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7700 Krefeld Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Phone number: (704) 535-7791

CarMax Reviews

ken_lyelif September 29, 2015
Carmax Naples Sucks
I used to work for this company and I can honestly tell anyone who is looking to buy a car, that you should stay away from CarMax. They state that they inspect the cars, but I can tell you that they DONT. CarMax states they don't sell cars with flood or frame damage yet I have sold 5 cars to customers that they had inspected and found out that those cars did have frame damage and where not inspected by CarMax and another sales guy sold 3more and that's just the customers who went and got a separate inspection. I know for a fact that CarMax just does a little carwash and makes the car look somewhat presentable but they do not fix hardly anything. The financing is quick but the interest rates are extremely high no matter how good your credit is. Stay away from this company they are strickly about profits and don't care about the customers or there employees I was let go because I kept bringing up these issues to management and they got mad at me because I wouldn't keep my mouth shut about the problems. Company Sucks Cars are CRAP.
carmaxsucks October 29, 2013
Carmax Sucks for the employees also not just customers
The sales people do not get paid unless they sell a car and then it is a flat rate per car not based on the value. Carmax treats sales employees like dirt, too much brainwashing videos, too much micromanagement on every move. managers do not manage they just follow the processes. They do not care about customers or sales people just the bottom dollar. Tom Folliard needs to be fired
ncmtnr June 23, 2011
125 point inspection
I bought a 2006 Toyota 4Runner SR5 from the certified Toyota CarMax in Richmond, VA in the fall of 2008. The truck had only 20K miles on it, still had the factory warranty. The main reason why I decided to purchase it. They shipped it down here to the CarMax on Independence Blvd here in Charlotte for free, which I thought was nice. The day that I went to pick it up the salesperson that was going to go over the truck with me told me that when the truck got to Charlotte they noticed paint chips on the front of the hood and mirrors. So, they, CarMax sent it out to a local paint shop to have those areas repainted at no cost to me.

Here's where they, CarMax got me, the truck still had the Toyota factory warranty remaining on it, but I should have also bought the extended CarMax warranty too.

I drove the truck home, about 45 minutes south of Charlotte, noticed that the front end of the truck bounced a lot more than I thought, there was a weird noise coming from the front left of the truck when I hit a ruff bump in the road. So, the very next week, I took it back to the CarMax in Charlotte, I told them what I was hearing and they said that they would take a look and see what they could come up with. An hour and a half went by and they brought my truck back out to the front of the service area and said that the front tie rod had been disconnected. They billed me at no charge and said the problem had been fixed. I drove the truck home again, the noise had gone, but the bouncing of the front end of the truck seemed to be less but still there. So, again I took it back to CarMax and had them check it out again, they found nothing wrong with the suspension.

Fast forward to today, 2011, I still have the truck, I have had no one work on it except oil changes at Quick Lubes, the original factory tires, brakes and suspension are still on it, the truck now has 66K miles. Time for new tires, oil change, new brakes, etc. I shopped for all this, ended up taking it to Dale Jarrett Ford. I asked them to do all the things I mentioned, brakes, tires, oil change, plus check the front suspension. Within 15 minute they got me and took me to my truck and showed me a nickle size hole in the hose that runs from the front right strut to the X-suspension system that my 4Runner has installed on it from the factory. The suspension system had been drained, due to this hole, that it never had been working since the system is a sealed system and they was in fluid in it, hince the bouncing of the front end of the truck. CarMax could not see a nickle size hole in the suspension or do a proper bounce test on my truck during their 125+ point inspection that they say they do on every vehicle. I doubt that this so called inspection is even done or even done thoroughly even to keep you safe. Remember, when I told you that CarMax told me that they fixed my tie rod... i would not have been able to drive the vehicle for a week, let a lone a day with a disconnected tie rod, just a thought.

So, if your trying to decide on buying a vehcile from CarMax, think again, if you do always purchase the extended warranty.

My new suspension from Toyota cost me $1500.00, I ended up spending $2700.00 on my truck in one day. I had been at the Ford service shop from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm, then drove my truck with brand new tires to the Toyota service shop at Scott Clark Toyota and was there from 3:15 pm until close. This day hurt my wallet, I was extremely pissed off about CarMax not caring about my safety and the concerns of other that would have ridden in my vehicle.

