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membershipfiasco June 14, 2011
Membership Cancellation
I moved from Omaha, NE in Dec. 2010 due to losing my job. I had to move in with family members in a town nearly 130 miles from Omaha. I submitted a cancellation form to the Urban Active Fitness in Omaha letting them know that I had moved from Omaha due to a job loss and would no longer be needing the gym membership because I was moving too far away to use the gym. I was told by a customer service manager at the gym that my cancellation was approved and being processed. She also told me that I would receive a refund for any debits from my checking account. Not only did I not receive any debits, but the company kept charging me for several months. I contacted my bank to let them know what was happening. The bank requested documentation that the membership had been cancelled; which I provided them. The bank launched an investigation and determined that I should be refunded the money, so the bank refunded me the debits and advised me to cancel the debit card the charges were being submitted to. Paramount Acceptance, the billing company for Urban Active continued to contact me each month stating that I owed a certain amount of money and wanted to know how I would pay for those charges. I explained that the membership had been cancelled and provided them the email documenting the cancellation; however they insisted on placing collections calls to me. I was finally able to resolve this issue after six months of the Urban Active run around. My resolution came after I emailed the company's CEO, Royce Pulliam (rpulliam@urbanactive.com) and another company executive, Dwight Conder (dconder@urbanactive.com). I was never able to get anywhere with the customer service managers, gym general manager, or even by calling the corporate number; however, within a few hours of emailing some of the top company executives I received resolution to this membership cancellation fiasco. Hope this information helps others that might be having the same problem. Anyone else reading this that is currently considering membership with this gym...please think twice!!
d acosta` June 9, 2011
switch and bait
2 months prior to renewal nicole front desk mgr offered a price for a 18 mo...she said it was good for 4 days...after accepting it ...several days latter a friend was offered a 24 renewal for the same price...when she was questioned she acted like she never heard of it...every week i asked for the same deal..first she ignored it..then she said she would have to email the mgr...which was in the same office...it went on for 5 weeks..finally she said it was in the computer but would not provide a receipt...the next time i was in there i had a guest pass for an airport mgr...she rejected it and sent some big goon from the back office...he cussed and raised hell with this prospective client...little did she know that this person was a mgr at bna airport...these people are a step below a sleazy corner used car dealer' ..dont do business with them
Eliza86 April 12, 2011
I followed the cancellation as instructed on the forms i was given when I signed up.In February I filled out two cancellations forms with a 20.00 check(10.00 cancellation fee per account)mailed it in via certified mail with a return receipt. I received notice that the company in ky received my forms. In March I was charged for both accounts I spoke with Anthony who said that would be the last time I would get charged and my accounts are scheduled to be cancelled. I was charged again in April for only one account. I called and spoke with the billing manager, Jessica, who states that my account was still active and my husbands account was cancelled. I asked her why mine was not cancelled she said they never received my cancellation form. I told her that was impossible because I mailed both the forms in with the check inside the same envelope. She asked if I has some sort of proof, i said no, she said there was nothing she could do. I asked her if they never received my cancellation form then why did they cash my 20.00 check when it should have been a 10.00 check, Jessica didn't know what to say, just that she couldn't help me. Later that day I tried to call her back but she wasn't available and neither was any other manager.I called again yesterday and spoke with Eric who said no manager was available. I asked him what the status was with my accounts he said that both were active. I told him that my husbands was suppose to be cancelled, Eric said that account was not cancelled because the form was never signed! I know this is false, I asked him if thats true then why did they cash my check? Why didn't they try to call me?Eric couldn't help me so I left a message for Jessica but still have not received a response. Under the memo line on my check i wrote cancellation for and put our account numbers but I cant get ahold of anyone to tell them that.
jdrum85 March 23, 2011
Over Billing
i cancelled my membership with urban active over a year ago. it wasn't until i called them back to rejoin for membership that they told me i owed them close to $300.00. they told me that they saw that i had cancelled but for some reason the monthly fee kept billing but was not coming out of my account. now they say that if they take the fees off i will still owe them one last month for membership. i told them that i don't understand why i owe them a final month when i had to pay my first and last month's membership before i even set foot in the gym. they said they would call me back on several occasions but never did. they even called me to advertise as if i wasn't a previous member. very poor service. and my issue was never resolved they haven't taken off the balance that they've incorrectly charged to my name. they just say they will take care of it and when i call back its still there. i hope they get better management at the murfreesboro road nashville location right by mcdonalds.
cdwarior February 18, 2011
Billing issues
My daughter had signed up there and after being charged repeatedly for trainer services she never recieved, she canceled her membership. We have since, filled out all forms requested, closed out the account and still they manage to hit the bank for fees. This has been going on for months. We had to go after them for fraudulent charges through the bank, closed the account and when they realized it they hit it hard and heavy for the window between when it was shut and it actually deactivated costing another $180. We are still trying to recover this from the bank.
Never, never, EVER do business with these people.
keneb February 4, 2011
Charged for a missing Trainer
After several weeks of personal training, I showed up at the gym to schedule my next training appointment to learn that my trainer was no longer with the company. I was told that someone else would assume his duties, and they would contact me to arrange more sessions. I never heard from anyone, but was still charged each month for the personal training. Anyone who has dealt with cancelling a contract with Urban Active knows the intense frustration with that process, so I am still being charged for a MIA personal trainer. With the many complaints that have been voiced against this very corrupt company, maybe a class-action is necessary here.
tara zlacki December 6, 2010
Upon signing membership on October 29th I was told I would be billed on every 15th of the month. Coming in on December 2nd I was told that i was past due, owing a past due amount. I told them that Mitch told me I wouldn't be billed until the 15th of the next month. They said "you can work out, we'll get it fixed". After being told the same thing every day for a week straight, I asked for my membership to be canceled. They stated that it could not be canceled w/ a past due amount. I have called and stopped in person to ask to have it fixed, each time they state that it was a simple error and "t will be fixed w/in the next 5 minutes". To this day it is not fixed, and I am unable to cancel due to their "simple mistake", being told that they will keep billing and not cancel membership until i pay for their mistake.
JW ON November 20, 2010
Over Billing
I signed up for a year of personal training and when it was supposed to be done, I continued to be charged. I went in to find out why and was told I was signed up for automatic renewal. I immediately told them to cancel this and was told I would be charged $25.00 to do so. I thought this was ridiculous but paid it in order to be done with the $150.00 per month of services I was not going to use. Unfortunately, they are still deducting the amount from my account each month and I can never get in touch with a manger to get any help. I have been told that the managers don't work on weekends, that they don't come in until 9:30 or 10:00 on weekdays, that they are new and don't know the system because it is different than the one they worked with in Ohio, etc. I am fed up! I am a military widow on a tight budget and this extra expense is killing me! This company needs to wake up and take a course in customer service and ethics! I finally called today and told them that I didn't care that the manager doesn't work weekends- they need to call her at home or I will be going to the local media. I finally got a call back promising that the manager will be in tomorrow to e-mail corporate again (like they ever did in the first place) and that they would call me on Monday to let me know where things are at. I told her that if I didn't hear from the manager by Monday night I will be contacting the local media. DO NOT sign up for anything with this company. It is a NIGHT MARE!
suckered by globalfitness June 8, 2010
Dishonest Employees
The Employees will LIE TO YOU! Don't go anywhere near these crooks. I visited, already a member, with my girlfriend, and asked if they had a month to month for her. I was told yes and quoted a rate. I asked if I could cancel at any time. I was told yes. Then they said the rate was available only with automatic drafts. I again asked if I could cancel any time. Guess what? YES!!! I signed the 'automatic draft form', only to find out later it was a two year contract which is impossible to cancel. No one at any location cares about the lies, and will only show me what I signed, smugly. I'm sure they are thinking "another sucker".

