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fakepassportsale.cc Reviews

afghan_boy September 27, 2011
regarding to zivago and fraud
if i didnt see this conclusion may be i bought and orderd . im afghan in greece and with 4000 euro i want to go by this site but now i think its kind of scam thanks so much guys
zivago August 28, 2011
Report about http://www.fakepassportsale.cc/ - SCAMMER! Well, many posts have been posted here and elsewhere about this website; some of them describe it as a complete scam and others were happy and received their goods. When addressing this scam issue with seller he claims (by email) that the negative reports were written by his business competitors. My conclusion is that we are dealing with a scammer!!! HERE IS HOW THE SCAM GOES: 1. I made contact by email to: [email protected] (email given in the scammer's website) 2. Email received with instructions: 25% upfornt (there are 3 methods of payments: Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Transfer) 3. Money sent using Western Union and after 2-3 days I received email with copies of the goods ordered for my examination (a good photoshop work was done here) 4. The rest of the money (75%) was paid (with Western Union) and after less than a day the goods were ready to be delivered. Please note the scammer ask you to send the money to Ukraine with the following details: Upfront payment to: First name: Artur Last name: Tovmasian Country: Ukraine City: Dnipropetrovsk Adress: 71-24 Leningradskaya Street Zip code: 49332 Phone number: +380 562 761 28 27 AND the rest of the payment to: First name: Olena Last name: Masyk Country: Ukraine City: Dnipropetrovsk 5. Waitng for the goods: should be deliverd by FedEx, DHL or UPS according to the seller. 6. The scammer stop answering any emails regarding the goods. No delivery what so ever. CONCLUSION: BE AWARE OF THAT SCAMMER - WWW.FAKEPASSPORTSALE.CC!!! ****PLEASE COPY THIS POST AND PUBLISHED IT ACROSS THE WEB IN OTHERS ALIKE FORUMS****
alphabravo123 April 8, 2011
Hi everyone
If you have arrive here through a google search good for you, I am posting this because I have just been scammed by this website www.fakepassport sale.cc. When you visit the website you will find diferrent samples of passports. It is a scam! do be decieved

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