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Olga Nosulko Reviews

delphiamusic April 15, 2011
scammer caught in action
Olga Nosulko/Dobrovolskaya
30 september 1980
Medvedjeva 9 app 170
Skype id: Olenkano
21000 Vinnitsa
[email protected]

I dated Olga 3 times in Vinnitsa last year, she scammed me for 1500€ for visa and passport. When she was getting troubles at her work she paid me back 750€ of it. She said she moved to Moscow, found a job there and found the love of her life there.

In reality, her father is retired in Vinnitsa and she's still trying to scam foreign men from there. She has NEVER been in Moscow, but wants eveybody to believe that ...

I had the idea to create a rich German business man, Frank Zimmer, who was interested to see her in Kiev. A friend of mine called her in name of Daisy dating agency. She gave immediately her skype id ...

Frank behaved a bit strange: He thinks everything in Ukraine is as expensive as in Germany. So he proposes Olga to pay 1400€ for taxi ride to Kiev, 175€/day for appartment rent, and 200€/day for salary loss.

Even when Frank turns out to be a strange idiot, Olga 'loves' him immediately and wants to meet him for 5 days in Kiev. The meeting was planned the week of 18 april 2011.

This week dating Olga in Kiev would have costed Frank 3400€. Olga tried to make him pay the taxi bill of 1400€ in advance.

I copied all our chats, so you can see this golddiger/criminal in action. AND she's still active today !!!

Here is the mail where she's asking for money:


Re: photo's frank

verzonden door


details verbergen 13 apr. (2 dagen geleden)

ok my dear
i m happy that everything ok... and our plans will work...
of cause it will be enough for apartment... ...
i called to taxi agency and they asked me to pay before arriving to Kiev...
what is better for you that i borrow money from my cousin and after you pay me ... or you can send to this women by Money gramm?

i m really so happy... i ll see you soon...

For everyone who thinks this woman is normal: FORGET IT, it's a very professional criminal. And please, read the chats: Frank likes pigs, takes his mother on honeymoon, and many more. Everyone who is really smart would have seen this Frank was fake, but Olga was blinded by 3400€ ...

Our first chat on april the 12th, 2011:

