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Bob December 15, 2008
Never use Empire for any of your household needs!!
In October of 2006 we purchased carpet in 2 rooms and it had a 5 year warranty. In May 2008 we noticed that our carpet started to look worn down and started to come apart in the traffic areas. We called empire and they sent out a inpection company. They came out and said it was normal wear and tear. We feel that our carpet should not look like that after being only 2 years old. It is getting really worse. It looks like its 20 years old not 2 years old. The salesperson who sold us the carpet said it would never look worn. I would never trust anyone from empire ever again. They have terrible sales people and customer service.
betsy December 5, 2008
no show for two appointments
The incompetence of Empire Carpet is extraordinary, and I haven't even seen a representative! I made an appointment, which the reservationist said was for 9:00, not a window from 9:00 to 11:00. No one showed up. When I called, the representative said he couldn't be at my home until 12:30, too late for me, so I wasted my morning. I spoke to a manager whose ability to speak logically and intelligibly was questionable and who had nothing helpful to do or say. I made a second appointment, and the same thing happened. With such incompetence in making appointments, I would definitely be concerned about the level of their ability to lay a carpet or put up window treatments. Happily, there are plenty of other places to look!
November 23, 2008
I made a mistake in my complaint. It should have read that I was told that I could to pay all or part during the free year and I was NOT told that if I did not pay the all interest during the promotional period it would put me in an over limit fee and I would be charged a fee of $39.00 until the $1, 800.00 in interest was paid.
November 23, 2008
I purchased flooring from Empire Carpet on a deferred could payall or part during the "free" year, but if I did not pay all in that time I would be charged interest. No problem. When I asked what the payment would be, I was told the full amount was due at the end of the promotional period. I said I would not have that much. I was told that was okay, I could make payments. I thought that all was well and good, until I recieved the first bill after the promotional period. It said that I was in an over limit status. When I called they said that when the accurred interest was added on it put me over limit. I told the person that this was never mentioned to me. I said I was told I could make payments. The person yes that was correct but until I paid the $1, 800.00 in interest I would be charged a $39.00 over limit fee. I checked my contract. No where in my contract did it say that if the interest, at the very least was not paid in the promotional period the account would be in over limit status at the end of the promotional [period. This is fraud and flase advertising in my eyes. I tell everyone I can if you considering doing buisness with a company that uses GEMoney Bank do not do it. GO some where else for the product or service.
October 22, 2008
Fraud and scam
Bought high priced carpet, not even four months later our carpet is JUNK! Supposed to warranty it, but two months after my initial call, we still have no new carpet. This is a *** company, managers are a joke, and I was actually told by the manager that I purchased UGLY carpet! Please do not buy their carpet. I've been placed on hold to eventually be hung up on, or have been hung up on while hearing laughter in the background. I just got off of another call from the guy who was supposed to show up tonight, and BIG surprise!!! NO ONE IS SHOWING UP!!! We have friends who have spent WAY less from local carpet retailers, and have SUPERIOR carpet compared to Empire's CRAP!!!
October 15, 2008
Terrible experience
I 'm headed to court. After reading all these complaints I found to be true. My alarm wiring was damaged during installation of laminated flooring. It was working before the installation. Empire does not want to pay me $400.00 I spent fixes the repair, if I am wrong to do this, let the judge tell me so.From the beginning I saw the ad(very impressive ad) I called the salesman was nice and oh so good customer service. After the deal I called him to tell him what had happen & along came a devil not interested, I have your sale now. Then I have fought to try to get my money, it will not break me but it is the other people that this may happen to. I am going to stand up for my rights. Oh, I failed to mention one customer service rep. hung up on me. I will never buy anything or tell anyone to buy anything from Empire Today. All I wanted was a new floor and I got a Headache. I am so sorry I purchased from them. Customer Service is not what it use to be.
October 10, 2008
damage to floor
5 years after they installed a carpet i removed it and found a row of deep gouge marks in the Oak floor, obviously from the installation as these were newly finished floors before the carpet installation and the marks are all in a row and from the installation. there is no way i could check this when they installed it as i wasnt here. when i called to complain they said there was nothing they could do about it, now i see why, they are a fraudulent company - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAMMERS.
