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Maqui Berry Cleanse
Wanda H July 30, 2010
I ordered the product with a 14 day free trial period for $5.95 on 04-13-10. I cancelled within the 14 day period on 04-13-10. They charged me the $127.86 for the membership fee on 04-19-10. I called them on 04-19-10 and 10-21-10 to get my refund and ask why they charged me and they said I didn't cancel within the 14 day period. I gave them information that I did cancel within the 14 day period. Then they told me that I would need to send the product back to China before I could get my refund. I sent the product back to China on 04-22-10... read full review »
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angrymainer July 29, 2010
They advertise these uggs as australia uggs and they are not. Once you place an order and try to cancel it, they ignore you and send them anyways. The credit card company gave me back my money and then 3 months later they resubmitted to the creditcard comopany and got the money. There's no way to send the boots back cause everytime you go to their website to e-mail them, they ignore you and there's no phone number to get ahold of them. I have been trying to get something done through my creditcard company but it looks like they are going to win. read full review »
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Aion Kinah
lyricalbrit July 28, 2010
Ordered my kinah was all good and well once i paid i was told my kinah would arrive in 10 mins 24 hours later i contact them again tell them my problem and then they never replied and now no one answers live chat.pure scam! read full review »
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MarcoVieira July 28, 2010
Don't buy anything from these guys! They anounce very cheap stuff, but they start asking for extra charges and even if you pay them they never send anything. Thy are real crooks. read full review »
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Haztec83 July 27, 2010
SNEAKERUP ARE THIEVES I TOTALLY AGREE. GET THEM OFF THE NET, THIS EXPERIENCE HAS PUT ME OFF PURCHASING ONLINE. Unless they're close to where I am so I can punch their lights out if they rip me off. They overcharged me, sent me faulty goods. The jeans they sent had missing press studs which can’t be replaced. Holes in the jeans and the zipper isn’t even attached. It was fake also, they claim it to be 100% authentic genuine. But they’re so fake. Plus the jacket I got was not even the right jacket. They... read full review »
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Philip Fu
philip fu July 27, 2010
I bought BWM320 three years ago, I have droven it for approximately 110, 000 miles, the front indicator showed loss of Engine oil after 1, 000 miles, the local 4S station claims that it is due to the problem of Engines and the engines should be repaired, I wonder if it is quality problem from your engines, look forward to your reply! Best Regards, Philip 13902281850 Philip2005@yahoo.com.cn read full review »
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cinderella_dream July 21, 2010
hi, I'm also free member of http://businessmails.biz, i reached the payout limit $1, 000.00 and waiting for payment since 2months, but they haven't paid and no reply for my emails, this is a scam site.please help. read full review »
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cinderella_dream July 21, 2010
We are a member from China, the company now businessmails.biz solemnly declare: As your company has delayed payment to us, in accordance with the terms of the company: (account After requesting a payment, without any problems, will be 30 days paid) However, now our domestic (china) without any Member, received the Rules of doubt your use of (paid leave) cheat us (click-through rate and traffic), your behavior has been constituted (transnational fraud), we hereby launched a joint protest to your company! Request that you must pay us within one... read full review »
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riverviewsjesse July 21, 2010
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Minas Logistic inc
Victor Vaccari July 21, 2010
Dear Sirs. Unfortunately we have to write to you to report a fraudulent transaction by one of your listed "Gold suppliers" in Alibaba.com. We had witnessed Alibaba's prescense in several conventions and trust you as a serious company. We located the product through the leads provided by your network and proceeded to purchase from this China company based on the Gold status given by your company. Everything looked fine even and including a phone call conversation with the provider in China (phone listed on their web page... read full review »
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Theresa Gawlowski-Smith July 19, 2010
