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Imran August 23, 2010
Gone a month with no car, still not fixed!
My vehicle started having problems on July 10, 2010 transmission in which I knew and was convered in my warranty. I called JD Byrider on Monday JUly 11, 2010 and was told there were no openings until Jul 23, 2010 so I waited 2 weeks to get my vehicle even looked at. Once it was taken it they said it was the TCM and it was back ordered they were trying to order out of state, once it FINALLY arrived a week later it couldnt be fixed, then i was told the cyllinder block had to be replaced and I could pick up my car on Friday August 6 2010, once I called at 5pm to make sure.. I was then told they had to replace the entire transmission. As of today its been a month that I've had NO CAR!!
Crow August 22, 2010
Used car stink
I got a used car from jd byrider in bloomington . never again it broke down i had to keep fixing itall the time . then they would call me for money all the time and never left me alone. they towed mt truck away and told me that i needed to pay 900.00 dollers .no i said you keep it i dont need the hassel of fixing itall the time.. they said they never repo i was 1 payment behind ther liers and stealers too . never shop ther you will get screwed and lied too . and they allways add on more to the price than whats its worth.
Jethr August 5, 2010
Lies about service
I am a former employee who knows firsthand that the service work done to the vehicles before the sale and the work done under their service agreement is extremely poor. They get engines from junkyards and other used parts to bandaid the vehicle rather than fixing it right the first time.

There are franchises nationwide that are individually operated but I worked at a company owned dealership and these methods were encouraged from senior management, not the employees at the dealership itself.

The finance company is also very strict in their collection policies. One day late and they are sending a repossession unit out for the vehicle. They will ask you to pawn personal items to make a car payment. They do this after setting customers up with extremely high payments and very tight budgets.

If you have to purchase a vehicle from them due to your credit, please take the time to have the vehicle inspected by a 3rd party mechanic, get all promises in writing, and go to them at the end of the month, if possible, since they will do whatever it takes to hit their sales goals, even reducing price substantially!
NK1972 July 14, 2010
Vehicle purchase
Do not purchase a vehicle from JD Byrider you will regret it. I understand the concept of paying more because of your credit being poor, but they take it too far. Upon purchase of the current vehicle I said I would not buy If I am upside down more than 3, 000 on the car, ever!!. It was not acceptable and could not happen. I was promised that I would never be and that in a year I would owe less than the car was worth or close to the value, this would make me capable of trading it in for another one. The only reason I went with them is because of this understanding, I had other options. I trusted them and had more than one person at JD Byrider tell me this was accurate, so it was not just based on the salesman, it was also the finance company and manager.

I have had the car a year and a half, it is valued at $1500.00. I tried to trade it in yesterday and they had my balance per my last receipt as 7900.00 and that is ridiculous. It has me upside 6400.00. To make the situation worse, I was approved for the new vehicle and when it came time for the payoff they actually increased the payoff to 8500.00 more than I owe. That caused the new finance company to back out.

They will report to the credit agencies but so do TOTE THE NOTE LOTS, the note holding lots actually sell cars closer to there values and will work with a finance companies for payoff. JD Byrider is a scam, they will overcharge and ruin your chances at getting ahead. It is not worth it. They are liars and thieves. The car I found out later was only worth 5K upon purchase but they charged me 12K. Do not trust them, go to a tote the note lot, I cant stress that enough. If you wreck one of their cars you will still owe the remaining balance due to the extreme difference in value vs your note. You will still have a car payment and no car, if you try to get out from under the car they will increase the pay off and you will not be able to get another car for less than 5K down. It IS NOT WORTH IT.

The experience has been horrible, please stay far away from JD Byrider.. It will only ruin you, not help. The reality of the situation is I cant get to work without a car, and I cant afford two payments so my credit will be ruined If I wreck the vehicle and have a repossession attached, due to needed another vehicle and affordability. In the end your credit will suffer not improve like they state.
JadE46 June 18, 2010
Bad place to get a car
J D Byrider tells you that you have to do a budget plan, and in the budget plan they ask you if how much you spend on cigarettes and just cause you bring in a pack of marlboro's they assume thats all you smoke, and put in the budge 162.00 a month for them, as well as if you tell them you have not bought yourself clothes in the past 2 yrs they tell you that the minimum has to be put down of 50.00, as well as they try and tell you that the minimum also for household goods is 50.00 when you do not spend that each month and then they want you to sign this document which they can later turn around and say you signed a false document and then take the vehicle from you. Its pretty stupid that the sales manager at the Knoxville location wants to tell the customer when he tells her he does spend 50.00 every month on household goods then she wants to make the remark ok so you do not take baths. Is this something a manager should say? what a pissy attitude... That's why i have filed a compliant with the Better Business Bureau, as well as Consumer Affairs, and as well as i am going to Contact Don Dare Six on your side.
csiyachat June 7, 2010
Rip off
No you do not need credit. They only deal with people with bad credit. I must warn you, this is no joke. I went to the Pittsburgh, PA West Liberty Ave location on may 29th for an appointment to get a car. Let me tell you a little about what they do and how they try to scam you. Once again I am telling you that I am being completely honest. First off they know your credit is damaged and they want to get you into a car however they take full advantage of you and you will not be happy with the end result. I am a 26 year old male who only has $3000 worth of bad credit. Not bad I must say, I was just having trouble coming up with a down payment big enough due to my lack of/mildly bad credit so I went to them. First off every car in their lot was over 10 years old and completely filthy. After talking with Tiffany, one of their con artists, I laughed as I told them that I was better off just learning to save up enough for a down payment at a dealership. They wouldn`t let me pick the car out of their lot that I wanted and told me that any half decent car(with them only having two of them, 1 being a 2002 Grand Prix with 90, 000 miles on it and 2 being a 2000 Grand Am with 120, 000 miles on it) they wanted $2500 down for each. Beings that I only had $500 down, Tiffany told me that I can only be put in a 1999 Chevy Impala with 162, 000 miles on it and here`s the best part - the Kelly Blue Book value on the car was $1100!!! They told me that after all of the taxes and paperwork and mandatory warranty that only covers the engine, brakes and starter that the total price was $12, 319!!! That`s over $10, 000 more than the car is worth! Please avoid JD Byrider at all costs. Not to mention that before I turned them down they want 6 references and their numbers and addresses so they can attempt to call as many people as they can to locate the car if you are more than two days late on your bi-weekly payments. They also were asking me how much I can afford to pay every 2 weeks and then began asking me how many cigarettes I smoke per day and what not. I felt like I was at an illegitimate doctors office and I was someone dying of cancer. Please avoid them at all costs!
Howard May 21, 2010
Poor attitude
On April 17, 2010, I purchased all the materials to build a 30' x 16' deck attached my house for $2, 124.00. I hung the joists and found that I could use 6 more 16' 2 x 8 boards instead of some boards that were delivered.

