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Crusade Against Crimes April 2, 2010
Be careful for this company, JUNI TONG ELECTRONICS CO, LTD. If you buy from them you will be scammed. I have sent money for several Laptops to ms. Bailey Ding. It have made 1500$.( Have sent on the bank account: Account Name: ZHANG XUAN WEI Adress: putian City, Fujian Province China Bank Name: Bank of China Putian Sub-Branch Bank Address: Putian City, Fujian Province, China Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ73C Bank AccountNo4552301 - 0188 - 125422-1). It was in the middle of Mars. Insted of laptops i recived a small package markt with shoes and clothe... read full review »
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dive diva March 31, 2010
bought and paid for atoshiba qosmio x305-q711.o-inch laptop order#20100131002832 on jan.31 2010 have not recieved to date march 31 2010 . paid$455.+$40. shiping. emailed and phoned them several times and no answer.help!!! read full review »
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Gaming Items for a Game
Onamisn March 29, 2010
Before i ordered, asked how long the process would take. Was told 30 minutes. I used Pay Pal thinking i could at least do this transaction safely. Wrong! Pay Pal is no help and It is now going on 5 days and i still have not recieved the item i ordered. Stay away from this place. They will do nothing but still your money. read full review »
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carmen_hk March 28, 2010
I'm experienced online currency buyer, escpecially for World of Warcraft. Since I've read so many bad reviews about people getting scammed, hacked and being duped, I want all potential buyers read this before they order to guarentee their safety (your game account, but either your paypal or other payment accounts). Goldfarmers are constantly trying to hack accounts in all possible ways. The golden rule is: provide as less information as possible. Preferely only your email, (fake)name, charactername and eventually phone number... read full review »
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sharonbrown March 25, 2010
fake golf clubs but add said orangal serial nunber fake to makers read full review »
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chinaelectronicswholesale March 25, 2010
With the excellent work-group, Agoodic enjoys good experience of research, produce and sales at the digital series. Moreover, Agoodic has the powerful technology and advanced equipment. All of these make Agoodic playing an important part in the digital & electronic line, such as mp3 player, mp4 player, mp5 player, bluetooth products, digital cameras, and so on. We make the efforts on products that are with new series, marketable models and best quality. Therefore, all of them are popular in Europe, Africa, America and Southeast Asia! read full review »
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levene lingerie
Working4ABetterLife March 24, 2010
I contacted this company on August, 2009 through Alibaba.com, after speaking with Sunny(representative) I felt comfortable enough to place an order of lingerie, with a total cost of $3, 300.00 It has been 8 months and all I received was a partial order of about $700 worth of merchandise, Sunny promised to send me the rest of my order but after waiting 2 months of waiting, I called and try to speak with the owner but she does not speak english (at least is what she said). Unfortunately, I have not received my order and to make things worse... read full review »
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1/5 scale buggy
Willys Rosario March 22, 2010
I purchased a 1/4 scale gas buggy from trade- beauty, paid $488.00, order number is 2010013136125(FS Mars 4WD Monster Truck 1/4 Scale 35cc 32L X 22W X17T)once they received the money they said I had to pay more for customs, which was not mentioned during the initial purchase. They refuse to send me my buggy and refused to refund me the money. They received the money and sent this message "Dear friend, we have confirmed your payment and send your FS Mars 4WD Monster Truck 1/4 Scale 35cc 32L X 22W X17T to your home already too... read full review »
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ebay bettyy2008
marion mickler March 22, 2010
i order a phone from ebay bettyy2008 in nov.2009 .the phone was bad didnt work. i got in touch with ebay they told me to solve the problem with the supply i tried this . i shipped the phone back dec.16. 2009 the man in china said he havent received the phone. the phone wasnt returned to me. pay pal want do anything because it passed 45 days ebay want solve the problem. read full review »
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Gabby Combs March 22, 2010
this is a scam on line store, i sent the money 2 weeks ago and never receive my goods. the below are all the same company. take care of your money! http://www.elegantbag888.com http://picasaweb.google.com/elegantbag http://picasaweb.google.com/elegantbag88 http://picasaweb.google.com/key20100 http://picasaweb.google.com/levi769394 read full review »
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Hong Kong Kane Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.