I placed an order # 1106531 on 7/5/10. I received a wrong item. I have sent multiple e-mails to the seller to include photos about correcting the wrong item. There are clearly two different designs in the photos and they are insisting that the order is correct. I have asked them to send me to return label at their cost to return the entire order for credit at this point but they do not seem to want to comply. I ordered the Siberian wolf bedding set which was to include a duvet comforter cover, a flat sheet and two pillow cases. I didn't... read full review »
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sellermonica July 19, 2010
THEY ARE SCAMMERS (SCAMMERS - LADRONES - ESTAFADORES) http://www.cr-fashion51.com/ NEVER BUY FROM THEM. THEY NEVER DELIVERY YOUR PURCHASE. DONT TRUST IN THEM. THEY ARE THIEVES. THEY HAVE ANOTHERS WEB SITES: http://www.key2trade.com/ (SCAMMERS - LADRONES - ESTAFADORES) = cr-fashion51.com crfashion51.en.ec21.com crfashion51.en.tradekool.com www.ec21.com/ks-cr-fashion51/ crfashion51.en.busytrade.com anti.ec21.com/kp-chanel-gucci-oakley-rayban/ http://www.etopbrands.com (SCAMMERS -... read full review »
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ahstuzl100 July 18, 2010
Wholesale - Buy Wholesale Products from Chinese Wholesaler read full review »
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sourcing gate/ LCD rearviewmirror
66frenchie July 16, 2010
They advertise with electronics but send you other stuff after they received payment, they will not send the right parts nor parts to replace non working parts, and their support team members do switch continuesly, from emma to wendy to libby and all over again, but no solutions or money back, this company is fraud read full review »
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jackoneew July 14, 2010
poor quality counterfit merchandise, i bought some handbags from them, it is very poor quality. i saw their price is a little higher than others, i think the quality is better than other seller, when i receive the package, am very disappointed. read full review »
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Jason July 14, 2010
This company believes in and supports constant harassment to people. They do not follow the CanSpam Act and lie to people on everything from service, pricing, and about removing them from their mailing list. This company also is a company that sends out the fake emails to steal your in game information that way they can steal back their gold they sold you and resell it to someone else. Stay away from them ass they will take your money, lie to you and never leave you alone. read full review »
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mmdanhed July 14, 2010
This company is posting good feeback and advertising on this site about their products, almost spaming the forumto gt rid of the old feedbacks http://www.complaintsboard.com/byurl/electronics-brand.com.html Some one needs to stop them as they are fraud and they are getting rich! Laptop, Camera, Dj Gear, Bikes and TV and GPS for 1/4 the normal price, my mates have been scammed avoide them! read full review »
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Yamaha Amplifire Receiver RX-V863BL 735 Watt 7.1-Channel
Marz Saleem July 14, 2010
Dear Sir/Madam, I have got a contact with one of a supplier of the above company fm Alibaba, So I tried to buy a Yamaha RX-V863BL 735 Watts 7.1 Channel Amplifire Receiver. The supplier send me a quotation of the products by mailng and requested to send money by Western Union. So as she told me I send monwy by Western union. After that no rply fm her so I was Scarred n called her, than she given me a EMS code number EE213207905CN but its not relaising fm EMS yet. During the past week I was keep calling her and sending mail regarding this but... read full review »
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nike and jordan shoes
haibin July 14, 2010
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My husband ordered me some Reebok Easy Tone shoes from this site. I rec'd the shoes in abouat 2 1/2 weeks. The shoes were off balance, 1 shoe had the easy tone balls on the bottom and the other shoe had the ball except they were completely FLAT. Not only was the ball's flat, that shoe was dirty and crunched in the back. The company has no 1-800 number and you can only communicate via email. Who ever emails back on the other end you can tell that English is not even their 3rd language. for instance here is the email they last sent me... read full review »
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Lightinthebox.com bridesmaid dress
kworth July 12, 2010
