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Santander Consumer USA Reviews

Marie Burton November 15, 2010
Not applying payments
We have two different vehicle loans under Santander. Absolutely never a late payment, they are all made via automatic bank draft. One was paid off by a dealership in September 2010. Santander cashed the check, and put it on a wrong account. So far, for two months Santander refuse to listen to us when we send them copies of the check for $14982.06 that THEY cashed. We finally talk to someone who seems like they know what is going on, as we find out that they had applied the CashOff/TradeIn to the current vehicle we own. So he says he would take care of it. So a week later, we are now getting calls that the Current Vehicle is TWO months late. Didn't we just do this??! Seems they have deducted ALL recent account activity from the current vehicle, as opposed to taking the wrongly applied trade-in check of $14982.06 and cashing out the first vehicle which should have been done two months ago. This is so aggravating when we pay everything exactly on time and they cannot even appropriate their funds properly. And they harass us over the phone without any offer of trying to resolve their own screw up. Monstrous. Sign me up for the class action lawsuit.
glasswindow November 11, 2010
death notice
my husband died october 29 2010, and as his spouse I elected to pay his debt in full to Santander. A customer service rep called me and tried to give me a verbal quote over the phone of how much he owed and ofcourse I told her to send me the amount by mail so I could allow my Attorney to view the quote and pay them off.
Did I offend them by this or is this company untrustworthy?
tell me what you think?
Done with Santander November 10, 2010
Terrible Service
I had an account with Citifinancial and Santander Consumer took over the account. The service was horrible and one lady was nice in the beginning and i decided to tell the manager how good her service was...Well to my dismay she seem to careless about the compliment and hung up the phone. I was blown away. I had to make several calls to them and all i got was horrible service. I was beside my self and decided to 'REFINANCE' with a local credit union. I know have a lower finance rate from 12% with Citifinancial now to a 7% with the credit union and my credit score aint the best either. I have never been late on my car payment and i refused to give my hard earn money to these ridiculous, rude people. If you can get out...refinance your loan with another company who would appreciate your business. Im so Done with Santander.
tt92618 November 8, 2010
Failed to credit account with payoff, claims account past due
Citibank recently appointed Santander as servicer for the loan on a 2006 Pontiac Torrent I owned. This loan has never been late - it has always been paid through Citibank's auto-debit program, and I have years of monthly billing statements on hand that attest to the fact that during the entire life of the loan with Citibank, the payments have never been late.

After the first two months of Santander servicing the loan, I traded in the vehicle and the dealership paid it off. Let me repeat that: the vehicle was paid off. I have evidence of this in the form of a payoff notice from Santander themselves, the actual title to the vehicle (released to me by the state DMV), and also a copy of the cashed check that the dealer remitted to Santander, including the date when Santander cashed it, all routing numbers, and a letter from the business office of the Dealership (a nationwide chain) stating that they have repeatedly contacted Santander to ensure that the payoff is properly credited to my account.

As of today, Santander continues to report that the account is not paid off, despite the fact that they cashed the dealership's payoff check, and despite the fact that the payoff amount provided by the dealer actually exceeds the payoff amount for the vehicle. Worse, Santander reports that the account is actually past due by 22 days, despite the fact that the last monthly payment was made on time, again by auto-debit, debited by Santander. They claim that the account is late stemming from 2007 - in essence claiming that the account has been past due for *3 years* - from a point before they actually even serviced the loan, and also despite the fact that they previously transacted two payments on the account without indicating the account was past due, and despite the fact that Citibank previously transacted 3 years worth of payments on the account, also without ever indicating that the account was past due (BECAUSE IT WASN'T).

Synopsis: I have a vehicle that has been paid off - There is incontrovertible evidence to this effect in the form of the payoff check actually cashed by Santander. The note has never been paid late - I also have evidence to this effect. Yet against this, Santander continues to indicate that the account is not paid off, and also has the temerity to add insult to injury by claiming the account is past due.

They (Santander) are absolutely terrible to deal with. There is no way to directly contact anyone within their organization who can be of any real assistance in resolving these issues - the same answer is always given no matter how many times you call them to complain (we will send it to our accounts dept for review.) Even the business office for the dealer - who has paid out over ten thousand dollars to Santander that has not been applied to the payoff account - gets this same answer.