October 10, 2008
This was not the first time I purchased carpet for my offiice so I knew exactly what I needed was high wear carpet with a very thin dense padding so the wheels of my equipment could work. The salesman assured me that that would be possible. That was a lie and he knew it. The company only offers one type of padding. After the installation by totally non-English speaking workers, I found they installed a big, fluffy padding. When I called to have the padding switched they said they could if I purchased an entire roll of padding since they do not carry it and pay for a reinstallation. I have also found that their prices are grossly inflated and one would be a fool to not negotiate with them. I think one would be a fool to deal with them at all.
October 3, 2008
I called made appointment, upon arrival, selected my choice of carpet, no price woould be given out, nor the pad, and I asked for the sale carpeting and was told only one carpet was on sale. TV was advertising 60% off. No mention of pad...had to pull teeth to get that...Estimate is given and the price is double that of which I had already received from two other competitors. I had the other estimates with me and the salesperson requested them, called into his office...MIRACLE they would meet the price coming down almost $4000. (the salesperson didn't believe me when I showed him my estimates, he was on the phoned without asking if I would change my mind, no I wouldn't) I was furious...first false advertising, that carpet was 60% off, second he would only tell me the price of each carpet when I picked it out and he worked up the measurement. They would meet the price...HOWEVER: who wants to work with a company that doesn't advertise and represent their company correctly, won't talk about padding and then you get a ton of pressure to change your mind when you ask the person to leave. I said No, it doesn't matter if you meet the price or not, how can their possibly be so much as double the price in difference, when the capreting from the competitors was of better quality. I asked him to leave...he was not happy and then waited for me outside---it was a rental and knew I had to leave. I feel this company is a SCAM. Upon leaving, he said the Company will call you to see if you're happy and I said...I'm requersting THEY DO NOT CALL. They did call and told me I'm the first unahppy customer...PLEASE! If you chose to get an estimate from this company BEWARE!!!
August 21, 2008
switch on padding
Had a sales man from Empire come to our home to re carpet livingrm, and 2 bed rooms up steps. The instilation guys came out on 7/12/08 neither of whom could speak english. They put down the carpet and ripped upp the old which they threw out on our lawn. When they were finished the got in their truck and left with no notice to my boyfriend that they were done. When he looked he had seen they were gone and look out side and noticed they had left the carpet on the lawn, now we were told by the sales guy that they would be taking all of that with them. so I called the sales guy who then stated to me that for a fee he would have his son come to remove it, I stated to him that he said they would take it of course he denied this, boy did his whole attitude change from the time he was in our home to make the sale. Because this was a Saturday after 5 pm could not reach anyone in management to speak with so on monday I made my call but had a couple of complaints to add to the situation, there were staples all over the living room floor that were stabbing our feet, in a bathroom which they did not do they left a big strip of the tackless which went through my boyfriends foot, they did damage to an amoir from our bedroom and they put our bed back together with only 1 screw in each end, and the carpet on the lawn, so in speaking with management who was telling me they don't remove carpet it is against the law but yet it is listed on their contract, finally states they would have someone out which happened 2 days later. they sent the install guy out again, but lets not forget he doesn't speak english so communicating with him was real hard, he denied the amoir thing and the bed thing, but neither of these items have been out of place since they were put together and delivered 9 yrs ago. so we go no where on that. Now we find that the padding they put down is not even the padding that we were showed during our sales meeting. I have a piece of that padding that the sales guy forgot to take with him and they are dening that it is theirs they say I got it from some where and they are going to do nothing about it. On our statir steps when you go up them you get stuck in the foot with tacks or something, and we are still waiting to see wht they are going to do about this. EMPIRE WILL NEVER GET OUR BUSINESS AGAIN...AND THEY ARE AWARE OF ALL OF THE COMPLAINTS AGAINST THEM BUT SAID THAT DOES NOT MATTER BECAUSE THE AWARDS THEY WIN OUT BEAT THE COMPLAINTS. I WILL OF COURSE BE DISPUTING THIS WITH THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY INWHICH I PAID FOR THE CARPETS TO BE DONE WITH...IF YOU HAVE SIMILAR PROBLEMS FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME, AND MAYBE WE CAN ALL UNITE TOGETHER AND GO AFTER THEM...EITHER THROUGH THE BETTER BUSINESS OR THROUGH OUR LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE...THIS IS OUTRAGOUES I KNOW WE WORK HARD FOR OUR MONEY, AND TO HAVE SOMEONE OR A COMPANY JUST OUT AND OUT STEAL FROM US IS NOT TO BE STOOD FOR...

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