[9:39:34 PM] olga: hello
[9:39:40 PM] olga: how are you today?
[9:39:54 PM] olga: :)
[9:40:53 PM] Frank Zimmer: Hi Olga, I'm fine, thank you. As you can see, I had to work late tonite
[9:41:19 PM] olga: yes i see... what do u do exactly in ur company?
[9:41:45 PM] olga: when usually u finish ur work?
[9:43:44 PM] Frank Zimmer: I'm chief accountant in one of the biggest banks of Germany. This is a higher management function. I'm responsable for a department with 200 people.
[9:44:16 PM] olga: wow..its reallly responsible job
[9:44:21 PM] Frank Zimmer: Sometimes I stop earlier, but when there are problems to be solved I have to be there
[9:44:32 PM] olga: so ur company has bank in Ukraine?
[9:45:07 PM] olga: i see..its goood that u are not always come to home late..
[9:45:18 PM] olga: its not so much good for family..
[9:45:23 PM] olga: :)
[9:46:24 PM] Frank Zimmer: There is a department in Ukraine from our company, but now there are plans for a big take over, and details of the accounting part have to be discussed. That's a part of my task in Ukraine
[9:47:02 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ah, a take over is busy and then I have to work late, I have a lot of days with normal business hours as well
[9:47:16 PM] olga: i see... i think its not bad idea... we have a lot of banks from other country..
[9:47:44 PM] Frank Zimmer: And what do you do? I know you have a university degree, but I don't know much details
[9:47:55 PM] olga: i work as economist
[9:48:07 PM] olga: in Power company..
[9:48:27 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, I hope there are not related with power plants in Japan!
[9:48:42 PM] olga: noooooooooooooo
[9:48:50 PM] Frank Zimmer: And what is your responability?
[9:50:09 PM] Frank Zimmer: Anyway, work is not the most important thing in life.
[9:50:16 PM] Frank Zimmer: You were married before?
[9:51:35 PM] olga: budjet of salary ...calculation for different kind of job which my company do
[9:51:40 PM] olga: and others
[9:51:48 PM] olga: no
[9:51:52 PM] olga: and u?
[9:52:16 PM] Frank Zimmer: Yes, I'm divorced. These things happen, but I have no children.
[9:52:37 PM] olga: did u married german girl?
[9:52:46 PM] olga: i used to live together too
[9:52:49 PM] Frank Zimmer: Yes.
[9:52:56 PM] olga: for how long ?
[9:53:13 PM] olga: and if its not secret why did u get divorce?
[9:53:27 PM] Frank Zimmer: But German girls are so selfish !!! We were married for allmost 10 years.
[9:53:52 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ah, it's a sad story, she cheated me with my best friend!
[9:53:56 PM] olga: woww its long time..why u did not have children?
[9:54:05 PM] olga: wowww
[9:54:10 PM] olga: its really sad
[9:54:15 PM] Frank Zimmer: Carreer was more important then children ...
[9:54:27 PM] olga: but do u like to have children in the future??
[9:54:36 PM] olga: for her too?
[9:55:05 PM] Frank Zimmer: Yes, I believe a man should built up his carreer first, and then it's time for a family ith children
[9:55:23 PM] olga: yes its right
[9:55:55 PM] Frank Zimmer: She also had a nice job, we got to know each other in my previous job
[9:56:40 PM] olga: i see.. for how long are u separete?
[9:56:52 PM] Frank Zimmer: Now 2 years
[9:57:06 PM] olga: and still no relation?
[9:57:40 PM] Frank Zimmer: I've been very busy with my work the last 2 years, after the big take over in Ukraine it will become calmer again
[9:58:18 PM] Frank Zimmer: And you? How long is your relation finished? You like children?
[9:59:48 PM] olga: last year i finished... yes i think children is necceserry for full familly
[10:00:31 PM] olga: in Ukraine we have other mentality and mostly family has children
[10:01:21 PM] Frank Zimmer: When last year? That is not long ago yet. How long did you stay toghether?
