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MarC92 January 5, 2010
Upon applying for a car from JD Buy Rider I found out that they are big rip offs. They tell you how easy it is to buy a car from them but the are ripping you off. They charge you 3 to 4 time more then what the car is worth. Example a 2001 ford focus in my area with 111, 000 miles is worth 4350. They want 11, 995.00 for the same car. They tell you the higher cost is to pay for the warranty on the car. Then they tell you that the finance company they use is right in house. But when you ask what the interest rate is they don't know. They also tell you the cars are road ready, well try again I took a car on a test drive and it was a joke it was worst than the one I was trying to get rid of. So buyer beware they are worst than a loan shark.
NasH78 December 17, 2009
In June of 2007, just a day before my daughter's first birthday party, a very desperate, stupid me was escorted to JD Byrider by a car salesman from Chrysler whom couldnt get me in a car.

I was told that this was the best of the best car companies and he they would treat me good. seeing as if the car salesman was a personal friend of my boss, I thought I was at no harm.

Well I shouldve known that this was a shady deal because they videotape the contract and make you sign tons of forms that say you can never sue them no matter what! You must take them arbritration court.

I had met the owner and he was honest and upfront with me, he told me that the cars were from auction and they werent the best cars but the service department would always be there for me with my 18 month warranty. (he told me they were some of the best guys in the business) I was hesitant because I was paying over $10, 000 for a car that was in perfect condition and low miles was only worth $3, 000. But I was ensured that whatever problems may arise from the car would be taken care of asap. Thats what I was sold on; was the fact that they would always work on my car no matter what!I was given an emotional speech on how improvng my credit would help me, and to think that the money I was paying was priceless considered to how this new car would affect my credit score. My credit score has barely moved in 18 months of on time payments.

I needed a car extremely bad and couldnt risk losing my job, I could afford $175 every 2 weeks because I had been renting cars for almost 7 months at this point. and was paying almost triple that. I thought I had nothing to lose.

I drove off with my new used car; not even 12 hours later after getting the car, it cut off on the freeway. They made me pay $50 to get it towed back to them. It was Saturday so the service department was closed. The salesman stuck a dealer tag on another car in the lot and allowed for me drive it until Wednesday of that week.

This was only the start of my problems. I never drove that car 2 weeks without it cutting off, smoking, or not starting. The service department would keep my cars for days, whenever i called to get the status on my car, coincidentally Mike, the service manager always picked up and told me that his best guy was taking it for a test drive as we spoke. No kidding every time I called I was told someone was looking at my car or taking it for a test drive, as we speak. I have fellow family members whom work on cars but I never let them touch it for fear that I would lose my warranty. Whatever Mike and his employees were doing to my car were only minor things to last for a few days to a few weeks. I was told several times by several passer byers on the freeway, gas stations, or wherever my car would break down the issues that my car had. I would call Mike and tell him, he would have my car towed, I would get a rental, he'd keep it for days, I'd get it back in a few days, and maybe 2-5 days later my car would have another problem. Ive been told that tape was used to patch things up. I cant beleive they would put my child and I in such danger!

Supposedly they have put a new engine, replaced the gaskets, fixed leaks, pipes, brakes, tubes etc. And my car is a ticking time bomb. I have never missed a payment in 19 months. Even when I was out of work for 10 weeks!! I even pay an additional $50 every month just so i can get rid of it quicker. If you dont make your payment by 5pm, they send the tow guy to your home and work looking for you. Mind you the payment window closes at 8pm.

They stay right on top of your payments but not on top of their so-called guarantee. The worst thing is I shouldve done more research. I was just so desperate!!! Ive read horrible stories all over the internet. One involving death. But guess what? The contract you sign, says they can use deadly force to take the car if you miss just one payment!

Ive paid over $7, 600 for the car since Ive had it, they havent fixed my car which is now out of warranty. I havent driven the car since August. Im still making payments on time. i still have active auto insurance on it. My mom uses the car occasionally to run errands or to take my grandmother whom has alzheimers to appointments. Last week I paid them $60 to fix the heat. They didnt! They put tape on the engine and messed up the fuses in the car so nw the trunk wont pop for my grandmother's wheelchair. They need to be stopped! This is not the kind of business we need around praying on those whom are trying to repair their credit and have families to take care of. We need reliable transportation!!!
Kan55 September 3, 2009
Don't trust
My mother bought a 2001 Ford Taurus from JD BYRIDER shortly after moving to arizona to start a new job after years of struggling she had finally a good job with a bright future the car was overpriced and we all knew this but my mother figured with her down payment amount and credit history she had no one else that was even going to consider her.

