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Marianna November 15, 2010
I have been a member for about 7 years. They charge my credit card every month and for that I get 1 massage a month at a reduced rate.

I have about 8 prepaids and can't afford to use them because I can't afford the tipping right now.

If I cancel or put a "hold" on my account, I can't use the services I've already paid for.

I sent an email to the corporate office and did not even get a reply.
ME2468 November 14, 2010
Complaining about complainers
I don't really see why all you people are complaining about Massage Envy. Maybe if you would have ACTUALLY read your contracts you would understand policies and procedures. My advice to you is to read something before you sign it.
mona_113 November 5, 2010
I worked there!
I worked at Massage Envy at the front desk for 6 months, and I can say that Massage Envy is a horrible place - at least at my location. The owner was a complete and total bitch and while there were quite a few great therapists, there were some that clearly hated their job, which really reflected in the quality of their massages (I know this since the clients would bring it up to me and the other receptionists after their session).

As a "receptionist/sales associate" I was pushed and pushed and pushed to sell memberships. It didn't matter what it took or what I was comfortable with. This was my first (and only) sales job and sometimes I would come home crying because the owner and managers made me do whatever it took to get people to sign up. They even made me change my hair. I was only 19 at the time and they wanted to make me "look older" so people would take me more seriously. Are you kidding me? Give me a break, it's a crappy massage chain. When I sold a membership I was praised like a puppy. I hated it. I also had to listen to a lot of the therapists talk crap about their clients after they left or while they were dressing or undressing. They would say mean things about the way they looked, mostly. I feel so bad for anybody who has a membership there. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere where they care about YOU and your well being.
Terrible 22 October 29, 2010
Treat employees like work horses
These people have no idea what they are doing!!! The employees are paid and treated like work slaves.
Karol1218 October 15, 2010
This company is nothing but a rip off! I went the day before my wedding to have a massage and was talked into getting a membership that was supposed to cost me $49 each month. Well it cost me $63 a month and was told when I wanted to cancel that I was locked in for a year. Ok so I did not read the very fine print! Now a year has past and I cancelled, now they tell me I still am going to be charged another month since it states in the contract once again in extrememly small fine print that I have to cancel thirty days before and if I use any of my massages that I already paid for they will charge me again for a monthly fee!! They owe me 5 prepaid massages which they say if I do not pay that months charge I cannot have! So that would mean they owe me 6 prepaid massages. What a scam they have going! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. Once you are locked in you will either lose money on the monthly fee or your prepaid massages!!
not paying October 14, 2010
This franchise is a disgrace to a small business. VERY SAD! It takes advantage of people by not disclosing exactly what the contract terms and rush you into signing stating you can cancel at anytime. Except there are different rules in Texas, apparently. It is a legal binding contract, so for at least one year, you cannot cancel. Even if you DIE! What a load of crap this business is. I even followed the direction of a manager of the store in cancelling my membership. One year later, after canceling, I get a call from a lawyer representing Massage Envy stating I owe over $700. Seriously? That's funny, I have not received one call, not one email, not one letter stating anything about this membership still being open. So when I talk with the lovely, rude General Manager, she states that the manager at the time was fired so since he didnt handle my cancellation properly or may have given me wrong information, and now all of a suddden my cancellation paperwork is not in my file, then it is now my problem. Oh, but she did say she has the best customer service rating! Uh, no you don't! Im not paying this company a damn thing and I will let it drop my impeccable credit score for seven years to make a point. They are crooked and they know it. DO NOT GET A MEMEBERSHIP WITH THIS COMPANY! I WILL MAKE CERTAIN I TELL EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW< AND I WORK IN THE SAME TOWN IN A PLACE THAT PUTS ME IN FRONT OF A LOT OF PEOPLE! I will make it part of my daily routine to see that they know about these crooks!
PleaseHelppp! October 12, 2010
Unethical Business Practices
On May 27, 2009, I requested that my monthly membership account be frozen. I was told that this would be done for six months. Unfortunately, this did not occur. I am disappointed because of all the problems I’ve run into since then in attempt to resolve this matter. Things do not get resolved, although I am lead to believe they are.
I spoke with the manager on December 31, 2009. I explained that for six months my credit card account had monthly fees drafted that were supposed to have been frozen. The bank considered this an “Unauthorized Use” of my credit card. As a result, the bank closed that credit card account number and was going to peruse Massage Envy (Maumee, Ohio) for the return of the monies.