I ordered a bridesmaid dress off lightinthebox.com for a friends wedding. the picture on the site showed a very pretty satin and chiffon dress it was sleeveless and had straps with little rinestone bead work on the straps that looked very small and pretty. I got my order fast. I noticed the bad quality the minute i took the dress out. the rines stones on the straps were not rinestones at all! they were very large tacky plastic jewels rouchly the size of my finger tip! also the straps were not attached to the dress in the back they had hooke... read full review »
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Cherry Healy
cherryhealy July 11, 2010
they defrauded me of $1800 and my uncle- over $150, 000 read full review »
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quard cell phone
niko11231 July 10, 2010
chinavasion sells cheep crap and the unlocked phone is garbage. In order for European tel providers to hook up they must know the brand name of the telephone. There is no brand name for the telephone and was unable to activate phone. Their tech support is second rate as he could not identify which phone was similar. they suggested that I sell the phone to someone else. If you are buying a cell phone, I'll sell mine for pennies. Just threw $100 + out the window. read full review »
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jackoneew July 9, 2010
Waring, http://www.juicycoutureusa.com is a scam, i ordered 2o pcs stuffs from this site, send by western union, but they never send me package, dont buy something from fraud site. read full review »
Filled under: Business & Finances Location: China
Kenneth-19 July 8, 2010
Recently, I receive my order from watchessell.com. They are nice watches, also I get special gift from them. They are so nice. read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
Brinaaa July 7, 2010
Never recieved the purses I ordered and payed for!! Bigggg scam!!! Be aware! read full review »
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Neway Electronic Limited
Chirague July 6, 2010
This company supplied us fake USB FLash drives, they were supposed to be 2Gb capacity, but most of they are below 128Mb, and maybe less then 2% really work. On most of them, you can copy data more than 1Gb, but the data gets all damaged... this is not a serious company, be aware of that... Great website, this one, will use it more and more for these kind of stuff! I think it is a great idea... really... read full review »
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Apple iPad 16GB
yves571 July 5, 2010
They said their merchandise was from Apple iPad 16GB original merchandise and asked for $394. Western Union after I sold the unit to my customer they wanted an extra $194.00 for customs. I did not pay the custom charges. The web site is http://www.oojuy-store.com/ I'm sure going to tell all my friend and Google what a bunch of crooks these people are. read full review »
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Six Feet Under DVD Box Set
nothappyjan July 5, 2010
After evaluating a number of sites to purchase a much loved TV series, Six Feet Under, I decided on Aussie DVD Shop.com My reasoning was pretty simple, the price was cost effective, they charged in AUD currency, had a 100% money back guarantee and they even threw in a bonus DVD as part of the sale from a selection of 5 well know titles. On 12 June I placed my order and on the 15 June, I received an email confirmation outlining my order charges including shipment totalling $88.97 AUD. Alas, things started to smell a bit wiffy... read full review »
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I hate ioffer July 4, 2010
Please save your money and a lot of heartache and DO NOT USE IOFFER.COM. 80% of their sellers are scam artists who can't sell on ebay because of their negative feedback. I "purchased" a set of rosetta stone off of ioffer.com. The money was taken out of my account but I never received the product. Pay pal said that they could not help me. Ioffer.com does not show you the identity of the seller until your transaction is completed. Pay the extra money and use a reputable site. If this complaint can save one person from getting ripped off, then it was worth my $300. WARNING: IOFFER.COM IS A RIPOFF. read full review »
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HerbalHerby July 2, 2010
SCAM! These guys are what give Chinese based herbal suppliers a bad name! Let me tell you that I have been in the business of supplying QUALITY herbs to manufacturers for a very long time. Thus I am familiar with quality control protocols. The bottom line is that for a $10, 000 shipment of what was supposed to be Red Clover Extract- we received a mysterious brown powder that did not have ANY of the characteristics of red clover extract. Upon testing via high pressure liquid chromatography, we found that the material was not only lacking and... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
Virginia A. Bowers July 2, 2010