If you run a business, any business hear this: I have told 300-400 people (so far)this place is bad. I could just as easily be advertizing for thier decent facilities and equipment. I go out of my way to tell prospective "suckers" to RUN FOR THIER LIVES, hand on wallet pocket, to any other gym. What idiot figured out this was a way to run a business? They will probably be gone by the time my pre-paid membership expires. Here's betting every ripped off person will still see those bank drafts after they are gone. Congress, please investigate these people!
Stan May 19, 2010
Stealing and scamming
At very best they're a dishonest and unethical business. However, I would consider some of their actions fraud and stealing. I've been with them for 6 years now. They've recently decided to close down my location. I went to cancel my membership and they tell me they're going to charge me $10 and it will take 2 billing cycles for my cancellation to take affect as per the contract I signed. This is dishonest, because they do not disclose these details when you ask them when you first sign up. If you ask them what happens if you want to cancel they wont tell you, and instead ask you a question back like "Why would you want to cancel", "I don't understand why you'd want to leave" and avoid the question. Thats pretty convenient that you guys leave that out.

The fraud comes in with the several "accidental" charges they make to your account. The charged my girlfriend twice for her first month, and they continued to charge her for her tanning package months after she canceled. They charged me for months after I canceled my trainer, even after I payed the ridiculous cancellation fee. The employees say "there is no direct line to corporate", so getting the situation fixed is almost impossible. After digging around the internet to find a number and leaving messages for a month, they tell you "oh we're sorry, our mistake, we'll refund that". This is fraud, they're stealing money, and they're getting away with it if you don't check your account/credit card.

They use very deceptive, dishonest marketing tactics to get you to pay more money. Everybody there pays a different fee. Some pay $15, some $25, one friend of mine even payed $60. This is all for the same service (no tanning, lockers or anything, just the gym). They won't tell you their rates over the phone, they make you come in. The won't let you cancel over the phone, you have to come in. After threating to cancel your addons or service, THEN they decide to offer you a lower price. It's always "the last day" for the sale when you go to join the gym, sign up for tanning, get a locker, or trainer. They do it just to rush your decision.

I'm surprised these guys haven't gotten sued yet. Stay away from them at all costs. They'll lie to your face, withhold information, and STEAL your money if you don't keep eye on your accounts. It'd be different if I had experienced this stuff once, but it seems intentional when multiple people have had the same problem and I've had the problem myself several times.

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