My communication with Massage Envy actually began on December 22, 2009 when I walked into the Maumee location to find out why these drafts had occurred. That night a message was left for the manager to contact me. I had to call back several times (on December 24, 26, and 28th), no manager. On December 31st I finally made contact. I was told that somehow their computer had undone the account freeze of May 27th on May 28, 2009. I informed the manager that the bank stated this was an unauthorized use of my bank account and they were going to come after them (Massage Envy) for the monies and had closed out my credit card.
As a result, the manager agreed to refund all six drafts and asked me if I wanted to continue with my membership. I told him that I was not to give Massage Envy my new account number because of their miss-use of my account and he agreed to discontinue my membership. I hung up the phone with the understanding that everything was resolved.
But seven months later in July, I received a phone call saying that Massage Envy needed my updated account information because they were unable to draft my monthly membership fee for July. When I returned the call, I asked to speak to the manager. I was told he was no longer the manager at the Maumee location and was connected with their current manager. She told me that the previous manager held a different position with Massage Envy, but not at this location. She spoke to me as though, I the consumer, was in the wrong for my actions and needed to comply. I explained what had previously occurred and wanted to know why, after all these months I had been contacted. I was informed that my account had been frozen for six months and that time was up (I’m assuming this means my account was frozen from December to June and then one month later, in July, the drafts started again; but not sure if this is correct). She said that I had to honor the contract and knew nothing about any prior problems (anything prior that had occurred was brushed off as irrelevant). She was to contact the former manager and then get back with me. I never heard back.
Weeks later, I received a call from an employee. Same thing, I needed to provide Massage Envy with my updated account information in order to draft my account that needed to occur. This employee knows all about the situation and yet this occurs (I spoke with her in December when the manager was not responding to my message).
On October 11, 2010, I called Massage Envy to confirm the manager’s contact information in order to begin filing complaints and was shocked with what I found. I was informed there was no such manager there. I asked who the manager was; the original manager I had dealt with in December and the employee who recently called me were the names given. I don’t know what is going on there, but if these two are the only managers, then why was I previously mislead?
Based on the numerous complaints for Massage Envy that I have read; my problem is not unique to this company. It is unfortunate that I graciously helped prevent Massage Envy from dealing with their consequences of having a bank come after them for the unauthorized use of my account. But by doing so, I am currently dealing with the unpleasant experience of Massage Envy’s unethical practices. My contract was broke by Massage Envy’s unauthorized use, not of my actions. I can not give them further access to new account information based on their history and what the bank said.
It is unfortunate that I am now filing complaints in attempt to seek help to resolve this matter. But after: (a) finding out yesterday who the managers really are, (b) the fact that both managers have known of this situation, and (c) because I am still experiencing problems - they keep causing (ex: the second freeze on my account ironically worked, but was not at my request). I am left with no choice.
I have learned an invaluable lesson; the only communication that can transpire between me and Massage Envy needs to be through written documentation. (Additionally, I have yet to speak of their $20 membership fee practices.)
KenE October 10, 2010
Expired Massages
I signed up for an agreement with Massage Envy. The contract was for 12 months. Each month that I was a memeber, I accrued a 1hr massage. Some months I didn't go while other months I would use up a 2 hour massage because I had a few months saved up. Well, I had purchased additional massages so that I could do 2 hour massages every time I went in. The last time I visited Massage Envy in May, I had about 11 massages saved up. Today I went to make an appointment and the lady at the desk said that I didn't have any massages and that I was no longer a member. She said that when my 12 months of paying $39.00 a month ended, all my massages I had paid for immediately expire (months I didn't get a massage). So for anyone who signs up with Massage Envy, keep in mind that at the end of 12 months, any massages you might have had on file with them automatically go away at the end of 12 months. I just lost over $400.00 in massages. And they didn't even give me a courtesy call to let me know.
davislearning October 6, 2010
use of credit card and denial of services
You cannot get an appointment unles you give your credit card information. Then if you cannot make the time, you are charged. If you buy a "membership" you may be told it expired "2 days ago" and you have no more access UNLESS you buy another "membership." What a rip off!
Very Unhappy Consumer123456789 October 6, 2010
Use not as sold
Membership purchased was presented falsely. I told the salesperson I did not get massages monthly, only as needed. She told me that my family could use the membership and I could bring it guests. Now they are saying this is not how the membership can be used. They say it was never intended to be used this way.

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