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Present problems: Combat is exclusively darker

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Present problems: Combat is exclusively darker Reviews

Devon456 March 31, 2023
Combat as it is in this form, especially melee but generically across everything is kinda like a foundation that desperately needs to be expanded upon to improve playability and retention as well as close the gap in gear.

Present problems: Combat is exclusively about movement and is it about positioning and what equipment you're sporting and how your health bar appears like. Your other equipment can also contribute as long as you're not in melee.

This is not a major issue since Dark and Dark combat in this form is exactly the same as mine craft, which is less complex because mine craft is faster and forces gamers to be more creative and you can use fewer items in battle to gain an upper hand.

That's sure to cause upset to lots of people, and it's right to. but its important to put the information out there, as minecraft has also buildings, environmental manipulation and extensive gathering to work with. With dark and darker tones, the meat of the game is its combat, everything else is in service to this battle and there's nothing that can distract you from the battle.

Here are my suggested changes:

Blocking: Remove directional information from it. If you start a block while an enemy is right in front of it, your character automatically blocks so as to block the attack. This may seem as if you're trying to dumb down initially but it's actually a aid to the mechanics in the future to make it more simple.

Right clicking when using a melee weapon , or staff in the palm, it performs the short-term duration known as parry. The length of the block will be modified based on how simple it might theoretically be to block with that weapon for example, a dagger probably has a small window while a spear will have a larger window.
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