Ordered coach bag from outlet factory store. It claimed to be a secure site but after placing my order a different dollar amount was taken from my credit card. I immediately cancelled the card. Today I got an email from the ecpss gateway saying my order was on the way but it gave a bogus tracking number. Below is the email: Thanks for choosing ECPSS payment gateway. Order details: Merchant Order No. : 20100626122234 Ecpss Order No. : 14421062613224378042 Payment Date&Time : 06/26/2010 05:22:43 GMT Transaction... read full review »
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Me -i-d.com
GMM720 July 1, 2010
Me-i-d.com is a scam website. They are based in china but the website is registered by the owner in Mylasia. BEWARE!! they will just take your money and then never reply to your emails. They automatically blacklist you so they probably never reas them anyway once they receive the confirmation your money has been sent. their website is very convincing but don't be fooled like I was as they are a TOTAL SCAM!! read full review »
Filled under: Miscellaneous Location: China
Kokmax industrial Limited
arkwright July 1, 2010
I ordered R/C toys from this company no problem with the goods they just overcharged me and I spoke to them they agreed to refund the 200usd on the next order, I placed another order and was told they would only give me 50usd and increased the price of postage to cover what they were giving me I think, The rep also threatened me and my family if I did not accept and go away.I have tried to talk to them but they said the rep who told me that had been sacked, surprise surprise I have since had lots of emails for more business but no offers to... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
Schwartz June 28, 2010
Never ever think to send any money to this website that would tempt you. Fanny and a person who collected the money at western union is YIYANG ZHANG. Alert as many people as you can. Administrator of this website is wang_wen2@126.com, who can be a gang member. read full review »
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Beijing Wangguo Trading Co., Ltd.
ROGER BARINIA June 27, 2010
Hi; I noticed today that they stopped using their website; I sent money to this company by bank transfer and I never received the item; they gave me twice a fake EMS TRACKING NUMBER, which have been delivered elsewhere; The name of that woman is LEI SUN, and another person has been in touch with me, Ms LISA LIN. They closed their website but the details about the company is here: http://www.gmdu.net/corp-410918.htm Find below the picture of LEI SUN that appeared on trade manager tool. Thank you and regards. read full review »
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Fkgogoebay June 25, 2010
I placed a small order with gogoebay.com first order what ok was only missing one item and some of the products were shorty fell apart within a week I informed the guy about it he assured me he would double check everything next time and discount me for the missing and broken items so like an idiot I placed a large order for around 600 after the discount and to my surprise when it arrived out of the 20 or so items I ordereed only 2 showed up and when I msgd him he told me he would look into couple days pass and nothing do I email him again and... read full review »
Filled under: Lifestyle Location: China
RayG June 25, 2010
The owner of this company and a former employee of mine, John Geeve from Mannering Park NSW Australia set me up well and good. Landy owns sinoAC a Beijing based procurement company. John Geeve is a friend of theirs. John was working for me as procurement, installation manager and set up our machinery manufacture through Landy at SinoAC. Landy was paid in full for having the machinery manufactured. John Geeve was flown to China to inspect the goods prior to them being loaded in containers for quality control. John obviously knew the... read full review »
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Electronics Famous Yi Feng
Zech,Wolfgang June 23, 2010
Motorcycles have two ordered and paid by bank transfer. The product I never received! The site was called electronics-famous.com and exists now as a different Web page. read full review »
Filled under: Automotive Location: China
DR.HAFEEZ MEMON June 23, 2010
AOLMart sent out an email that "looked" like it was from a friend of mine but it turns out it was not. The email said that AOLMart was a great sight to purchase from. I happened to be looking to buy a plasma tv 40 inches, so I checked it out and the price was good. When I went to place the order I first wanted to use PayPal but it said PayPal was not available due to new trade agreements with China I emailed them and they responded by saying I should use Western Union. I wired the money ($112.00) plus 21.00 Westuen Union fee plus 35$... read full review »
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