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lulechka November 7, 2010
Romantic Scam
Dear ladies,

Please be careful of entertaining guys coming from United Kingdom who are members in Myspace.
I had my sad experience with the same guy whose pictures you see below. In my case he called himself Martin Barry and used e-mail

[email protected]

and UK telephone number


Initially, he send me a message to myspace account, sending good compliment on me, but he did not send a friend request. His first message had artificial quality about it, I googled its text and found it was a pre-made pattern. He invited me to yahoo chat.
He said that he is a mechanic engineer, living all alone in Glocestershire. His former girlfriend betrayed him by sleeping with his best friend in his house, both his parents died and he badly needs a loving and caring wife to look after him.
He also found out about my spiritual convictions and moral values and told me that he is too a religious person who attends the church of England, orphanages and elderly people, so my heart melted with sympathy.
In our chatting he gave me many sweet nicknames such as [b]the queen of queens, honey, sweetheart[/b] and almost always avoided calling me by my name. He also did not like to be called Martin. He would tell me numerous romantic clishes like "my love for you will never die", I want to be your most joyful hello and the hardest good-bye", "my heart for you will never break" ...

Later on he informed me that he was going to go on a business trip to Venesuella, and later to New Zealand. He said that after his 4 weeks on ship project (fixing a problem on a ship) he would come to my native country and marry me. After arriving to New Zealand he asked for my home address saying that he bought a thing for me which he wants to send me before he embarks to his ocean work. the next day he told me that he forwarded me a package and asked me to trace it everyday on a website


Here is the text of his e-mail:
On Mon, 11/1/10, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Subject: my love,
Date: Monday, November 1, 2010, 6:16 PM
Hello my darling, how are you doing? I just want to let you know that you have been a blessing to me since I meet you and I can’t wait to live the rest of life with you.
I have sent the package which contains : Female Cloths, 2 Wrist Watches, Diamond necklace, I phone, 2 Gold Ring, Mac book laptop, 4 Packs of Chocolate, Confidential Document 1 Photo Album, Rose Flowers, And the sum of 20, 000 British pounds sealed in the same computer pack to enable you settle some of your daily needs and keep the rest for us to make use of when I come to your country, After your last chat, I can imagine how hard you could be just alone to make a better life. Just accept this token from me. It is nothing, but to show appreciation for the happiness which you have brought to my life since I meet you. But I believe that you will never disappoint me as I don’t want to experience heart break.
Just click on their website (http://www.airsea-logistic.de.tl) to view the shipment Tracking:
User: XXXX
Password: SI795A
Honey you know my heart is open for you .This short moment we have meet and chatted together has been an elevation in my life so I willingly decide to share with you.
I will always be here for you. I have to go in a hurry now. Just few minutes away to embark the ship for the ocean work.
With love from your loving darling.

After a few days I received a call from Malaysia from number +60163914528. A womans voice informed me that the package was on hold by Malasian customs because of the money detected in it

She informed me that I am required you to pay 1050Euro amount directly to a person name and thru western union.

From: AirSea Logistics Services Ltd <[email protected]>
Subject: Welcome To Airsealogistics
Date: Thursday, November 4, 2010, 2:58 AM

With reference to the Liezel
delivery of your package. I wish to bring to your
notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Malaysian customs
for some reasons which happened to violates the shipping policies. As the
goods arrived Malaysia custom check point, the Malaysian custom detected
that currency were included in your parcel. Thereby, certain commission
must be paid as customs duty via us which is for the immediate clearance
of your package .For the main time reference of tracking on the " status"
of your package is pending, this is in accordance to the mode of
operations in the Courier sector for financial delivery .
We have already taken order number for this package from the custom.
You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate the
release of your package. To do this, you are required to pay the required
charges listed below for the immediate release of your package. Upon
confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your designated
address above under few hours of confirmation of your payment.
Outstanding Charges:

Administrative ...RM 3, 266.83

Clearance... RM 1, 306.73

TOTAL = RM 4, 573.10 (1, 050 EUR) One Thousand fifty Euro.
A total of RM 4, 573.10 (4, 573.10, Malaysia Ringgit only) has been charge. In acknowledgment to this email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package).

Thank you. I hope I have made myself clear to you by this notice as
directed by the management. We are sorry for the inconveniences.
Thank you so much for using Airsealogistics DELIVERY COMPANY for your packages and
for your business needs.
For more inquiry call:
Email: [email protected]
Present your order number when calling so we may honor your calls
We are glad to be of service to you.
Yours Faithfully.
Mrs Liezel.
South East Asia Regional Co-ordinator
Airsealogistics Delivery Malaysia.
Tel: (+60) 163914528.
Just to let you know that as a recepient of any parcel, you dont have any obligation. You are not obliged to pay any charges incurred.
The same day a sweet e-letter from martin came:
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Re: my love,
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 9:41 PM
This sender is DomainKeys verified
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>
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"Olga Bagriy" <[email protected]>I wish with all of my heart that I could wake your beautiful eyes for the rest of my life. I wish that I could be with you now as your face so many struggles, but know that I am there in spirit and am praying for everything to work out for us. No matter where this life takes us, together. know that you and your family will always be in my heart and "my favorite, this is my way of showing you how much I truly care for you. I can't really find the words to explain the way I feel when I read your latter, all I can say is that I like the feeling that I feel
My Angle, I can not stand this. It is just too hard to be away from you. I am usually okay, but at times like this, it just becomes too much to bear. I can not sleep at tonight from thinking of you, I just have to tell you, to share with you, but just with a kind of wonder that such things could be. You have opened my eyes to how love should feel. I can promise you this my sweetheart; I will never again be alone, i need you by my side. kiss you,
I love you more than words can say, my heart will always belong to you. You know me and I've been through a lot, but always and forever my love for you is very strong. Now that you're far away in a place.I miss you more and more every day
love is huge. I will work hardest to reach it. my love is only for you. I will present it just for you - just for you . I will hold you all my life, it's my promise. I want to show you how very big my love is for you - everyday, every night, every time, all my life. I love you!!!

I had no money to deal with that situation, so I decided to call my parents to ask them what I should do. It was my father who became suspicious of the whole situation. He asked me if I knew for sure that Martin was actually calling from New Zealand (in fact I saw him on web camera only once and the image was very bad from bottom-up angle - I could only see a little bit of his profile, bolding head, one blue eye (in the picture he had brown eyes), deep vertical wrinkle on his forehead and no sound (he typed all the messages in chat). So I checked this web-site, read the stories of other girls and realized it was all a scam. I was lucky not to pay anything.

Thanks God there are people who shared their experience. I am endlessly grateful to everybody who did that to save other innocent victims. May God bless you all!!!

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