USB 8GB March 22, 2010
My dear customer !! if you order from Hong Kong Kane Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. You'll receive your shipment, but the products are all FAKE!!! I recently purchase a USB Flash Drives (kingston 8GB) 200pcs and when you plug them into the computer, it'll show xxGB, but when you try and copy files, it'll corrupt. At that time, I opened up the USB drive and notice the chipset. They use MW6208E chipset, which is not in the original corsair drives. Bascially, these are OVER FLASHED 128MB USB drives to replicate xxGB (i.e. 8, 16... read full review »
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chloeandsam March 20, 2010
Recently bought a pair of MBT shoes from this site. I thought it was real, but when the shoes arrived, they fell apart. Even though they did not say say so on the site, they came directly from china. The site is mbt@edonly. I have 7 pair of (authentic) MBT's and love them but if this were my first pair, and I didn't know they were knock offs, I would never buy another pair. It is my own fault, I love MBT's and thought I found a great deal on another pair. Anyway, I am pursuing getting a refund read full review »
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EmilyM2 March 18, 2010
I paid $153.99 for 2 pairs of UGG boots. They were sent to me and had good soles and tags but the sheepskin was fake fur. I sent them back to China 12/15/09 and they sent them back to the USA 3/15/10. I have been in constant contact with the merchant and I have gotten the run-around. He is not offering to refund 30% of my cost which basically covers the $45.75 I spent to ship them back. read full review »
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enlighten March 17, 2010
This site is part of a LARGE scam. Look up the site for yourself. It is owned by the same person as every other scam. http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/ read full review »
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gogoorder co.,ltd
gogoorder March 17, 2010
GoGoOrder.com Compared with its competitors, GoGoOrder.com is a relatively nascent ecommerce website which is established in 2009. Yet, the site has survived the financial crisis and gained rapid development. It focuses itself on supplying China-made cell phones, LED products and computer peripheral devices and other electronics gadgets at lower prices than its rivals with free global shipping. read full review »
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Zhang lin
cheatedshopper March 12, 2010
On 1/21/10 I ordered two pairs of uggs and paid with my credit card online. On 1/27/10 I received an e-mail requesting pay pal information to process the order. The next day I received two pairs of poor quality fake uggs that were sized much smaller. I had to e-mail several times a day, several days in a row to a different e-mail that I found to get a response. However, the response made no sense to me. I was billed twice for two pairs of unwearable, poor quality fakes. I have been going round and round, but have essentially been cheated out... read full review »
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TopTradeNames LTD
British Bernie March 12, 2010
TopTradeNames Ltd took my transaction for Ugg Boots from Ugg Australia and the goods are very bad fakes. TopTradeNames do not answer the phone and I can not contact them or the Ugg Australia website read full review »
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replica handbags
celestej March 11, 2010
uses both websites will not respond to request to send handbags. Took payment through credit card read full review »
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TNT China
Whatever999 March 11, 2010
TNT China took receipt of my shipment (Box of Used Network Equiptment) 1 month ago. I am told that I need to apply for Custom Clearence at a cost of 6000 RMB (approx 800USD / 600GBP on cost of goods 200GBP) and told it would take 45 days - 3 months! I asked to re-route or return the shipment, I was told it was impossible! So I have lost my shipment, i think this is robbery! I will never use TNT ever again... read full review »
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MILTON linhares March 9, 2010
Huang - travelhealce / high power acai Posted: 2010/01/27 by Milton Linhares de Sousa Neto debt undue credit card Complaint Rating: Company information: MR. HUANG - 12 JINHUANG ROAD DISTRI Yubei Chongqing China Brazil BEEN MADE A PURCHASE POWER Colon Cleanse A DEBT and recognition, but I do not get NOW MY CREDIT CARD SPENDING OF A US$ 159, 90 Relative to TRAVELHALTH ACAI POWER BLAST AND NOT ASK OR THAT HAS BEEN SENT TO ME. I WANT TO CANCEL THIS PURCHASE AND WANT TO KNOW WHAT TO DO BECAUSE WILL NOT PAY SUCH EXPENSES. read full review »
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Shenzhen international airport
Nicole_c March 9, 2010
On 3rd February, me and my friend arrive the airport at around 20:10 by shuttle bus. We have printed the boarding pass and expected to take the plane that departs at 9:20 (AK 89). However, when we want to enter the gate, people there do not allow us to enter without giving any explanation. Eventually we can only stay outside with the staff ignoring our situation. After that someone from AirAsia claimed to help us to buy the ticket and they have kept our passport in the counter where we could buy the new ticket. At the beginning, the staff... read full review »
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ww.lv138.com is a swindler
davis_mini March 7, 2010
Attention to, and do not buy from lv138.com handbags, shoes, and any product. This is a shot of the swindler. Product quality is rubbish, poor service is to deceive us money, we must not be taken in read full review »
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Top Resources Trade Co. Ltd.
