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5339 w turquoise ave, glendale, Arizona,, United States

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dru_gardner September 11, 2012
SSF Under Federal Investigation for Payroll Fraud
The US Department of Labor is investigating blatant payroll violations committed by Special Security Force. The ownership, consisting of Patrick Michael ("Mike") Griffith, Karen Hays, Dillion Boirum, and Billy Medina, along with the assistance of their employee Phil Torres, a convicted felon, have intentionally defrauded employees of thousands of dollars in payroll. They steal time from employees hours, pay overtime wages at regular hourly rates, refuse to release earned wages from terminated employees, and withhold fraudulent deductions from employees' paychecks. As well, SSF regularly charges clients for guard services and patrols which they do not perform. An IRS investigation into tax fraud is currently pending on both SSF and Mr. Griffith. These facts can be confirmed through the US Department of Labor and the IRS. Also, SSF has an extreme number of complaints filed through the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the volume of which the investigators cannot keep up with. SSF's training academy (Arizona Armed and Unarmed Training Center) engages in a deliberate policy of deceit to secure registrations for its classes. Anyone wishing to attend their classes should insist on seeing documented credentials of the trainers, as they have frequently used unauthorized trainers to present the classes. To cover this gross mismanagement and fraud, the ownership of SSF has changed the company name to United Metro Security Force, LLC., operating under 2 trade names, United Metro Security and Special Security Force.

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