[10:02:02 PM] olga: not long time in fact...
[10:02:22 PM] Frank Zimmer: Oh, I see! What is not long time?
[10:02:38 PM] olga: maybe 6 month...
[10:03:06 PM] Frank Zimmer: Oh, and you only had 1 relation of 6 months in all those years?
[10:03:28 PM] olga: no normally before i had long relation for 5 years
[10:03:34 PM] olga: we lived together..
[10:03:45 PM] olga: but after decided to be separete
[10:03:55 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, your previous relation you didn't live toghether?
[10:04:05 PM] Frank Zimmer: I don't understand I think.
[10:04:26 PM] olga: previous no..but before yes
[10:04:30 PM] olga: for 5 years
[10:04:41 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, what went wrong in previous relation?
[10:05:22 PM] olga: the same like u have..
[10:05:32 PM] Frank Zimmer: Oh, he cheated you?
[10:05:36 PM] olga: i dont like really talk about it..
[10:05:42 PM] olga: yes he did
[10:05:47 PM] olga: i think so..
[10:06:35 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, I see! Well, things like that happen! I'm over my ex now as it is already 2 years ago, but it was a difficult time. I loved her so much!
[10:07:30 PM] Frank Zimmer: What are your hobbies?
[10:08:31 PM] olga: i like go to gym bowling cinema..
[10:08:45 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, you like to travel?
[10:08:55 PM] olga: yes of cause
[10:09:39 PM] Frank Zimmer: I also have some hobbies, most of them very active. I also like sports. My favorite is climbing mountains and skying in the French Alps
[10:10:06 PM] olga: i never did it .. but i wish to try
[10:10:11 PM] olga: what else do u like?
[10:11:32 PM] Frank Zimmer: I also like cinemas, romantic dinners, football (but I don't play it), and basketball (This I do play). I also love animals, I have 3 cats and 1 pig
[10:11:51 PM] olga: 1 pig????????????????/
[10:11:55 PM] olga: u joke?
[10:12:12 PM] olga: is it small or big?
[10:12:18 PM] Frank Zimmer: No, pigs are very smart: They are more intelligent then dogs
[10:12:19 PM] olga: i like animals too
[10:12:30 PM] olga: :D
[10:12:38 PM] olga: is it inside house?
[10:12:42 PM] olga: or outside?
[10:12:52 PM] Frank Zimmer: No, it is outside
[10:13:04 PM] olga: where does pig live?
[10:13:53 PM] Frank Zimmer: It might sound weird, but since I have a pig I cannot eat them anymore! The pig has it's own place outside the house.
[10:14:30 PM] Frank Zimmer: except schnitzel, I don't eat pigs anymore
[10:14:43 PM] olga: whats about cow?
[10:14:57 PM] olga: maybe u should bring cow as well to home?
[10:15:02 PM] olga: :D
[10:15:13 PM] olga: and then u become vegetarian..
[10:15:36 PM] Frank Zimmer: Well, cows are not that intelligent! But if you keep cows you will be able to eat good meat without hormonal treatments
[10:16:04 PM] olga: do u like healthy food?
[10:16:07 PM] Frank Zimmer: And in India cows are holy animals.
[10:16:13 PM] olga: whats about sea food?
[10:16:42 PM] Frank Zimmer: Yes, I eat very healthy !!! And I loooooovvvveeeee fish sticks!
[10:17:20 PM] olga: mmmm ... me too
[10:17:25 PM] olga: :)
[10:18:16 PM] Frank Zimmer: I also heared they like sushi in Ukraine, but from raw fish you get worms in your body, this is not very healthy. I never tried it
[10:18:37 PM] olga: worms? what this?
[10:18:43 PM] olga: i love sushi too
[10:19:00 PM] Frank Zimmer: Worms, a kind of parasite that lives in the human body ...
[10:19:04 PM] olga: its not true... look how is japanese people healthy...
[10:19:28 PM] olga: i ate a lot.. and i felt good
[10:19:44 PM] Frank Zimmer: Every year people die from sushi, there are statistics about that!
[10:20:12 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, you like sushi, i will have to try it
