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Counselling Support Centre

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Alberta, Canada, Canada

Phone number: 800-716-6846

Counselling Support Centre Reviews

counsellingsupportcentre September 27, 2022
Counselling Support Centre
Website : https://www.counsellingsupportcentre.ca/

Address : Alberta, Canada

Phone : +1 800-716-6846

Counselling Support Centre Online offers low cost services to provide individuals with new ways of strengthening their mental health.

Our hope is that counselling will be affordable and provide support for you to practice or strengthen skills, 1 on 1. Changing the world, one breath, at a time.

When you struggle with challenging responses to life we want to provide you with professional effective ways to challenge that response.

As Certified Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists we can support you to build skills with online, practice and counselling sessions.

Our unique way of providing short duration skill practice and proven counselling methods, such as cognitive and mindful techniques can help reduce negative responses to life challenges.

We are striving to make counselling more cost effective. At Counselling Support we provide you with options for receiving counselling in 2 different ways; Low cost Sliding Scale or Low cost Subscription. Our Low Cost options will be provided by student practitioners under direct supervision of a professional counsellor.

Business mail : [email protected]

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Counselling-Support-Centre-Online-110277867980949/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/counsellingsupportonline/

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