of December. That was a deal breaker, the quality of the furniture is not that great.
Jaxkev December 8, 2010
Bad service
Bought living room furniture from bob, s. They confirmed delivery and annotated delivery confirmation on their tracking site. Removed existing furniture and disposed of. Tracking site confirmed delivery, but there was no delivery. Called manager. Was told that the furniture never got on the truck. Could be weeks before any delivery. Giving me the run around on refund. Had to go out and buy furniture somewhere else because I had no living room furniture. Everybody in the corporation at the store level and corporate level has a different story and never return any calls when promised. In terms of Companies that I have dealt with, Bob's discount furniture is that of the worst.
Trevor K December 2, 2010
We purchased a sofa at Bob's and was told that if we purchased a Guardsman' goof proof that we would be able to get our sofa cleaned within five years of purchase. NO. 14016103. After filling our required forms, which were not mentioned by salesman, we were told that we are not covered, soooo I guess we are paying for this for nothing. I am not happy about this. Will not return to Bob's for anything ever again. Thank you for nothing!!!

I feel if someone is promised something, they should follow through. Not too much to ask for.
Gemma123 December 1, 2010
Stay away
I feel cheated that I spent over $6000 at Bob's Furniture. I recently got married this past year and my husband and I purchased 2 bedroom sets, dinette and a dining room set about 8 months ago. The quality of my furniture is absolutely horrible, not only is my living room set falling apart (cushion sinking, very bad structure), my bedroom chest drawers broke, and my bed is practically falling apart. I called Bob's customer service a few times and they have been giving me the run around. I must have spoken to at least 3 customer service representatives. I will never ever shop at Bob's and I will tell everyone about my experience. Folks spend a little more money and get decent furniture, not cheap crap from Bob's. I can honestly say that I had better quality furniture in my college dorm back in the day...
Lory DIn November 12, 2010
Doesn't stand by their products
I waqnted to really speak my mind in detail but this is not the first letter i have written...i have at this point washed my hands with bobs discount furniture *in farmingdale) besides the runaround rude behavior and broken furniture, ...that they push you to get the goof proof guarentee...in case something goes wrong you are covered the only goof was the fact i reached into my pockrt for another 100 dollars...thinking it was a good idea 1yr and a half later i sit on broken furniture with springs coming out and threads coming a part...they should have paid me to take the furniture, , , , i was the goof...scammed from day one and treated like a criminal...for wanted my furniture replaced..u see i wrk hard for my money, , heartfelt dissapointment we know they dont!
Deal3971 November 12, 2010
One big headache
I've recently bought a living room set, a bed, a mattress and a boxspring from Bob's discount furniture. My ordeal began when they charged my account twice for $1656.35. They recently upgraded their computer systems and apparently forgot to train their sales associates on how to use the system. I therefore had the sales guy (Godfred at Carle place, NY) who kept swiping my card thinking that it wouldn't charge it each time he swiped. This was only the beginning of my problems. I was in the process of moving and so I needed to have that money in my account. I spoke to the manager who told me he would take care of the whole situation and that I shouldn't worry. They told me "the first transaction is lost somewhere and so Bob's wouldn't charge me for it." Of course I find out two days later that they did charge me. I then had to return to their store and wait another 5 hours going back and forth with my bank and their manager to get this issue resolved. In total I spent 8-10 hours dealing with this overcharge issue alone.

After this was taken care of I was told that my order would arrive on time because everything is in stock. I planned to pick up the furniture from the Seacaucus, NJ store in my Uhaul truck. I call the day everything is supposed to arrive only to have them tell me that my bed and box spring are missing. They then tell me it will come in the next day. So I reschedule my trip to pick up my furniture from their store the next day. Once I arrived they tell me that the merchandise is still not there. I start to freak out because I now have no bed to sleep on and they have no idea when the item will arrive and they were unwilling to ship it for free to my house in Albany. Mind you the Uhaul rental itself cost me $200 and they wanted me to do it again so as to pick up the furniture that was already supposed to be there. The only option I was given was that I should purchase the bed and boxspring from their clearance center and then I would be refunded the difference. I decided to do that and picked out another bed and boxpring. The only problem is that they have yet to refund the difference to me. Their systems were down and they couldn't refund my money so they told me that everything would be taken care of when their systems came back up. They told me that they would call me to complete the transaction. This was yet again another instance of Bob's associates no following through on their promises. They never called me back and I have had to call THEM back on every instance that they've told me that they would call me back. To date they have NOT refunded my money. They have also placed me on hold for 45 minutes to "handle my issues." Nothing was handled. The manager Ramone Naziro promised to call me back to handle the situation but did not call me back as promised.

If you are looking for well discounted prices, realize that with Bob's this discount comes at a price. The opportunity cost of dealing with Bob's is in the time cost and the utter stress and headache of dealing with the run around and misinformation that their associates provide you. I will never again shop at Bob's. I've learned my lesson (or rather I'm still learning it since $450 dollars is still owed to me).

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