[10:20:46 PM] olga: really? i never head about that.. i always was thinkingg sushi is very healthy...
[10:20:55 PM] olga: no u dont need try it if u dont like...
[10:21:02 PM] Frank Zimmer: What about our meeting? I really can't wait to see you!
[10:21:04 PM] olga: i wish to see u happy...
[10:21:13 PM] olga: i m excited too so much
[10:21:22 PM] olga: did u book a ticket?
[10:21:28 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, you want to try schnitzel mit SauerKraut
[10:21:59 PM] olga: yes i wish..
[10:22:02 PM] Frank Zimmer: My secretary booked a ticjet, yes, I shoud ask her the details
[10:22:14 PM] olga: do u like to cook?
[10:22:37 PM] olga: ok ask details please and send me a ticket..
[10:22:45 PM] Frank Zimmer: No, we have an excellent cook at work, so I don't have to cook
[10:22:51 PM] olga: because i need to know what time u ll be here..
[10:23:02 PM] Frank Zimmer: Sned you a ticket? You mean flight details?
[10:23:12 PM] olga: you are lucky...
[10:23:15 PM] olga: yes
[10:23:22 PM] olga: flight detail..
[10:23:39 PM] Frank Zimmer: I think I will arrive at 8pm, but I have to check it with my secretary. I will do it tomorrow.
[10:23:50 PM] Frank Zimmer: You believe in God and Jesus?
[10:24:15 PM] olga: yes... but i dont go often to church
[10:24:18 PM] olga: and u?
[10:24:52 PM] Frank Zimmer: Yes, 3 times a week. I come from a very religious family
[10:25:19 PM] olga: before i went more often with my grandma
[10:25:28 PM] olga: which religion are you/
[10:25:41 PM] Frank Zimmer: We are protestants in Germany
[10:25:44 PM] Frank Zimmer: Catholic
[10:26:02 PM] olga: ok... so for easter u ll go to church?
[10:26:40 PM] Frank Zimmer: I think Jesus did so many great things that still influence our lifes today. Good that he has taken all sins on him and that he carried our cross for us.
[10:27:23 PM] Frank Zimmer: But I'm not a fanatic !!! On Easter I will go 2 times to Church, in the morning and in the evening, this is tradition on our family
[10:27:35 PM] olga: yes i agree with you... i wish to stay with person who i can go to church with..
[10:27:53 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, good that we agree on this !!!
[10:28:18 PM] olga: and do u smoke and drink?
[10:28:28 PM] Frank Zimmer: In Germany there so many godless people who replaced the love for Jesus in spiritual things, but they will burn in hell
[10:28:49 PM] Frank Zimmer: I don't smoke, and I dirnk socially
[10:29:02 PM] olga: ok its good .. me too..
[10:29:32 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ofcourse, when I really get drunk they have to carry me home, but that doesn't happen very often: Only once a month
[10:30:13 PM] olga: :D what do u prefer to drink? as i remeber you wrote shmpane right?
[10:30:28 PM] Frank Zimmer: Yes, but only French champagne !!!
[10:30:40 PM] Frank Zimmer: And you?
[10:30:52 PM] olga: ok...i like it too..but also i like italian vine...
[10:31:36 PM] Frank Zimmer: Italian wine? Hmmm, best wine is also French !!! Italians are macho's who cry for their mama :)
[10:32:22 PM] olga: :D
[10:32:32 PM] Frank Zimmer: You have to drink what you like ofcourse!
[10:32:35 PM] olga: i dont know ..maybe...
[10:32:42 PM] olga: no ..i like french as well..
[10:33:54 PM] Frank Zimmer: Ok, look darling, it was very interesting to talk to you, you are a very interesting person. Obviously beauty with brains, that's what I like! Can you confirm with your boss our meeting as soon as possible? I have to go now!
[10:34:49 PM] olga: ok..was nice to talk to you too..thank s for your coming here...and in my life.. sure i ll talk tomorrow to my boss...
[10:34:52 PM] olga: good night
[10:34:56 PM] olga: sweet dreams
[10:35:00 PM] olga: see you soon
[10:35:13 PM] Frank Zimmer: Good night ! Sweet dreams ! Bye!

