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Watersports Car

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Category: Travel

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15201 NW 34th Ave, Opa Locka, Florida, United States, 33054

Phone number: 3055042242

Watersports Car Reviews

watersportscar April 21, 2024
Watersports Car
Email: [email protected]

Description: Introducing the pinnacle of water-based transportation: the Watersports Car. Proudly designed in the USA, it combines the exhilaration of a jet ski with the luxury of a sports car. Imagine cruising along Miami's coastline in a car, but on waves. Our jet car boat is not just another watercraft; it's a revolution in aquatic leisure. You can choose from a two-seater or a spacious four-seater, and each jet water car is meticulously engineered for unmatched performance. The fusion of a high-performance engine with state-of-the-art boat design brings the thrill of the road to the water. Dive into the next generation of water adventures, where wheels and waves harmoniously unite.

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Hour: Monday - Friday 9 AM–6 PM, Saturday - Sunday Closed

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