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strippers4fun.com, pleasurestrippers.com, bay area

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StripReort.com is a joke!!!! February 28, 2013
Omg This is laughable! www.Striipers4fun.com makes a fake review website www.stripreview.com, what a joke!
I'm an owner of a Exotic Entertainment agency in California and yes the industry has always been pretty cut throat but the owner of strippers4fun.com has taken it to new levels. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, is this guy serious. I mean really how do you create a website stripreport.com making it seem as though you run an honesty reputable company when ever one of your pictures on strippers4fun and strippers4u.com are fake. Yes you have real pics on pleasurestrippers.com but the other sites are all fake. You bait people with cheap rates on two dancers and never send the second. I know that for a fact because both dancers who work for strippers4fun.com have told me this and customers have also called and complained about getting scammed on the price. So I think it's funny that of all agencies in California this guy puts up a fake review website accusing people of doing exactly what he does. Use fake pictures, work out of his home (which who cares anyway it's 2013). He says he does back round checks WOW that's funny considering I've spoken to many people he hired who said he didn't even meet them or ask for an ID to be email, faxed or text. He wants to act like a big wonderful agency and portray that all the others are bad. The truth is there are good and bad stripper agencies in California and stripreport.com is not the true way to find out who's who. Word of mouth and repeat business is the best way. It's clear that strippers4fun.com doesn't have any positive feed back on them besides their fake review site www.stripreport.com. That's why they have to stoop to an all time new low. Times must be pretty tough over there at strippers4fun if they have sunken to this new low and desperate attempt to look legit lol. It really is kinda funny. All I can say is don't trust this website stripreport.com and stripverifey.com. If strippers4fun.com is so proud to have a business license than I'm sure they will have no problem providing you with a valid one and a valid business address. However do your research check it out and make sure it's not a po box. All Agencies behind www.stripreport.com www.strippers4fun.com www.stripper4u.com www.americanhotbodies.com www.pleasurestrippers.com www.hotcaliforniastrippers.com
StripReort.com is a joke!!!! February 28, 2013
wow stripppers4fun.com is a joke, how desperate can they be. Stay away
Strippers4fun.com is so desperate for business the went out of there way to create fake review websites such as stripreport.com and stripverify.com so that they can post false reviews and false information about other agencies that are their direct competition. On the website stripreport.com the give all of their websites great reviews. Which will most likely change once they read this. I'm sure that they will make a couple look mediocre to make it seem more real. How can we prove that all their websites are connected? Just call the number and one of two people will answer all the lines. Most likely they wont answer because they try to get you to go online to book so that they don't have to talk with costumers. Not only do they excuse other agencies who have real pictures of having fake photos to scare people into booking with them they also say that they other agencies don't do a backround check on their dancers. Which is crazy because they HAVE FAKE PICTURES and DO NOT DO A BACK ROUND CHECK. When they were called out online and proven to have stolen model pics they quickly removed them and posted new ones with the hope that no one would know where the new stolen pics were taken from. It's really sad when an agency like www.strippers4fun.com fools customers and post fake review sites. Then the customer doesn't know who to trust or falsely trust one of their agencies listed that they gave good reviews. I think a website that deals with online fraud like ripoff report would appreciate someone exposing this. If you want to know who to trust go to a real online consumer report website that you can trust, like this one. Now I ask do you trust strippers4fun.com considering the lengths that they went to, to get our business. If they are so wonderful why don't they have positive reviews anywhere else on the internet besides those fake sites that they created. Actually they have some pretty negative reviews online as do most agencies most of which are posted by other agencies and I'm sure he will come back and say that this is another agency that's mad that they're on stripreport.com and stripverify.com and yeas he's correct this is agency, one of many who he posted false bad reviews on his stripreport.com. The truth is some agencies are good some are bad and some are great, call around and trust your gut. Or look on trusted consumer review websites, but be careful a lot of them are false also. So it should be interesting to see what kind of lame response and lies they will post as a rebuttal. In the mean time watch out for desperate agencies doing desperate things. www.strippers4fun.com www.stripper4u.com www.americanhotbodies.com www.pleasurestrippers.com www.hotcaliforniastrippers.com
karma4you February 28, 2013
Strippers4fun4you-Hot Male and Female Bay Area, San Francisco, California, Modesto, Sacrameto, California
The truth is that Strippers4fun.com and strippers4u.com are the same the company.They are the worst male and female stripper agency in all California.They also own www.pleasurestrippers.com www.americanhotbodies.com and many others. Stay away.If your looking to book strippers this is not the agency. all fake pictures. bay area strippers <br> san francisco strippers <br> san jose strippers <br> santa cruz strippers <br> sacramento strippers <br> modesto strippers <br> los angeles strippers <br> bay area male strippers <br> bay area female strippers <br>

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