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Diablo Immortal has been given an extremely

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Diablo Immortal has been given an extremely Reviews

Devon456 February 9, 2023
For those who do not pay for the game, you can only collect one legendary crest each month. Even purchasing the battle pass will provide you with one or two more legendary crests every month. Then, you'll need to buy them directly. Legendary crests run about $2-$3 one-time. The huge number of gems you'll require to make the most of your character's equipment and abilities, particularly when you consider the extremely low drop rates for five-star gems, is the reason why the cost to max out your character's capabilities for Diablo Immortal has been estimated at around $50,000 to $100,000and possibly more when you're deep into the system of gem resonance. (Rock Paper Shotgun is an exhaustive breakdown of costs that puts it on the moderate end of the scale.)

Diablo Immortal has been given an extremely rough time for this model of business (perhaps disproportionately) when you consider that other popular free-to play games such as Genshin Impact and Lost Ark have similar gacha-based mechanics to attract huge-spending "whale" gamers. Diablo's renown and popularity with the core PC gaming audience, earned over a quarter of a century, is certainly an important factor. However, there is also a fact that Diablo's gaming system is particularly challenging and the nature of Diablo games has an impact on that.

When you purchase legendary crests you're not purchasing a game of dice like the case with a FIFA Ultimate Team card pack for instance. You are buying a chance to load dice to access the game engine and alter the drop rate (slightly) to your liking. Gaming mechanics are addicting and are not separate from the addictive gameplay mechanics, but instead are tied directly into combat and loot drops inside the game. Diablo is extremely well-placed to accomplish this. As my friend Maddy Myers pointed out, these games with a lot of loot focus have always been characterized as slot machines as well, which Diablo Immortal's business strategy makes sense.
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