She has had the car about 10 months now with the warranty on it and decided to come back to colorado for a vacation on her first highway trip in the car she got a lil more than 100 miles out of phoenix and blew the head gasket called JDBYRIDER and they said if she paid to fix it she would be reimbursed for the whole repair bill since she had warranty she did so and returned to Phoenix and went to claim her money and they took one look at the reciept and told her it was a fake reciept she spoke to the supervisor and he told her to give him a few weeks to figure it out in the mean time she had a payment due and decided she couldnt afford it due to the fact she had put out 1500 to fix the car.

Few days later they came to repo the car and they couldnt get to it becuz it was in the garage so they called my mom askin for the payment she explained the situation and that she would make the payment when she got paid for the repair, the guy then told her she would be getting a check next week for $800.00 becuz they were takin her car payment out of the money they owed her, well the car payment was $300 shes gettin $800.00 that adds up to $1100.00 she still got screwed out of $400.00 and now the alternator went out...DONT BUY A CAR FROM THEESE GUYS WORST MISTAKE ANYONE CAN MAKE...by the way we still have the car and have yet to see a check.
want to pay!!! August 27, 2009
Taking our car for an honest mistake
We purchased a 2002 Dodge Stratus from this place because my husband wanted to rebuild his credit. Well we figured it sounded good and we needed a vehicle. Our payments were automatically deducted from one of our banking accounts, well on our 3rd payment I had by mistake forgot to account for a 8 dollar check that I had written, well our payment was 100 dollars. I was short 2.54 cents. We called them and told them our mistake and gave them my our other account to take the money out of. They called and said because we were late and didnt have enough money they were going to take our car. We told them we could pay them that day and they would not let us, we had the money and were willing to pay them but they saidmy husband wasnt working with them and he never gave them his account number. My husband travels a lot and needs his car, but they said they had to pick it up. They would not even work with us and they wanted the car back, we were going to pay them and they would not let us!!! If we were a few months behind I would understand, but we said we would pay them and they would not let us!!! So my husband had to tell them to pick it up because they said if he didnt tell them his address he would call the police on him and issue a warrant and take him to court!!
Sue Eberhard June 10, 2009
Ripped Off
I purchased a 2002 explorer on 4/27/09 with a 500.00 down payment. I was required to pay 2 deferred payments of 300.00 by 5/23/09. JD Byrider now has 1100.00. My contract payment was due on 6/7/09 for 180.00 (biweekly). I called and said I can't pay it until 6/12/09. cnac said, you have to come in discuss this matter for not having the payment on time. The out come is I lost my car, my money, and cnac said, I don't have my suv any longer, for not making my payment on time. Remove your belongings from the suv. There I was in the parking lot with my daughter in disbelief. I called the attorney general and he said to call DMV. DMV said they can do that. So whats my rights? They kept my money and kept my car. I want people to beware of this shady company.
Jay June 8, 2009
Well JD Byrider got theirs when they messed with 18 year old high schoolers... The local JD Byrider dealer decided to send a couple con artists to my sons highschool. Well my son came home and showed me a business card he was given and he said the salesperson said he could get a car eve though he didnt work or have credit. It was towards the end of the school year so all the seniors were 18 except for a few. Well I get calls from a few parents that their child purchased these vehicles that had a blue book value of 2000-3000 and they were sold to them for 12, 000+ at 23-24% APR. The reason they told me is because I am a Federal Judge. So I pay that dealer a visit and tell them I didnt approve of their "shady" dealings. I didnt tell them my occupation though. The manager comes to me and says "They are 18 and they need to take their diapers off". Well I left and told them "You are going to be sorry you ever did what you did and said what you said."

