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do middlebrough December 8, 2010
they caused me to have back suragree then fired me after 12 years of service now where to get a job with bad back
madcustomer9999 December 4, 2010
Customer Service
I was in the Scarborough, Maine, Wal Mart today looking for a particilar toy for my granddaughter for Christmas which the other stores carry. I could not find the toy. There was an "employee" (I use the term loosely) working in the aisles which I approached for helped. The women was slovenly dressed, dirty pants, grossly over weight, a too small Wal Mart over a dirty white shirt. The store shirt was so small it was rolled up under her breasts. She appeared to have the inteligence of a 5 year old. I described the toy, she replied "I don't know about that I work in the toy department." When I pointed out to her that it WAS a toy, she made no effort to get help, go look for it, look out back, or go get a manager, she just said; "Well, if you don't see it, then we don't have it." and turned back to playing with the merchandise on the shelves. What makes this incident so galling is that I have been out of work for 18 months, I have over 30 years experience in retail and customer service, had I ever treated a customer like that I would have been fired on the spot, further more I have put in application after application at Wal Mart for employment and have had several interviews to no avail, yet this incompetent moron has a job there!!
jerreone December 3, 2010
After my father and I purchased a 800 dollar computer we proceeded to speak with employees. William a sales associate was very helpfull. My father was in his U.S. Army Uniform and another employee was friendly and we gave him a recruiters card. I myself was in a suit and tye and have shopped there on many occasions. We then proceeded twoward the jewelery department to look at watches. We looked at a watch and a lady came to assist us. She had hair which would fall down to her shoulders and it was up in a pony tail. We asked her for a price on a watch because it was not labeled properly. We then asked to see the watch which was located inside the locked glass jewelery cases. She got it out and RELUCTANTLY handed it to my father. He showed it to me up close as she looked us over thouroughly and looked mad and wanted it back quickly. We hardly had enough time to look at it. It was very rude of her to insinuate that we were or are shoplifters. My father an myself were extremely upset.
shelialynn1 October 14, 2010
I started working at Wal Mart in 2001. The pay was great, the benefits were awesome, and the employees were hard-working, sensible people. I had to quit in 2007 to take care of my sick father. 2 years later, I returned, only to find out they would not re-hire me because of a background check they started in 2004. I had a misdemeanor charge in 1999, when I was 18. I am still in the system as "re-hireable", yet they won't let me come back because of a minor charge I got when I was 18. Now, they hire felons for huge tax breaks, but if you have a misdemeanor, you're screwed. I wasted 6 years working 40-70 hours a week for this company. I started as a cashier and left a salaried assistant manager. It makes me sad to know that they have taken away all the great profit sharing and retirement benefits they once offered. Now, all they hire is part time bums who do nothing, while screwing all the full time associates that have put 10+ years into learning the business. Sam Walton would be so disapointed.
N Evans September 20, 2010
Money card
I have one of their money cards and everytime you turn around there is some kind of bullshit with it. It is either you can't put any amount on it you want ( Heaven help you if you want to put $15.00 on it plus give them $3.00 for doing it NO you haveto put atleast $20.00 and still give them $3.00 ) and it takes them 3-5 days to put a store credit back on your card DON'T know what they will charge for that. Everyone needs to stop shopping at Wal Mart. The Mom and Pop stores will come back. Wal Mart and their China supplies are helping to ruin this country and the Waltons don't care about you at all.
Sam tergo September 19, 2010
Lap Top
I purchased a $600.00 lap top from a Michigan WAL MART STORE ABOUT 16 MONTHS AGO. I was told the extended warranty offered at $100.00 would cover just about anything including internal battery. Now i need a battery replaced and wal mart refuses to even acknowledge my BBB complaint, my 17 telephone calls to corporate and simple choose to ignore me. If you were to call or visit a wal marts and ask about the extended warranty today, you will most likely hear the same lies which i was told “Batteries are covered and this is a great deal"
Batteries are not covered and almost all competitors extended warranties cover batteries except wal marts.
cwilliamsrun02 September 3, 2010
Rude Rude RUDE
Greeters that don't greet-and try to sit off to the side as much as possible. Cashiers that do everything they can-to do as little as possible to help you. Cashiers that do not say hello, hi, or even kiss my ass. Dept heads that hurry up and look away because they are so afraid that you may ask them for help finding something. Empty shelves, screaming children. Horrible customer service, long lines. Employees who bitch about their jobs to one another in front of EVERYONE. This is Wal Mart.
They hire the iliterate and destitute because they are cheap. Plus they know that no matter the crappy quality that they have, people will keep going because it's cheap. Well, I will NEVER go to another Wal Mart again. I cannot stand it there...and my whole family will not either, nor their kids, and on and on.
Callsoncrows August 24, 2010
Flies and Gnats in Packages & On Donuts
Every time I am in Wal Mart there are flea and gnats behind the glass all over the Donuts. There are Gnats crawling around in the products packaged in the WalMart Deli, mostly on cookies. I took some pictures today of Donuts, behind the glass, crawling with these gnats. I aim to post these images on Facebook. Also, why is there no one back with the fish? Everytime I want to buy a fish, there are more dead fish than live and it takes a half hour to get an employee who's willing to help a customer with the obviously neglected fish. Most of them are diseased and die within the first two days of owning them. Shouldn't there be "a fish person" on hand at all times to answer questions, save the fish and assist customers?
davidcableguy August 10, 2010
Property Damage
Aug 5, 2010
Avoid their Tire and Lube Express like the plague!! I brought my car there for an oil change in July 2010. My rear power window that worked fine when I left the car with them was stuck half down when I got it back. The claims management department denied my claim, told me they had no proof that the window worked when I left it. Here's my proof: IT WORKED UNTIL THEY BROKE IT! Filed a complaint with the corporate office today, I will follow up with details when I get them. So far, not impressed...
barnes57 July 22, 2010
I went to WalMart this morning buying food for a disabled women. I also had to purchase a pack of cigarettes. I don't smoke and I made a comment about this and this women would not sale me a pack of cigarettes unless she was with me. She told me that I should lie about buying for this lady and then she could sell them to me. I have bought Cigarettes for this lady before with no trouble. She was rude and very nasty about the situation. I asked to talk to the manager and she would not come. I will never go there again. This is the most stupid thing that I have ever encountered. What do people do that are confined to a bed and have the nasty habit of smoking. I have never been so upset with WalMart as I am tonight. It seems like they hire very uncaring people. I know smoking is a horrible habit but when you have the habit it is hard to say you can't smoke anymore although I would like to tell her that. She has lots of medical problems and I do wish she would stop. Has anyone out there had the same problem. Is this WalMart's policy or is this a women with an ego problem.

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