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Horn February 11, 2011
I paid all my past due charges and they still came and reposessed my car. I called Santandar and they told me that the repossession was closed and there was no reason the care shouldve been picked up. The towing company is out of California and is on a different time than they are and the paperwork just crossed. I could go pick my car up which is 1hour away and they have to see what they can do about the repo fees, I told them they will be hearing from my attorney. Inever seen anything like it, this should be illegal.
AbbaGram February 1, 2011
Not applying payments
I get a call from them (at work nonetheless when I have repeatedly asked them not to call me at work) telling me I am overdue on payment. I spoke to a rep not 10 days before who said my account was paid up to date. Very arrogant on the phone wanting me to confirm information about the loan when I was trying to work. I made a payment through my bank and the rep said he would mark the account "promise to pay" and if I didn't I could lose the car. Never had a problem with Citifinancial, almost accommodating when payment had to be late because of no $$ coming in (unemployed).
2005Hyundai January 31, 2011
Threats of vehicle repossession
While I have been late with my payments due to being unemployed since June 1, 2010, a single female and collecting unemployment; I received a note dated 1/2/11 on 1/19 indicating my vehicle was going to be repossessed for my payment being late (35 days). Technically, I am late with my December payment; however, when I attempted to negotiate by putting a payment at the end, I was told that the company was not accommodating customers in that manner. Is everything today about money? Where is the bailout or consideration for the consumer that have made a profit for these companies. This does not make sense. I am within $2, 730.04 of paying my car off. My contractal date for payment completion is March 2011, if I do not make that payment date the business will make a profit. Consumers need a break.
Amds1842 January 31, 2011
Trying to repo my car, which i am making my payments on
I just spoke with to a woman(or at least I think it was) at Santander who is the most disrespectful person I have ever dealt with. I have sent them proof that my payments are being made, but still they have my car out for repo.WTF is right. What is with this company? Today I call a lawyer.I have it with them.

I dont know if there is a way we could all sue them or not, but if someone could look into it let me know.I am not good with things like that but I would be willing to do what ever I could.There has to be a way to stop them.
MaryisMad January 29, 2011
Stealing my Money
Santander is stealing my money. They are applying my principle payments towards interest. I cannot understand their english and it is impossible to speak with a supervisor.

After 30mins on hold, they hung up on me. They have lost payments and have charged me a "late fee".

I do not own the balance that they say and they will not allow me the pay off that is on my statement without charging me interest. I am very unhappy. I dont know what to do to 'fix' this.

I am currently on the phone with the department of Consumer Affairs.

Is their ANYONE that has had this same problem with Santander Consumer? If so, what did you do to make them make the numbers right???
markladouceur January 24, 2011
Charging me more money 2 pay on line
I would like 2 pay the bill on line but they want 2 charge me ortake it out of my account automatically out of my account. I would like 2 pay it once a month when I want 2.
pickupman January 11, 2011
owing too much
I had my account sold by citifinancial in 09/2010 to Santander consumer. my loan was scheduled to terminate 2/16/11 but citifinancial gave me deferments during the contract saying they would be tacked onto the end of the contract extending it. Got a notice from santander that my contract was about to terminate but my balance was 3900.00 and needed to be paid in full. I have two more payments plus 6 deferred payments at 290.00 totaling 2428. My calculator says that doesn't add up. Called Santander and they said it was interest making the difference. $1400.00 ?????
jazzmickey January 3, 2011
I'm so tired of dealing with this company! I have contacted the attorney generals office to get some help and they would not respond to them after months of letters. Now they want to call me 24/7! But when I ask them questions about my account they still have NO answers! They tip toe around what I'm asking or they talk to me like I'm slow! I have proof they are a rip off! They placed late charges on my account the day before it was even due! Now that my account is almost paid off there talking about a ballon payment! How much do you want to bet that they will try to reposse my car! If anybody can give some help I would appreciate it!
r dente December 29, 2010
false late fees
i have over a thousand dollars in fees, thay give me the run around when i question the charges
larry sheffield December 23, 2010
double debiting bank account
i pay my payment by phone and they draw from my bank. called
and made decembers pymt and they double debit my account 1 for
$579.31 and another for $583.36. called and was told they only drafted 1 and told me to send a copy of my bank statement showing
on 12/20/10 they did this. call back to make sure they recieved fax
and was told yes and was with the dispute team to call back in 2 days
so i did and was told that they only took 1 pymt out to fax a copy of
my bank statement HERE WE GO AGAIN! this company is nothing
but full of frauds, sneeks, and thieves. i wish i would have read about them before this happened!

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