Our second chat, april 13th 2011

[20:48:26] Frank Zimmer: Hi Olga!
[21:01:54] Frank Zimmer: Oh, you don't have time I see, maby I should come here back later?
[21:07:14] olga: hi
[21:07:20] olga: sorry i took shower
[21:07:33] olga: are you here?
[21:07:51] Frank Zimmer: Yes, as I have a little bit time now. How was your day?
[21:08:27] olga: i m happy because i talked to my boss
[21:08:37] olga: and he allow me to take free days
[21:08:43] Frank Zimmer: Ok !
[21:09:48] olga: i just now read ur email..
[21:10:06] olga: ok its not problem i ll borrow from my cousin...
[21:10:42] Frank Zimmer: I feel a bit embarassed because of this, really !! But I cannot change the policy of Bundesbank, we have to follow strict procedures
[21:11:00] olga: and of cause i understand u have to spend time at work...
[21:11:14] Frank Zimmer: Ok, good that we understand each other!
[21:11:15] olga: its ok dont worry really..
[21:11:37] olga: the most important that u arrive...
[21:12:25] olga: and when are u gonna tol be next time in kiev again?
[21:12:42] Frank Zimmer: There is something else I should tell you !!! I like you very much, but for me it is absolutely impossible to have sex before marriage ! I cannot make any exception on that. Please, don't take that personal, this is because of my religious believe
[21:13:26] olga: i am happy to hear it... i dont like the men who come here just for enjoing...
[21:13:43] Frank Zimmer: Next time? In May, but this I should check tomorrow with my secretary
[21:14:07] olga: ok.. i just dont want to miss our meeting...
[21:15:31] olga: yes my mobile 38093 9524272
[21:15:35] Frank Zimmer: In my previous marriage we also didn't have sex before marriage, but she was really a sex maniac !!! She wanted to have sex more then once a week, we had long discussions about that as I didn't want it more often! Anyway, I shouldn't discuss this now with you!
[21:15:40] olga: we can contact...
[21:16:03] Frank Zimmer: Ok, I will write your number down, just a minute ...
[21:16:35] olga: i like when u talk to me about ur previous relation
[21:16:53] olga: it means to me you are open person.. and i like it...
[21:17:50] Frank Zimmer: Please forgive me that I cannot call you right now, I only have my mobile from the office and we are not allowed to make private calls with it, they check on this. With the Ukrainina phone number I have sent you I can do what I want. I would love to hear your voice ... but I have to wait !!!
[21:18:54] Frank Zimmer: Ah, well, if you don't mind! My previous woman wanted me to slap her, as she liked SM. But I'm too kind for that. Maby we didn't really fit toghether ...
[21:19:14] olga: i ask about ur next trip ti kiev because my boss told me that my trip will be in may... they change a little plans... so... if for u will be more comfortable other dates till may... always u r welcome..
[21:19:55] Frank Zimmer: Oh, and where will your trip be? I'm curious!
[21:20:18] olga: there are diferent people and they have diffferent view... so its not means all girl like the same like ur x wife..
[21:20:42] olga: in Poland but they still discuss...
[21:21:21] Frank Zimmer: Ok, I heared that you had Polish visa from Daisy agency !!! Your company has offices in Poland?
[21:22:27] olga: its not our Company but sometimes they go there to exchange expereance...
[21:23:05] Frank Zimmer: Ok, and how long will you be there? This is really funny: We are both in different countries for our job!
[21:23:35] olga: i dont know if i go there for sure...
[21:24:03] Frank Zimmer: Euh, you don't know? I don't understand!
[21:24:28] Frank Zimmer: Well, anyway, and when can we meet then in may?
[21:26:01] Frank Zimmer: Ah, well, what I was saying about my ex! She left with the Porche and I had to keep the BMW. But the BMW is blue, so I will soon buy another car. BMW is so ordinary, I want a pink Porch Cayenne.
[21:26:07] olga: i dont know because there are many people who want to go there... and its not means they will chose me
[21:26:40] Frank Zimmer: But you said you had to be there for your job? And you have Polish visa!
[21:26:40] olga: yes ts nice car... very nice...
[21:27:22] olga: yes ... but can go there other colegues too
[21:27:37] olga: do u like pink car?
[21:27:46] olga: its special colour..
[21:28:04] Frank Zimmer: I don't understand, in Germany we do things differently! Then you will be in Ukraine all the time of you don't have to go?
[21:28:19] olga: possible...
[21:28:28] olga: and we can meet next time as well
[21:28:36] olga: thats why i asked u
[21:29:19] Frank Zimmer: Yes, I love pink Porches! These days everyone is having a Porche, they are so ordinary! But nobody has a pink one, pink ones are special because of this. You have German cars in Ukraine?
[21:29:49] olga: yes we have a lot german car...
[21:29:55] olga: its the best cars
[21:30:13] Frank Zimmer: Yes !!! Ofcourse, Deutsche Grundlichkeit as we call it!
[21:30:49] Frank Zimmer: What would Europe be without Germany? We are the driving force of Europe!
[21:31:10] olga: yes its true...
[21:31:28] olga: which country would u prefer after Germany?
[21:31:46] Frank Zimmer: The French are lazy, Italians are macho's, Spanish people are lazy as well, Holland is a bit like Germany and the Belgians are stupid idiots! So we are the best :)
[21:32:14] Frank Zimmer: After Germany? Let me think ... I liked Australia very much !
[21:32:32] olga: i never been there.. what do u like there?
[21:33:29] Frank Zimmer: Everything, It is summer there when it is winter in Europe! They have nie beaches, great cities and also great nature with authentic Aborigines living there
[21:34:05] olga: but its so so far...
[21:34:13] Frank Zimmer: I bought my pig there as well
[21:34:17] olga: i never could live there...
[21:34:20] olga: really?
[21:34:26] Frank Zimmer: Yes, they have black pigs which we don't have
