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D2 Investments or D2 Investments International, LLC

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Maksym January 22, 2011
I have been hired by a private company representing banks to investigate this individual and his criminal enterprise. The individual with the email address [email protected] is conman based out of the Ukraine where his fraud takes place. He goes by Samuel Joel Nirushan aliases such as J. Samuel, Nirushan Samuel, Irosha T. Perera, and Nirushan Samuel. He is a 5’3 -5’4 dark skinned, Sri Lankian, male between 125 – 135 pounds. His picture can be found online. He also uses the company D2 International Investments or D2 Investments. He and his group have used the following email addresses: [email protected]; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected]; [email protected] (wife Iryna Parubets); [email protected] (attorney Anastasiia Torop); [email protected] (assistant Margarita Moskaluk). He uses Skype addresses ITP172 or d2invest. The physical addresses that he uses in his scam are 87 Kotelnykova St., apr.153, Kyiv, Ukraine, and the address for Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel (he uses this location to set up accomodations for clients and to conduct business), Raddison Blu Hotel Kiev, and the notary office at Ms. Ilona Kompaniets Notary office 9B B Khmelnitskogo Str. Apt 19 01030 Kiev Ukraine.

He and his cohorts target and steal money from international businessmen that send them money to set up financing transactions and bank accounts linked to the transaction. He will target unsuspecting clients from site like this one. Their scam is simple. You send money for set up fees for an attorney and accountant via Western Union or their bank account at the Bank of Cyprus. Their attorney’s name is Anastasiia Torop and the accountant/attorney is Vova Abramovitch. They will ask you to create a Power of Attorney so they can set you up Tax Identification, Residency, and Ukrainian company. They will then ask you to come to Ukraine and open a bank account. The fraud and scam happens when they use another Power of Attorney that you have signed in Russian that will allow them to steal money directly from your personal or corporate bank account. They will use a young woman by the name of Margarita Moskaluk and (accountant/lawyer) Vova Abramovitch to go into the bank to remove your funds. They will inform the banks and others that you owed them money and it was a contractual dispute.

In addition, they create legitimacy to their scam by creating fraudulent emails from bank officers and fake official bank documents from Ukrainian and Russian banks. These emails are created from domain registrations located in Russia with slight variances in email extensions to look similar to official bank email addresses. The banks that are targeted are Universal Bank, UkrSibbank, UniCredit, Citibank Ukraine and Citibank Russia, and others. Samuel Nirushan claims he is able to secure financial guarantees and financing among Ukrainian and Russian banks and financial institutions. He is currently under investigation by a few international organizations for bank and wire fraud. In addition, he is being investigated for money laundering. He will request funds to be sent to him via Western Union or wire. Funds are being received by his wife or girlfriend Iryna Parubet. If you have any information on him or his group, please report it to INTERPOL or National Central Bureau of Interpol in Ukraine or contact me at [email protected].

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