I make about 10 calls and my people spring into action... Fire Marshalls, Building Inspectors, Zoning Officials, City Council, Mayors all bombard the dealer. FInally the "owner" of the dealership finds out I am the onee behind all of this and he calls me. He says he is taking all the cars back and voiding all the contracts from the 5 or so cars that were sold to the seniors. So i personally see to it that all contracts were voided... But wait ha ha. I never called off the wolves and that dealer got destroyed with various fines and violations.
Danielle S April 4, 2009
I had my car since sept' 08 and my car has been in the shop me than enough for the same things over and over. i filed a complaint with the bbb, and jd byrider waited until the due date of the claim and said they contacted me and they corrected my problems. they lied i knew nothing about that until later on that night when i checked my status. JD byrider had me rent a car from express rental so they can fix my car and i had the rental for 5 days and when i got my car back it was never fixed and more problems occured. someone needs to get a class act lawsuit against them. i'm in dkshorts@hotmail.com
Tommy Lee April 3, 2009
Fraud and cheating
I bought a 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue three and a half years ago from the JD Byrider in Appleton Wisconsin. I was between a rock and a hard place because I was moving out of state and had no established credit history so no car company would finance me.

My car ran fine for the first three months but quickly started to fall apart. Within a year and a half of buying the car I needed the transmission replaced, the gears fixed because they apparently 'slipped out of place' so park was reverse etc. and finally the engine broke down and needed to be completely replaced. All three problems were quite expensive to fix.

I am a student a could not afford the thousands of dollars it would cost to fix the engine on top of my $300.00 a month car payment. I will make my last payment this week and have not been able to drive my car for over a year and a half. I have lost thousands of dollars to this company and was clearly taken advantage of.
November 16, 2008
shiesty car sales women
. I agreed to purchased a vehicle with JD Byrider company based on false facts that was given to me by the mentioned associate(Rhashika Jefferson). She lead me to believe that (without taxes included) the vehicle I purchased would be dropped $1000, from the original price, and that my car (2000 Dodge Stratus ) would have full coverage insurance for only $87 dollars a month. I agreed to purchase the vehicle under those terms. I also told her I had transfer tags to put on my vehicle from my old car, which later on she said she didn’t recall me mentioning(but she was the one that brought it to my attention that I had transferable tags.) When I went to sign all the legal forms to complete the contract the numbers did not add up, so I inquired once again with her about the total on the contract, and she informed me that I would not be paying that amount, and that they did drop the price $1000(to 8000) . That was one of the only reasons I agreed to go through with the contract because it was more affordable for me. When she set my insurance up she told me it had to come directly from an checking’s account and that the insurance she got me wanted $145 up front, which I agreed to pay. I put the money into my account and went back to Miss. Jefferson and she started the insurance process. About 20 or 30 minutes into the process she said my insurance had went up to$106/amonth, but the rate to get me started had went down to $135 (which I accepted).; She gave me my insurance papers without any prices on it, just portion showing that I was covered. I left and went to work. After getting off work I went to my bank and was informed that the place Miss. Jefferson had got me insurance through over drafted my account for $182.50, which was not the price she gave me. I was very displeased with the service I received from her and thought you should know what type of sales associates she really is, I had to pay my bank an overdraft fee because of her dishonesty. I went back to Jd Byrider and the first guy really didn't care about my sitaution and reminded me of my contract i had with them and threatened to agarnish my wages until the car was paid off, even if I did'nt want the car. The other guy I spoke with told me to write a leter to him and he would to something further after voiding my contract with there company. I feel like the only reason he really did that, was to avoid legal matters and bad problicity of the thier company. I wrote the letter to him and he did nothing. She still works there;she told him I never liked her so that's why I made this scenario up...well why would I have agreed to purchase a car with her then? ;was my reply to him.
November 5, 2008
Horror story
JD Byrider/CNAC is, in my opinion, participating in organized fraud. To have your vehicle repossessed for being in default by one day is ridiculous at best and serves no ones interest but the profits of the company. They are selling the same vehicle over and over again to unsuspecting consumers that will have it repossessed, no matter what, if you go even a day in default. The bigger problem is that at the Tampa franchise, they request the entire amount of the loan that is now in default because they repossessed it and will seek to sue you for the vehicle that they will sell to some other unsuspecting consumer at inflated prices and an outrageous interest rate. The public is being swindled by this horrid company skirting the law.

My vehicle was purchased on February 20, 2008 and was reposed on March 24, 2008. I hadn't even gotten the hard tag for it yet, because I was a day in default due to my work schedule. Even though I had the money to pay them when I inquired about retrieving the license plate on the 24th. While I was on the phone with CNAC, the repo man was in my driveway. Now I don't want the car back, I want justice.

I wish to see this company punished/closed down for their predatory lending and their shady business practices, if it takes every thing I have to do it. My credit score will only reflect negatively of my dealings with this company. Too many people have the same horror story, something needs to be done!

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