Ooh, did I mention that my truck, four months after I purchased it, I was shipped off to Iraq, my truck sat in my brother garage for over a year. Still CarMax would not help in any way on the expense, they told me that normal wear could have caused this damage...
I call BS...
Carmax June 10, 2011
Poor salesmanship and low ball appraisers
I went to carmax to look at a Jeep Wrangler. I made an appointment almost 2 days from my visit. So in that time I would think the 'sales associate' would at least do her homework and know something about the vehicle.
So she brings us out on the lot and looks for the remote on the key chain. There isn't one because there are no power locks. She opens the door with the key and looks for the door unlock. Again no power locks. My wife and I look at each other and think oh this is going to be fun. She knew ZERO about the Jeep.
Ok...so rides nice and time to appraise my vehicle. I don't expect to win the lottery with a 130K mile vehicle but I do expect to be treated fair. I came ready with two trade in values from KBB and Autotrader and both were within $200 of each other. Oh...and I also had a car fax for this vehicle. The 'appraiser' came back with autocheck and wow did he low ball me. About 2k lower. And the autocheck was much different from mine. He says the KBB and Autotrader values were garbage and they don't use them and he laughed. D*bag! He says that is not what they use but I return with it is what they use to price me a vehicle to sell me. Again more laughter. Bigger d*bag!
And the autocheck? Completely different from the car fax that I had to check the VIN to be sure it was right. Same VIN. I saw complaints of carmax of people who buy from carmax with a 'clean' title and then try to appraise it later for another vehicle and the autocheck shows something from before they bought it. How does that happen carmax? I know...your scammers and unethical.
Carmax June 10, 2011
I went to carmax to look at a Jeep Wrangler. The sales girl knew nothing about the vehicle she was trying to "sell". She is looking on the key ring for the remote. There wasn't one. She opened the door with the key then tried to look for the door unlock. It didnt have power doors. If she did her homework on this vehicle before we arrived she would not look like the idiot she was.
Ok..appraisal time. More morons. Ok so my vehicle had 130k miles on it. The auto check report was completely different than the one I had from car fax. No report from odometer change, no reposession report. $2500.00? are you kidding? I told him that was low ball and showed him the 2 values from Kelly and Autotrader which were $2000.00 higher. This moron laughed and said "these are garbage and we don't use them". These are on their website to value your trade. I said these are used by carmax to sell your vehicles. He freaking laughed. Needless to say we walked out. Scum bags. DON'T BUY FROM CARMAX!!!
TheTruth71 June 2, 2011
Hides the truth
As a former employee, I can tell you their standards for the cars they buy and how they fix them up have changed drastically since 2006. It is all about the margain now and not about the cars. You however have to remember you are buying a car that is "used". It is not going to be perfect, but the quality of how everything works is substandard to the way they used to prepare cars for sale. They are very far when it comes to buying your car because the prices come straight from the auction prices from around the USA. Good luck trying to get them to fix anything...they will just ask you to return the vehicle or trade it in.
Balcanthez June 1, 2011
Toyota Sequoia
Ok, so I went into Carmax in San Diego in Apr 2008 and was looking for an SUV. We quickly went into a 2004 Toyota Sequoia Limited and it seemed like a good price. We did all the paperwork, to include an Autocheck that showed the vehicle was clear of any accidents. I had a great experience with the salesperson, manager and all the steps of buying.

I actually love the truck, very solid, but sucks on gas...

Fast forward to 1 June 2011. I'm looking to reduce my bills, get rid of the 2nd vehicle and consolidate debt. So, I know I'm still upside-down on the Sequoia, but ready to take a $2K loss just to be done with the payments and all. I took the truck back to the same dealer I bought it from, Carmax, because they offer a free appraisal. Why not? They seemed like nice people when I bought the truck...

Went into the sales floor in San Diego, told them I was looking for an appraisal, he took the keys, identified the truck with a plastic number thingy, and we sat down. He asked me what I was looking to replace it and more chit-chat, to include updating me on the the status of the appraisal.

About 25 minutes later he brought me to a desk and started going over the appraisal process, market condition, condition of the exterior, mechanical, exterior condition, Autocheck history, etc. He showed me their off and it was pretty rediculous! $3k below what I was moderately estimating. Then he went over the factors...EVERYTHING on their appraisal showed Good condition! So why the low ball???

Looking closer at the Autocheck, there had been an accident reported in AZ! It showed "Vehicle Damage reported as DISABLING" What's worse? It was reported 3/16/2006!!! 2 FULL YEARS BEFORE I BOUGHT THE TRUCK!! WHY wasn't it on the (almighty) Autocheck done on 4/13/08, when I bought the truck??? I would NEVER have bought the truck knowing it had been in an accident!!

All the sales person and the manager could do was offer excuses why it wasn't there when I bought the truck, how it was probably just a minor scratch that they didn't detect on their 125 point inspection, "I've never seen this happen before", etc.

Well here I am, stuck with a vehicle I can't sell (For any decent value), dupped by Carmax and their Autocheck report that "wasn't accurate then, but is now". Who owns Autocheck?? Carmax maybe? HMMMMMMM!

San Diego
HUMMER2277 May 6, 2011
Amcastan May 3, 2011
Bad used car company
Two weeks after taking the car out the lot, the car started to act crazy...horn windshield wipers and spray water by itself...had to take the battery off, so I can stopped, call the dealer immediately . I had to say that, the guy took good care of me in the service department but, I had to leave my car there for a week, they give a loaner, which it was nice.After a week, I took my car home, two day after the same problem arrive, in the middle of I4 oh my GOD how embraced...my car still in the service department, they hope that this new part will do the god...honesty I'm afraid to drive the car now...I had to pay my car soon, I only used my vehicle two weeks, I'm frustrated
Furlybonch May 3, 2011
Sold me a car with major repair issues
Bought an 08 Cadillac CTS last Tuesday. Should have caught on when a "tire pressure light" went on-brought it back the same day and they fixed it. Just to stay sane, I brought the car to my mechanic. He found a mouse nest in the engine (I kid you not about these issues), found that the key fob did not work regularly, found that the ac compressor was leaking, and found a suspension bracket "seperating." Also told me he couldn't believe they would sell it to me with the tires in the dry rot, worn shape they were in. Brought it to carmax to deal with issues. Carmax agreed about the mouse nest, agreed about the key fob, agreed about the suspension issue, found that the power steering pump was leaking onto the ac compressor. Those issues were covered by manufacturers warranty, and they had no problem getting it fixed. Told me that the tires were up to their specs. I told them that there specs were unacceptable and returned the car. I understand the concept of caveat emptor, but I had really hoped carmax was different. I immediately went to a cadillac dealer and bought a certified cadillac the same day. I will never step on their lot again and will make sure I tell everybody I know about the terrible experience. If you EVER buy a car from carmax, which I strongly recommend avoiding, make sure to bring it to your own mechanic.

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