On Saturday, May 1, I made arrangements with my daughter to get am pick-up truck to return lumber and excess hardware. I returned the following;

2- 2x8x8's, 3-2xs8x14's. 2 stair risers, 3 stair treads, and 8m pounds of assorted nails. Then load was heavy. We unloaded the lumber onto a cart and wheeled it into the Store.

When I got in the store, I realized I forgot my receipt. I talked to a clerk who ID'd herself as Lynn and explained that I forgot the receipt and that I didn't have the credit card that I purchased the deck stuff with. She explained that I would get less of a value on my return without the receipt or the card. Lynn was very polite and courteous. I told her that I lived no farther that 15 minutes from the store and could get the receipt if I could leave my return goods on the cart at the return area. She said that she couldn't make that decision.

I asked to talk to a manager. Lynn pointed to a guy. I said "excuse me, " and he rudely said "I'm the Manager". Lynn told me he was called "JD". He must have been listening to the conversation between Lynn and I. I re-explained the receipt situation and asked him if I could leave the stuff on the cart while I went home to get the receipt. With no verbal recognition of my explanation, he walked around the counter to look at the load on the cart. He came back to me at the counter and said; " I have other customers here to be concerned about and he was rude! You have to load it back on you truck and take it with you when you go to get the receipt. That stuff was heavy and I'm a recently recovering cancer patient. I responed by saying; "That's ridiculous. I'm a customer too, am I not?" My daughter was also irate and went to look for a general manager with more authority. I left the load on the cart and drove home to get the receipt.

My daughter came back to the return desk with a GM, who told her that JD handled the situation improperly and poorly. We are customers and should be treated as such. The GM had conversation with JD.

Seriously, JD did use very poor judgement and consumer service skills. Saying that I had to load that stuff back of the truck was ridiculous! He needs some training on people skills.

I've been a long time customer of Menard's and always pleased with your products. My wife and I spent around another $900.00 yesterday on lattice materials to finish the deck and on a 4 piece patio furniture set for the deck. In '93, we built a sun room on our old house with all Menard's materials for about $18, 000.
GeoJ82 May 17, 2010
Trouble with car after purchase
After I got home from buying my 2000 Jimmy I found a few things wrong. A bad noise somewhere, cruise control didn't work, and a wiper blade that was in shreds. I took it back in like the told me. They fixed all problems with a smile. I had a wonderful experience with the service department. Everything was under warranty and didn't cost me a dime.

I recommend J D Byrider to anyone that has credit problems. They let you know everything they are doing step by step. No surprises. I will recommend them to anyone any time
Hugo March 18, 2010
Solicited sales of reference list
After telling our local JD Byrider that we weren't going to pay $11k for a $4k van they called us 3 times a day. After the first the messages claimed that they had good news for us!! No news from them is good!! But what finally tipped me over the edge is when 3 of the people I listed as references began getting phones calls "to come on in and get into a new car." Had I known JD Byrider was going to use "my" reference list as a tool for them to solicite their business, I would have walked out with all my paperwork. Beware of JD Byrider, they are only trying to scam those of us trying to get on our feet, and any information you provide to them they will only use to what they hope is their gain.
HimU81 January 25, 2010
Avoid them
I bought my car in 2007. I have NEVER missed or been late on a payment. I still owe 4100.00 on a piece of junk, While still under warrenty they had it in service like 4 times and nNO they do not off rental car's or a different piece of crap to drive.CNAC did reinburse me for a rental however now that the warrenty is out the car is about to just die but guess what, I can't even trade it back in to them. They say I need to pay it down to 2500.00. I said it will not make it that long but they just don't care.If any of you have any brains in your head, avoid this dealerships at all cost. No other car dealer will take this piece of crap from me either.They are DIRTY DIRTY...LOW LIFES AVOID JDBYRIDER.

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