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Slingshot Health Coaching

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112 Harrison Street, Frenchtown, New Jersey, United States, 08825

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Slingshot Health Coaching Reviews

slingshothc February 29, 2024
Slingshot Health Coaching
Slingshot Health Coaching, led by Tracy Spiaggia, offers holistic mental health support focused on moms and their families. With a foundation in faith and a comprehensive approach incorporating functional nutrition, lifestyle changes, and brain health strategies, Tracy guides clients through transformative processes. Services include virtual group and individual coaching, aiming to address anxiety, depression, and overall wellness challenges. Tracy's qualifications, including certifications in Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Amen Clinic Brain Health Specialist, and Integrative Nutrition Coach, bolster the personalized care provided.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Slingshothc/

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Slingshot Health Coaching

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