Scam Repellent March 6, 2010
WARNING! Complimentary Summary Report from www.SupplierVerify.FirstVirtualAssistant.com Top Resources Trade Co. Ltd Contact Name: Danae Email: TopResourcesSell@hotmail.com Information provided for this company is not verifiable. SCAM report: Fail (multiple reports of not receiving merchandise and requesting funds via money gram or western union, and fake tracking number provided) Note from investigator: Please be aware just because a company provides you with a tracking number does not mean it is active. They have a list of packing slips with tracking numbers already on them but it still has to be purchased before shipping. read full review »
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david tanoury March 6, 2010
On February 9 2010 I ordered in the Internet from seller beetleonline.gmail.com I ordered DVR Hidden Camera 720x480 Video 30FPS Spy Car Key Chain and I sent at the same time via PayPal an amount of 100 u.s. Dollars.before I've made an order and they transact me the goods.this time I don't know why they are'nt answering me at all. I OPENED A COMPLAINT CASE IN PAYPAL but please I would like you to check what's going on and why this seller behavior like (sorry) thief at night.I'm sure he doesn't need for donates.I... read full review »
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thed00der March 5, 2010
2 weeks, no delivery of gold. rude salespeople who won't refund my money. not a recommended option. read full review »
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kashif younis March 3, 2010
Hello All, I am Kashif Younis from Pakistan and I just want to confirm that Mr. Ming Zeng and their company Zengming international trading Co., ltd (HK) registered on Alibaba and similar sites is a scammer and blacklisted, and he is maintaining his account with the BANK OF CHINA 285, FULI ROAD, FUZHOU, FUJIAN, CHINA Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ73C his a/c no. 455230701880078494 I made on order from them, sent the payment in advance $505/- on 15/01/2010, they have conformed that the payment was received and it was the last time I have heard anything... read full review »
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Guangzhou Vivid Trade Co., Ltd.
Lee Ming Yong March 3, 2010
I ordered 25 pairs of shoes. They sent me 3 pairs only and the balance 20 pairs came in 1 month later! Not only that, 2 pairs are missing and they refuse to refund and will only resend on the condition if i make new orders! Such ridiculous request when the mistake is on their side! The customer service is terrible and they won't bear any responsibilities at all! Please beware of this company. Please beware of company that only uses western union as payment. Honest company will normally give customer paypal options as they can refund the money easily. read full review »
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Apple supplier trade Co., Ltd
CarlosG March 3, 2010
They were very helpfull before I sent them $2, 495 by Western Union, after that they do not reply to my e-mails, gave me fake tracking number, refuse to give me a phone number to call them. I found then on Made-in-china.com Complete rip off be aware Her name is Puli ceo.trade2004@hotmail.com Western Union sent to: Shengan yang Zhongshan road 08# Ximen City Fujian China 361007 read full review »
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melmom35 March 1, 2010
This place is the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. They sent me a defective netbook which I returned to them in the middle of January and they have not do right by me. They keep promising to send me a replacement then the next email I get is that they will send me a refund. I would not purchase anything from these people, they are not reputable and they are not reliable. read full review »
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NEW TOSHIBA :Qosmio X305-Q708, 17
EMEJAMES March 1, 2010
Our Company"s Name is EME JAMES. We Ordered the New! TOSHIBA Qosmio X305-Q708, 17"" Notebook PC, 2.5GHz Intel Core 2, Extreme QX9300, 4GB DDR3 RAM. They asked us to send the Payment through Western Union. We did. The name we sent the money to is: First Name: Shoujiang and the Last Name is: Du. He Promised us that when he receive the money he will E-mail us the Tracking code and number. But we gave him the MTCN of the payment from the Western union. He collected the money. He told us that he has shipped the Order but he never... read full review »
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pelin ayÅŸe March 1, 2010
I bought a replica LV from ELUXURY-REPLÄ°CA.COM The company that took the payment was GZ SHUANG QIAN NET S&T CO, LTD I heard nothıng from Eluxury abaut my trackıng numbers or delivery tıme.I emailed several tımes but no reply.I didnt receıve my bag. How ı can get my money back? Pelin AyÅŸe read full review »