[21:34:35] olga: how did u take it with u in plan?
[21:34:45] Frank Zimmer: I didn't take it with me, it came by boat oversee
[21:35:39] Frank Zimmer: Ah, I understand you don't like pigs as pets too much, that's ok! What animals do you like?
[21:36:03] olga: why i like pigs.. my grandma had it
[21:36:13] olga: i like dogs... cats...
[21:36:43] Frank Zimmer: Anyway, my pig lives in the barn after the big landhouse. I have 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, but I only use one at a time. I will take photo's to Kiev from it
[21:37:10] Frank Zimmer: You know that in China they eat cats and dogs?
[21:37:41] Frank Zimmer: Your grandma liked pigs too?
[21:37:54] olga: wow... yes i d like to see ur house.. which city do u live there?
[21:38:10] olga: woww in China they do it? terrible..
[21:38:17] Frank Zimmer: Berlin, not really in city center, but not far from it.
[21:38:32] olga: yes my grandma like meat from pigs.. :D
[21:38:54] Frank Zimmer: Yes, when I was in China they served me dog without I knew it!
[21:39:50] Frank Zimmer: Oh, she didn't keep pigs as a pet then? She was farmer? You have brothers and sisters?
[21:40:52] olga: yes .. she did not keep it like pet...no she wasnt farmer...yes i have brother and sister and you?
[21:41:26] Frank Zimmer: I have an older brother, but we don't have a good contact. He's spiritual and I don't believe in all that bullshit
[21:41:51] Frank Zimmer: I only believe in God
[21:42:09] olga: spiritual... what does that mean?
[21:42:35] olga: its not good.. i have very good relation with my family...
[21:42:46] olga: very very close to each other..
[21:42:56] Frank Zimmer: Oh, it means they believe in Bhudda and stuff like this. Nowadays it is hot in Germany to try spiritual therapy from Hellinger
[21:43:34] Frank Zimmer: And your parents? They are still alive?
[21:44:17] olga: yes of cause they alive thanks God .. but my mom is sick...
[21:44:31] olga: but its pain to talk about it for me
[21:44:32] olga: please dont ask..
[21:45:12] Frank Zimmer: Oh, ok I understand. And your father then? Can you talk about him? It's nice if you have your parents, my father died when I was 4 years old in a car accident
[21:45:39] olga: im sorry to hear about ur father...
[21:45:56] olga: my father is ok ., , he is on penshion now, , ,
[21:46:21] Frank Zimmer: Yes! A truck driver who had drunk too much. Your parents also live in Vinnitsa?
[21:46:46] Frank Zimmer: Well, I only have my mother left, but she lives close to me in Berlin
[21:46:52] olga: no... i was born in small city
[21:46:58] olga: and they live there...
[21:47:19] Frank Zimmer: Oh, ok! So you don't see them very often? A pity for you ...
[21:47:25] olga: but my mom often in hospital in my city because its region center..
[21:47:41] olga: so i see her often..
[21:48:51] Frank Zimmer: Ok! My mother even came with me and my wife on our honeymoon! She misses me so much when I'm not there ... I will have to call her every day in Kiev, she expects that ...
[21:49:17] olga: u live together with her?
[21:49:30] olga: where did u go for honey moon?
[21:49:41] Frank Zimmer: No, we don't live toghether. We need our private lifes my dear !!!
[21:49:59] Frank Zimmer: We went to Kenia on safari
[21:50:04] olga: its good.. because some people like to live together
[21:50:19] olga: did u like there?
[21:50:59] Frank Zimmer: Yes !!! Safari is really great: If you see wild animals in the zoo they are not really wild anymore, but in Kenia everything is real !!!
[21:51:25] Frank Zimmer: And black people are so kind, but also very stupid
[21:52:00] olga: but wasnt u scare to stay with animals?
[21:52:14] Frank Zimmer: Ofcourse not, I even shot a tiger !!!
[21:52:40] Frank Zimmer: If you want to shoot a tiger it is quite expensive, but it is possible
[21:53:23] Frank Zimmer: And since our honeymoon in Kenia I am also involved in several charity projects to help poor people in Africa.
[21:54:06] Frank Zimmer: Because it is not nice to be hungry
[21:54:22] olga: you are very kind person...
[21:54:31] Frank Zimmer: Thank you, you are kind as well ...
[21:54:38] olga: not so often you can meet in our life like you are..
[21:54:53] Frank Zimmer: Ah, I'm used to it :)
[21:55:50] olga: i cant believe ur x wife could betray u..
[21:57:23] Frank Zimmer: And with my best friend ... I know she had a lesbian relation before him as well, but I always thought it would go over. and all those discussions that sex once a week is not enough, but in fact it is already too much, because the pope says that sex is only allowed to make children. But I don't follow the pope in this neither ...
[21:58:31] Frank Zimmer: Well, it was very interesting to talk to you, you are a very interesting lady!
[21:58:40] olga: pope sex? sorry what does i mean?
[21:59:16] Frank Zimmer: Oh, the pope is the leader of our Catholic church!
[21:59:18] olga: ok was nice to talk to you too...wish u good nighjt... sweet dreams
[21:59:48] olga: i see
[21:59:50] olga: ok
[22:00:52] Frank Zimmer: Wish you good night as well, I'm looking forwatd to my meeting with you, you are a very interesting a person. And I can already feel you will understand me. That makes me happy, have a good night and sweet dreams !!!
Rennie0907 March 16, 2011
Professional theif/con artist scammer
Olga Nosulko stole thousands of dollars from me also - I left the Ukraine the month the other person who reported her on this site, arrived to visit her -

$10 000.00 USD
She will arrange an apartment for you, then tell you it costs a certain amount per day. Later on you will discover it costs half the amount she was collecting from you -

She scammed clothing, money for a Visa -

She is all over the internet, and has scammed before.

Since then she had fled the Ukraine to possibly Russia - she says Moscow -

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