I've seen other complaints online about being told by Santander that they were past due after having their loans taken over by them, despite the fact that the original loan holders never considered the loans late. This behavior seems obviously reprehensible at best, and on the surface certainly appears fraudulent in nature. I hope to God someone sues them for this behavior, because they are the absolutely worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. In my case, they are demonstrably in the wrong, yet I cannot get ANY satisfaction from them with respect to resolving the issue.
Pissed off Car Loan payer November 5, 2010
Horribad customer service and stupid people
I'm a pissed off Car Loan payer

Since Santander has become the owner of my car loan I have had nothing but headaches from this scum sucking douche bag resin company. They call me at all fucking hours of the day and night and when I try to add anything less than $100 to my account they keep telling me to go to western union. Fucking scamming skum fucking trash bitches! Now they say I am somehow 80 days past due and they still won’t let me add money to my account over the phone! I think we all should get together and find a good class action lawyer so we can all sue the fuckity fuck fucking shit out of this FUCKING SHIT BAG OF A BANK!!! FUCK YOU SANTANDER!!! FUCK YOU!!!
T. Driskill November 5, 2010
Liars/ Frauds
I have never been involved with such a group of liars in my entire life.
Santander Consumer USA, does not deserve to have the USA behind their name at all.
They are as the crooks of olden times, smile in your face and stab your back with a smile.
In my opinion every employee in that company should be ashamed to cash their paychecks,
they agree with that companies policies. That is a sad state of affairs.
I have been led on for over 26 days re a deferrment on my payment based on medical situation.
Now, I find out, no there will be no deferrment..well...okay, but they knew this, 26 days ago.
Had they just been honest with me and said "No, we are unable to do this", I would have said "thank you
for your time and goodbye". But no, I was lied to, I was talked down to.
I work hard at my job to pay these sub-humans their pay, as they surely slide/slime their way out of
that building to their cars/homes.
God has a way of taking care of his Children, I am a child of God, All Mighty, He will take this wrong and turn it
around for His good, I know that, I trust my faith in God.
So, Santander, you are not hurting me, you have brought God Almighty down to you.
Stop lying to your customers, treat them with respect as human beings and bring your hearts to the altar
for God.

Thank you,

Diffenderfer November 3, 2010
Unauthorized deduction
Santander recently bought our car loans from Citi-Financial and it has been one long nightmare. After dealing with this very questionable company we decided to payoff our loans. After the loans were paid off they took an additional payment of more than $500.00. We have been trying to get a refund since September. Today we were told a refund had been approved by it would take another 30-45 days to process. I really cannot see a refund coming. I have asked to speak to a supervisor, but was given the run around. The only way you can even get to a person is use the phone tree and tell them you are interested in establishing a new loan. I recommend that anyone who is having trouble with this company is to write a letter to the Attorney General of Texas where their offices are located and to the Attorney General of your home state. This is an extremely dishonest company and at no time did we ever have an agreement with them to deduct monies straight out our checking account. If one of your loans is sold to this company, you should immediately find a way of refinancing it. This is a continuing nightmare.
William Dawson October 27, 2010
Late charges ,over charges
Mail payments to a po. box 20 days ahead of payment and it's still late.Then late charges and harrassing calls, at least 20 a day.Made same payment 3 times in one year on payment that was already paid.Set up arrangments with them, no one notes it on computer, then the next person wont work with you.Threatened repo of my vehicle for payment they say wasnt made over 2 yrs ago when i was with hsbc.Started researching and found out there are alot of people who who are dealing with same problems.Need a proper mailing address, and one customer service rep. to deal with.Do not do business with this company, beware seriously.Ps. now they want 15 dollars to make your payment on debit card, with no written notification.I will never do business with them again or for that matter hsbc also.
Spiggle October 24, 2010
Bought my account
I am currently in the US Army, serving overseas in afghanistian, citi finacial sold my account to SANTANDER CONSUMER USA. I was with CITI FINANCIAL since I bought the truck, never late on a payment. I called Citi to get a payoff quote and was transfered to their number, and I was told that my payments were 20$ higher, still with out my knoweledge. I tried calling the costumer serivce and there hours on sunday is 7 am to 5 pm centeral time, and they were closed when I called at 0730 CST. IF some one is willing to help me out please email me at spigglejuice@yahoo.com This is not right and I'm going to stand for it.
Nique81 October 21, 2010
Unauthorized processing fee
A collector called me and ask me for a payment. I made a payment with out being told about a processing fee. A processing fee was taking out of my account with out my permission. Talk to customer servcie and manager and nothing was done about it.

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