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chickenfoot February 27, 2010
I placed an order no:CNO2951 with an on-line sporting jerseys site for 6 items. I paid $150usd for the order but when the package arrived, it only containes 1 jersey. The weight of the package was 0.434 kgs. So in no way coulsd all 6 items(jerseys) be included in the package. I contacted the company and they said I signed for the package so be it. The package was delivered overseas by EMS with an invoice tracking number: EE287403519CN. After numerous email attempts to have them ship the rest of my order or refund my fumds, they simply have... read full review »
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The ProfitProfusion.com Team
HopeWang February 26, 2010
The ProfitProfusion.com Team is a cheating guys! Yesterday I visit the web http://myclipviews.com and bought the products online. I received the system e-mail, but can not download the files and can not login the ProfitProfusion.com with the username and password. I sent messege to the Support, no ansower!!! read full review »
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sony tvs
khalifa61 February 24, 2010
i sent 2260$ to Yunyan Guiyang Builded Leaf Economic Trade Co., Ltd but they havent replied to my email nor have they sent any goods. can you please tell me how can i get my money back? the recievers name was Bi Can Yang money was sent throught western union on the 18th of february mtcn 642-652-7162 please tell me what can i do to report this to the chinese police. best wishes, khalifa al amri this was the last email i got: Hello: Sony Bravia XBR KDL-70XBR7 70-Inch LCD HDTV $680/pcs 2 $1360 SONY BRAVIA... read full review »
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YoTang Team
Erik M. Sorensen February 23, 2010
STAY AWAY from this seller. Selling expensive items - of no value. The products are defective and not working - and it is impossible to get a refund. Erik - Denmark read full review »
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Coco Furniture
Marc February 22, 2010
Coco Furniture is a manufacturer of contemporary furniture based out of China. I happened upon their site and contacted them to see if they sold directly to consumers. The saleperson was named Victor Young, and he told me I could order as much or as little as I wanted to order. Mr. Young was very responsive at first. He incentivized me to wire the funds by promising the items would ship within 25 days. My order included approximately $2000 in furniture and $500 in shipping costs. Once I wired the funds, he wouldnt return any of my email... read full review »
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Louisegrieve February 22, 2010
I purchased Ugg boots for £80 off the above website and I have still not recieved them after 3 weeks they have taken the money out my account and the beets have been seized by customs as fake!!! I cannot contact the company and no one will return my emails! Please help me read full review »
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watches Replica
Ibrahim Mohammed February 20, 2010
I made a payment for concord and montblanc, but never hear any thing from them, the sign in registration they ask their victim to sign never works. these is there email to my mail box: Thank you for your purchase at our online store www.watch-replica.net! Confirmation: Concord - C1 Chronograph CC-4 $209x1<br />Montblanc - Sport Collection MB-20 $219x1<br />Shipping United States $0.00 Total $428(USD) Invoice # 2346363882 Please allow 48 to 72 hours for processing. You will be billed by... read full review »
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Marcos888 February 19, 2010
After ordering a Canon photo camera with http://www.dskel.com/ they returned with an EMS tracking number which is fake EA703586476CN The person ordered with is; wobuym@188.com Wire transefer made to the following bank number; -Bank name:Bank of China Henan branch -Address:NO.40, HuaYuan Road, ZhengZhou 450008, Henan Prov., China -A/C holder's name: - My first name : Guo Hua -My last name : Wang -A/C No.:628584020006975 -Swift code: BKCH CN BJ 530 I write this product off as it will not be received. Be aware! read full review »
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Lesley81 February 17, 2010
I bought a pair of ugg boots from this company in January, for £75 i paid through a company called ECPSS which i was transfered to from there website this company is also based in China. They arrived in brown cardboard box not a geniune UGG box, the boots where in a bag that said ugg on it and the ugg boot card that you get with geniune ugg boots was a cheap print out. I contacted the seller telling her what i thought of her, she did reply telling me they where genuine but i took the ugg boots to a genuine ugg boot retailer who confirmed... read full review »
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